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  1. diy-all-natural-mojito-body-scrub

    DIY All-Natural Mojito Body Scrub

    At long last… it feels like summer is just around the bend! The days are getting longer, the trees are budding, and I’ve even been shaving my legs fairly regularly. (Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that last bit.) To distract myself and help move the waiting game on a little more quickly (if you live in the North East,…

  2. diy all-natural hair serum for frizzy hair

    DIY All-Natural Hair Serum For Frizzy Hair

    Hello hello, natural beauties! This is a guest post from my friend Alex over at DIG Primal. Her blog is AWESOME and the lady’s one serious smarty (she’s an MD currently in residency). Like me, Alex has a passion for natural beauty and DIYs, and I am so happy to have her share this fantastic recipe here with you all….

  3. DIY all-natural pore-perfecting rose facial toner

    DIY All-Natural Pore-Perfecting Rose Facial Toner

    Many people associate roses with beauty and romance. But me? Well, roses make me think of my grandfather. You see, my grandfather’s nose was a bit bulbous, and my dad had this joke: “Before Pop-Pop was born, God asked him what type of nose he wanted, but he thought God said ‘rose’ so he asked for a big red one.”…

  4. DIY all-natural fizzy bath bombs

    DIY All-Natural Fizzy Bath Bombs

    I’ve recently rekindled my passion for the tub. Or really, my toddler niece did. She LOVES baths. She begs for them. She starts stripping right in the middle of the living room or kitchen or front yard as soon as you give into that ridiculously adorable little face and say “OK!” And why not? She has so many fun little…

  5. diy all-natural rich and creamy hand soap

    DIY All-Natural Rich & Creamy Moisturizing Hand Soap

    Want to know a super-crunchy secret? I bring my own hand soap to work. I’m telling you this because I figure if there’s anyone out there who won’t judge me, it’ll be someone looking for a DIY all-natural hand soap recipe Sup, sister? Now, it’s not just about triclosan and body burden. I mean, yes, it’s 95% about those things….