My Super-Simple All-Natural Skincare And Beauty Routine

all-natural skincare and beauty routine || A natural skincare and beauty routine with safe products that also perform? Check out my tried-and-true favorite natural skincare and makeup products!

Looking to make the switch to an all-natural skincare and beauty routine? Wondering where to start and which products actually perform!? Take a peek inside my super simple routine, targeted to prevent blemishes and fight the signs of aging… naturally of course!

A lot of readers ask me for all the deets on all the things I put on my face.

If you’ve been around these parts before, you’ll know this is because I suffered from some serious adult acne in my early 20s.

During this time, I spent a small fortune on dermo appointments and skincare products, wasted countless hours orchestrating the daily battle between my concealer and blemishes, cried a lot (true story), and put a ton of unhealthy chemicals on my face — harsh, kill-all-the-acne-causing-bacteria-there-ever-was chemicals.

As I learned more about health and body burden, I knew I needed to get these chemicals out of my life but was scared. What about my skin!?

Didn’t I need these chemicals?

Ironically, doing a full 180 and adopting a very gentle, totally natural skincare and beauty routine (along with a nutrient-dense diet, of course!) finally helped me achieve the clear skin of my dreams.

Nowadays, with 30 just around the bend, my skincare routine is also geared towards anti-aging.

And since I geek out on natural skincare and beauty more than anything else in this whole wide world, it seemed only appropriate to finally put a post together about my natural skincare and beauty routine.

My routine is actually very simple and I hope will be inspire you to go natural or simply try something new!

Here I am P.S. Totally unedited. No, my skin isn’t *perfect* (hey there, scrunchy eye syndrome!) but I finally feel confident in my natural skin which is everything I wish for you, too.

My Super-Simple All-Natural Skincare And Beauty Routine || A natural skincare and beauty routine with safe products that also perform? Check out my tried-and-true favorite natural skincare and makeup products!

Now you may still be wondering…

Do natural skincare and beauty products actually work?

Oh absolutely!

Yes, once upon a time it was pretty hard to find a natural mascara that lasted more than an hour without flaking under your eyes. But as demand for safer products and the natural beauty market has grown, we know have a ton of safe, natural, high-performing options to choose from.

So no, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty in the name of health or vice versa!

And a few natural, non-toxic skincare ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, charcoal, and niacinamide are so effective that they’ve even snuck into mainstream beauty lines. And skincare practices like exfoliation help prevent blemishes and increase collagen production — whether you’re using a natural exfoliant or nasty-filled exfoliant! So why not choose the nasty-free version, I say!

OK so let’s get to it!

My Super-Simple All-Natural Skincare And Beauty Routine

Natural Skincare

beautycounter charcoal soapCleansing

I wash my face just once a day, every evening. Yes, just once a day! Over-washing your face can easily throw off the pH and microbiome of your skin, both of which are key for keeping skin healthy and clear.

I either use my DIY All-Natural Clarifying & Toning Foaming Facewash or Beautycounter’s Charcoal Cleansing bar, which is great for purifying pores.


Exfoliation is an absolute MUST. So if you’re not doing it yet, you need to start ASAP, my friend. Because it helps to keep pores clear and stimulates collagen production. Win win, right? Plus, it makes your skin glow and look flawless. Just don’t overdo it! Those with oily skin should exfoliate 1-2 times a week while those with more sensitive or dry skin should exfoliate no more than once a week.

I love Acure’s Brilliantly Brightening Facial Scrub — really reasonable and performs perfectly. I’ve more recently been using Sanitas Skincare GlycoSolution 10% which provides an amazing chemical exfoliation and you apply like a toner — I was looking for a product with glycolic acid since it helps lighten dark spots (and I’ve got some of those thanks to past bad skin habits… and age… sigh).


Honestly, I don’t tone regularly. For my clients who need to rebalance their skin’s pH (this is an incredibly important aspect of skin health!) I recommend organic witch hazel. Simple. Classic. Natural. Does the job.

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C does it all. As a powerful antioxidant it helps to reduce blemishes by preventing sebum oxidation, increases the production of collagen, and helps lighten dark spots.

Now I’ve tried A LOT of vitamin C serums and my favorite so far is Mychelle’s Perfect C Serum (17%). It contains 17% l-ascorbic acid, which is literally smack dab in the middle between the recommended 15-20%. It also contains a lot of other skin-loving goodies (which give it a slightly darker hue — so don’t worry, this isn’t from oxidation).


It’s all about the face oils, baby. Whenever anyone compliments my skin (it still blows my mind when that happens!), I immediately blurt out “FACE OIL!” and start gushing all about it the way a young child gushes about a day at the beach/their favorite movie/mermaids/anything remotely exciting — you know, very quickly and with an intense enthusiasm.

I’ve tried dozens of different face oils over the years — I’m fascinated by the different fatty acid compositions and the impact this has on different skin types. Their unique vitamin and mineral contents, scents, and textures. And I’ve recently taken this years of obsessing research and bottled up my very best blends for you too — Body Unburdened Beauty Blends!

At night after cleansing, exfoliating, and toning, I very generously apply Beauty Blend No.1. While I used to apply oils both day and night, I now often use a natural CC cream during the day (see below) for some SPF coverage and sheer color.

Face masksbeautycounter-charcoal-mask

Oh goodness, do I love a good face mask. I apply a mask about twice a week, always after washing and the day after exfoliating. When I’m lazy or if my skin is dry/irritated, I’ll just slather on some manuka honey, but I try to apply either the DIY All-Natural Blackhead Busting Blackout Mask or my DIY All-Natural Bentonite Clay Face Mask for Acne & Blemish-Prone Skin once a week as they are really good at actually pulling the gunk out of pores. If you’re not into DIY, Beautycounter’s No. 3 Balancing Facial Mask is a cult-classic and works wonders.

More recently, I’ve become a die-hard fan of Beautycounter’s No. 1 Brightening Facial Mask. I’m totally hooked and don’t ever want to go without it! Seriously, the thought of this discontinuing it gives me anxiety. It gives immediate results by tightening pores and toning skin while also delivering a dose of vitamin C. Just perfect 🙂

Spot treatment

When I see something starting to rear its ugly head, I stand strong and bravely scream “GO AWAY, MONSTER!” Just kidding; that’s what I tell my niece to do when we encounter “monsters” while playing. I dab a little lavender essential oil on the blemish as a spot treatment before applying my face oil. Most EOs need to be diluted but lavender can be applied to the skin neat.

Natural Beauty

best natural skincare and beauty products || A natural skincare and beauty routine with safe products that also perform? Check out my tried-and-true favorite natural skincare and makeup products!

Daily SPF + color

I’m obsessed with both Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular CC Cream and Beautycounter’s Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer. Juice Beauty’s formula is a little thicker, so I use it on days when I need some more coverage. They’re both fantastic, have a 1 Skin Deep rating, and good SPF coverage.

On days when I need a little extra coverage or to prevent shine, I apply 100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Powder Foundation on top.

I also use 100% Pure’s Long Last Concealer with Super Fruits under my eyes. Thanks to genetics, I have pretty bad dark circles AND eyes that scrunch way way up when I smile. So a lot of concealers look cakey and accentuate my expression lines around my eyes — not a good look. This is the only concealer I’ve found so far that doesn’t!


100% Pure’s Black Tea Mascara. Hands down. The best. Enough said.


I’m obsessed with creamy eye shadows that give a little bit of color and shine without making me look like a 13 year-old from 1998 (in other words, really glittery) — they somehow make my whole face seem brighter and all glowy. Little miracle workers!

My favorites: RMS Beauty Eye Polish (in just about every color!) and 100% Pure’s Satin Eye Shadow in Star, which I apply just to the inner corners of my eyes to brighten them up.


Beautycounter’s Color Sweep Blush Duo in Tawny/Wisper is so subtle and flattering (they also a couple other colors). I prefer a powder blush over cream because it’s easier to use if applying over face oils or a CC cream, and I’m all about ease when it comes to beauty.

beautycounter lip sheersLip color

Ahh I love a colored lip! Even when I’m a total mess, it makes me feel pulled together and lady-like. For a night out or more bold look, Jane Iredale’s Forever Pink Lip Stain is where it’s at — as the name suggests 🙂 it’s a bright pink that lasts forever. For more buildable color, I always carry around Beautycounter’s Lip Sheers — I have (and love) both the Rose and Scarlet colors. Don’t let the word “sheer” fool you — they’re pretty pigmented, so a light swipe layered on top of plain lip balm will give you a sheer tint.

That’s it! Pretty simple, huh?

My morning beauty routine only takes about 2-3 minutes using the above products and THAT is a beautiful thing. Honestly, I spend more time staring at the fridge deciding what to eat for breakfast.

And like I said, it’s ironic that adopting a very simple, natural skincare routine was able to totally change my complexion — I used to think that I really needed all of those harsh chemicals in the products I was using, and the more the merrier. Now I know better (heck, I even only wash my face once a day!) and my tears are spent on much more important things, like the movie Up (seriously, I had no idea it would be such a tear-jerker!!).

What are your natural skincare favorites? Anything in particular that’s really saved your skin? Or do you have any questions or comments? Share below in the comments!

Interested in natural beauty? You’re in the right place!

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A natural skincare and beauty routine with safe products that also perform? Check out my tried-and-true favorite natural skincare and makeup products!


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  1. Hi,
    I have recently been breaking out a lot along my jawline and temple area (I used to breakout all over but now it’s just in these areas), do you think this could be hormonal? I’ve been using rosehip seed oil blend with a jojoba base as a moisturizer and my acne scars have started to clear up but I still have large bumps. Should I try switching things up?

  2. Hi Nadia

    I love all your tips and I follow a lot of them but for some reason all of a sudden I started to get acne for the past couple of months. Started on my forehead and above the brows and now all of a sudden extending down to my cheekbones. I eat a really healthy diet with minimal gluten, no sugar and lots of good fats like salmon and coconut oil. I also love jojoba oil at night and a natural sunscreen during the day, wash with Castile soap mix. I’m not sure what else I can do :/

  3. I’m so glad I came across your page! I can’t wait to make your DIY All-Natural Face Oil for Acne Prone and Oily Skin. Also, you are beautiful and, oh my, your skin is gorgeous!

  4. At the moment what I thought was spots is actually skin tags forming around my forehead area and around my eye area. I’m wandering if you know of an oil or oil mixture that can help remove them. My skin is dry to normal and would appreciate some help please.

  5. Hi, Masha. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that. Do you think it is because of this new skincare routine, or did it help initially and now the acne is coming on? My instinct would be so say try to get some more omega-3s but since you mention you eat a lot of salmon… Hmm.

  6. NADIA – I’m so happy to see that you use baking soda to exfoliate. I don’t use it super often but I was starting to feel like the only person in the crunchy world that still uses this. Sugar and salt are just too harsh for me, and I can’t not exfoliate. I always end up going back to the baking soda.

    MASHA – I know you mentioned you started developing acne on your forehead and it has been moving down to your cheekbones. I am wondering if this started after you started cleansing with the castile soap blend.

    I know a lot of people love castile soap, but for me? My skin feels tight and starts breaking out badly if I use it on my face. Pimples appear starting on my moves down progressively like you mentioned yours was. It is too stripping for my skin, no matter how much I dilute it. Washing your face with the oil cleansing method or raw honey might be a better option if it is in fact, the castile soap causing you trouble. Good luck!

  7. Hey Nadia,

    I was wondering, when you were struggling with acne (as I am now) and you started with this routine, did it get worse first and then started working? Cause for some reason I am breaking out even more now after just a few days of following the routine. Just wondering how was your experience.

  8. I tried to put natural oils twice a day after i wash my face and toning.(I am using rose oil and apple cider vinegar as a toner) After several days my skin has became really dry and sensitive. I am so worried…..Any tips can help me out…(My skin is normally dry and has some spots and acne scars)

  9. Hey, Nicole. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that. I personally did not have much of a transition time. It could be that your skin is taking time to adjust, or perhaps that some of the aspects are just not right for your skin. Everyone’s skin (and body) is different, so what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. It can be a process of trial and error.

  10. Hi Nadia, just came across your site and I’m still working through your interesting posts! Your pic is gorgeous – I am currently going through some pretty intense adult acne, and your clear complexion is an inspiration!! Just wondering if you use anything on your eyebrows? They are are very well-shaped and ‘full’ in colour, so wondered if you have a natural product you use to enhance them?

  11. Thanks for sharing your all natural skincare beauty routine. On my part, I make it a point to choose beauty solutions that contain no toxic ingredients that may cause untoward effects on the skin.

  12. Hey nadia. …lovely piece there.. ..I’m African and I have these unsightly black spots on my legs and some irritations. ..I want to make a leg serum to help with all that.. …I was thinkin of mixing lavender, carrot oil and lemon oil together with a carrier oil, I wasn’t sure which buh after reading your article im thinking of going with jojoba oil……pls what do you think. …any advice?

  13. Hi Nadia,

    I just found your website and am really excited to read and read all about what looks like amazing recipes and great information on all around non-toxic options.

    I have a quick question about the 5 face oils vs. your DIY face oil for acne skin. My son is 15 and just now starting to show signs of acne, black heads, etc …

    I have had great results with liquid african black soap and apple cider vinegar toner but I am still trying to figure out what to use a daily moisturizer. I would try your DIY face oil but he has sensitive skin and for now I want use mostly single ingredient products. I am going to get him one of the oils you recommended but can decide between Hemp or Tamanu oil – He is more oilier on his nose and less so on the rest of his face but if we don’t keep up with exfoliation and wash his face consistently he will start to get acne on the rest of his face. Right now we are more battling his nose! Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!

    Laurie E.

  14. With the simpler facial cleanser that you sometimes use, with the Tea Tree Castile Soap and Manuka Honey, how do you mix those? Do you add any water or any other ingredients and put in a dispenser as you do the DIY clarifying and toning cleanser?

  15. Wow – you look so much younger in this picture than the front one of your blog! Great tips!! =D

  16. Oh really? Maybe it’s time to change that one out… and it’s from 2 years ago LOL!

    Enjoy 🙂

  17. I just found your blog and LOVE it!! Quick question….what do you do to your face in the morning if you don’t wash it?

  18. So glad to have you as a new reader 🙂

    I just apply my CC cream over whatever oil may still be left on my face from the night before. Usually most has absorbed or rubbed off on my pillow and my face is pretty matte. I’ve noticed I don’t struggle with dryness as much this way – washing it in the morning was stripping my skin of the natural oils.

  19. Rose everything super easy smells great but wont overwhelm you rose water as toner is light and works fantastic also rose hip seed oil for face is great for oily skin belive it or not then there is rose wood oil. Im obsessed with essential oils and rose has been used forever by women all around the world.

  20. It’s my pleasure that I came across you page and felling good after reading all your tips.Thank you for sharing.

  21. I just found your site and just kept reading! You made me smile!. I too am obsessed with eo’s and good oils. I just haven’t put them together like you. My poor 21 yr old has terrible skin so I will be sharing your site. Thank you so much for taking the time. I admire you for having this site and working outside the home! By the way, you still look 20!!

  22. Hi Nadia! I was wondering, do you wash your face every morning and then put toner and oil on it? And then do the same thing at night?? I have all the right products I need for my face routine but I’m not sure on how or when to apply them.

  23. I am excited to try the moisturizing oils and am making a trip to the store when i finish this email!
    My question is about the area around your eyes. I tend to get a bit dry there even though I have very oily and sensitive skin. Have you ever had that challenge and how did you address it? Thank you!

  24. Is there any other brand of oils u recommend for beginners? I am an essential oil beginner. I currently use tea tre oil for everything and peppermint oil for certain days when I’m congested, have tired feet, headaches and eat a little too much onion during the day and want to freshen up my breath. I have only purchased from Amazon and a local organic store near home.

  25. Hi, Nancy! I really love Mountain Rose Herbs, which I link to throughout the site. They’re a great 1-stop-shop for all natural beauty DIY ingredients. Most importantly, I trust their QUALITY, which is actually something you have to be very cautious about with EOs since some can contain unhealthy fillers or be extracted using toxic solvents (since there is unfortunately no industry standard).

    Tea tree and peppermint are great basics, and I’d really suggest you pick up lavender as another staple — it’s great and has so many uses!

  26. Hi, Nadia,
    Such a great post! I am wondering if either or both of your face washes are effective in removing make up, and if they aren’t what you use to get your make up off. I love the idea of raw honey with tea tree oil, and think that would work really well for me, but I don’t know that it would take off the make up all the way. 🙂 Thanks for your tips! Your skin is lovely.
    Maria 🙂

  27. Hi, Maria! Thank you so much 🙂 Yes, castile soap is great at removing makeup so any recipe that includes it does a good job.

  28. Is it ok for me to store this mixture in a plastic bottle with a foaming pump? I’m struggling to find glass bottles with foaming lids and don’t have the time to make one. I also want to make the toner and exfoliator but was also wodnering if they can be stored in plastic aswell?

  29. Yep, that’s fine. Though plastic does leech chemicals so you may want to invest in some glass bottles. Amazon has a great selection.

  30. I just want to say thanks for your site 🙂 I stumbled upon it and have been using your cleansing method toning and jojoba oil as a moisturizer and love it ! I have just been using jojoba oil on its own as a moisturizer and am looking to add rose hip soon . My skin is much clearer after about two weeks now and I’m looking forward to having it continue. Thanks again I have struggled with acne since 15 harsh benzoyl peroxide was my go too but I still broke out once in a while and my skin was so dry. Now it’s healthy and soft ! Thanks

  31. Hi Nadia,

    How long will the face wash, toner, moisturiser and scrub last for in a bottle mixed together? And what is the best mixture to remove make up including eye make up?

    Thanks heaps 🙂

  32. Hey, Raquel! I would only make the scrub on an as-need basis and not store it. The wash should last for a month or two since the EOs have some antibacterial properties, but be sure to use a sterile jar and keep an eye on it (discard if you notice any changes in color or scent). Oil blends last a very long time as long as you don’t get water in the container.

    I personally just use my face wash and oils to remove makeup.

  33. Hi Nadia,

    I just came across your site when doing a search to see if I could combine Argan oil and Tamanu oil to combat my adult acne. Boy, I am so glad I did! I am 38 years old and have battled oily, acne prone skin since my teens. Like you, I have tried EVERYTHING to rid my face (and upper back) of these unsightly red monsters. Nothing has worked! In August, my skin became worse than it has ever been. I started to breakout horribly with little red bumps on my forehead and above my eyebrows. It is now moving down my onto my temples, cheeks and chin. As a last ditch effort, I turned to organic oils and you just gave me the perfect “oil cocktail” for my face. Along with recipes for a cleanser, toner and mask! I just wanted to tell you that I greatly appreciate you sharing your knowledge. It saved me a lot of time and research. The only thing that would have been better is if you bottled these and sold them on your site. But, believe me when I say that I am not complaining. If this works, I will be forever grateful!

    P.S. Your photo is breathtaking. You now have the skin that every woman wants! #skingoals

  34. Hi, Maria! Aww yay that makes me so happy! And how is everything going — are you seeing results?

    I am currently perfecting 3 face oil blends I want to start selling through the site and will hopefully be launching that by the end of the year! I’m also working on an eBook that will discuss healthy skin from the inside and out — often times, skin issues are deeply rooted in internal imbalances and need to be addresses through nutrition and wellness as much as through external skincare.

    P.S. Looks like you work for a cool company! How fun!!

  35. I just came across this site in the last week and it’s completely changed the way I look at caring for my home and for my body! At seeing this skin-care routine I was astonished to read that you only wash your face once a day, and at night. I’ve struggled with oily and acne-prone skin for as long as I can remember and I’m still struggling with the idea that putting oil on my skin might actually help instead of hurt it. I’ve been using the rose hip oil I read about earlier and it’s done me some good, so I just mixed up a batch of the oil suggested here.

    My question is: what do you do with your skin in the morning? Since you don’t wash it, do you just put your makeup on? Do you rinse at all? And is there such a thing as TOO MUCH washing? I can’t imagine not washing the night from my face, though I’ve often gone to bed without a wash. Please advise!

  36. Hey, Nicole!

    1) YAYYY! I’m so happy to hear you’ve been inspired to make some more natural choices at home and with your self-care! 🙂

    2) A few people have expressed surprise at this not washing my face in the morning thing and really… it’s just a matter of preference! That being said, I do think everyone should wash their face at night since our faces face (for lack of a better word!) so much during the day – from makeup to air pollution (wrinkle-causing free radicals right there!) to the face oil of our partners when we kiss them LOL – and we need to wash this off. But the way I see it, the only thing my skin is contacting while I sleep is air and my pillow. When I wake up, my face oil has really settled in well and my skin is pretty matte, so I just go ahead and apply my CC cream (or more face oil some days) just right over top. Sometimes I’ll splash my face with water. But it’s definitely helped *me personally* with some stubborn dry patches I’ve always struggled with.

    3) There is definitely a thing as too much exfoliation which can irritate your skin. But washing… hmmm I mean if you washed every hour you’d probably really dry your skin out by stripping it of its natural oils, which would irritate it, but twice a day is by no means excessive. It’s all about what works for you!

  37. Hi again!

    Thank you for your reply. To answer your question, it has been going well. I went onto Amazon like a crazy person and purchased every single item from your beauty routine and started making face washes, masks and oil blends. I followed your recipes to start, but am finding they need to be slightly altered to suit my personal skin type. I also have to be careful because my husband has bad allergies and the lavendar oil throws him into sneezing fits. Oops! So far the Rosehip, Tamanu and Jojoba combo seem to be the winners. My daughter is 13 and your face oil recipe is working beautifully for her. I have no doubt I will find the perfect blend for myself. Thank you so much for giving me a starting point. I greatly appreciate it.

    P.S. I do work for a pretty cool company. My sister and I actually own it. Please get in touch with me once you start selling. I would like to discuss the possibility of featuring your blend in our box. Since it’s geared towards teens, I believe it is something that they would greatly benefit from!

  38. Hi Nadia! I love your website! I feel as well you can help me 🙂 I’m new with all the natural skin care routine and I think I’m doing something wrong. I started with OCM, did it for only 2 weeks because castor oil made my skin dry and dull. I also started to have closed comedones on my jawline at that time. Now I’m using tea tree castile soap, witch hazel & lemon toner, jojoba oil as moisturizer, and an organic BB cream to cover up my dark acne marks. I’ve been on this routine for 2 weeks now and I think the comedones have gone worse, it’s now covering my cheeks. I’m getting really frustrated and desperate. Sometimes I feel like resorting back to the nasties. Any suggestions please? Why am I having a bad case of closed comedones?

  39. Hey, Marie. Oh no! Closed comedones… blackheads? Do you exfoliate? Is your skin super irritated or would you be comfortable exfoliating a little bit? Whiteheads and blackheads are just oil and dead skin cells trapped in the pore. Exfoliating can help keep dead skin cells from clogging the pore, and oil helps because of the whole like-disolves-like principle. Especially if your skin is dry – and castile soap may be drying it further – that may be the issue. I wouldn’t give up on the oil! It sounds like your skin may just be dry, and that’s clogging the pores. If it were me, I’d exfoliate, give the toner a rest for a little while, and just apply the oil. But you know your skin best!

  40. I started your wonderful regimen as i have hormonal acne on my chin. However my skin is really dry. Its a weird combination I know. Any advice on how to increase my moisture? Also should i avoid the castile soap since I am so dry? What would you recommend in place as a facewash? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  41. Hey, Jill. Do you exfoliate? Not only can this keep pores from getting clogged, but it sloughs away the dead, dry skin, allowing the oils to penetrate and moisturize more deeply. And if you’re looking for some extra all-natural moisture, I suggest shea butter or vegetable glycerin.

  42. Yes I exfoliate. I use my clarisonic a few times a week. I also user he other exfoliating tips you suggested. I have had a lot of breakouts on my chin since started all the great things you do……wonder if it’s just my skin adjusting to it…..

  43. Hi Nadia!
    Just came across your blog and I’m already in love! I was just wondering where you get your containers for your moisturisers and toners. I’ve been looking for bottles similar to the ones you have in the picture above, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere. It’d be a great help if you let me know where they are from, and if it’s from somewhere I that can deliver in the UK. Thank you x

  44. I have very dry lips, but most lipsticks taste like soap to me and I don’t like the waxy feel of lip balms. Do you hve a recipe for lip moisturizer without the wax.


  45. Nadia,

    first off, you are outrageously beautiful, one quick question…do you do anything to your brows, or have any suggestions? I’m a brunette,lacking in the brow department. Any product suggestions? Thanks!

  46. Hi, Barbara. No, I don’t but my DIY lip balm is without a doubt the most moisturizing I have EVER tried (and I’m not just saying that cause it’s “mine” LOL). You can also simply mix shea butter with a little coconut oil — shea is very thick and so you’d have a balm from this even though it doesn’t include wax.

  47. Hi Nadia,
    Lovely tips.Feel like trying all of them but cant as some products are not that easily available in India 🙁 .But i still enjoy reading them 🙂 right now i want to make my small pores go away can you please suggest me some good essential oils for combination skin,which would help me in shrinking my small pores and get some radiance in my skin.

  48. Do you think sandalwood essential oil will be good for my combination skin ?? because Along with small pores i do get acne and pimple at times which leaves mark.Please help

  49. Hi there,

    What type of skin do you have? I am really keen to try out this skin care regime and do according to your receipes. My skin is already a bad state, im 29 and constantly having breakouts or pimples come up. 1 subsides before another 1 or 2 rears its ugly head. Anyway I dont want things to get worse so wondering id we have similar skin and age range to have the hope it can work for me too. This breakout skin has only been happeninh to me in the last 6 months before it was normal, a pimple here or there if I have my period or didnt take care of my skin all to well. Took a blood test and there was no problems there. So love to try something natural and have it work.

  50. Hi Nadia, I’m curious if you rinse your face with water in the mornings or just wake up and put toner and moisturizer on? Morning routine?
    And would you recommend washing the face after a morning yoga session after getting sweaty? Or do you think that once at night is enough?
    I just found your site and am excited to try your recommendations. I’ve struggled with acne since I was a teenager.
    Thank you,

  51. Have you heard of Cacay oil? Do you think its a gimmick? There isn’t very much information out there but I’ve been using it for 2 months and its transformed my skin in a good way.

  52. Do the oils need to be diluted before mixing them? How do you dilute them? Also you list top five oils but can you make a moisturizer us in all five. I didn’t see all five in you diy moisturizer.

  53. Hey Maria — yes, you need to dilute essential oils in carrier oils. Sure, you could use all five carrier oils in a moisturizer if you’d like. You can do whatever you think is best for YOUR skin! Our skin (and our bodies!) are all so different, so it’s about finding what works best for your individual needs.

  54. I honestly don’t use it very often – more in the summer when my skin is more oily than now when it’s cold. But toning should always come after cleansing (or exfoliating or a mask) and before you moisturize.

  55. Good Evening,

    I have recently subscribed to your website and I am completely obsessed!! It is absolutely breath taking and exciting all the things we are able to accomplish with a much healthier, chemical free lifestyle. My new years resolution is to start taking care of my skin from the inside out and of course theres so much out there I really not sure who’s word to take on certain things. I am aware that what may work for others may not work for me, however I am more then willing to try new things so I can find something that works.

    With that said I have super sensitive; eczema prone, oily/dry combo skin. I have a lot of pesky blackheads on my nose and cheek area and I also get a lot of hormonal whitehead/pimple/cyst looking things around my chin area especially during that time of the month!!

    I am interested in making my own oil blends, however I’m unsure of what to blend with what. I did read both the acne blend post you have as well as the 10 best EO for the skin. I wasn’t sure if blending all of the below together would be too much or just fine (of course as long as the carrier oil essential oil ratio is correct)? Also, would you recommend any of them to be used alone?

    Here are the oils I am interesting in purchasing from the links you have provided: Jojoba oil, Rosehip oil, Castor oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Tamanu, Lavender EO, Carrot Seed EO, Frankincense EO, Geranium EO, Lavender EO, Tea Tree EO… Would you recommend Young Living (whom I’ve purchased from before) or Mountain Rose?

    Thank you in advance and hope to hear from you soon, Take care and stay beautiful!!

  56. Hey, Ashley! So happy to have you as a new reader 🙂

    You can mix any oils together that you’d like as long as you follow the EO dilution ratio, as you mentioned. Lavender and tea tree can be uses “neat” as a spot treatment, but I would only apply a drop or two at a time, not cover a large part of skin.

    I buy from both Young Living and Mountain Rose Herbs. I believe they both have high quality oils so that choice is really up to you!

    ALSO I just want to throw this out there: both eczema and acne are caused my inflammation and gut issues. I would suggest looking into that more. Perhaps adding a *quality* probiotic to your health regimen and some potent anti-inflammatory foods (fresh ginger – which you can make into a tea – is both great for the gut and anti-inflammatory).

    Best of luck!!

  57. Hi, Nik. Sorry for the super belated reply! I don’t see any reason why not, though I can’t say that from experience. A lot of the makeup brands I like sell products in all shades, and the skincare products I use are natural and non-irritating.

  58. Hi, Ashley! Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 (and my apologies for the belated reply!). Really, you can make the oils however you like! Though some are more moisturizing while others are dry, which is something to consider depending on your skin. When it comes to essential oils, just remember to dilute them (they should comprise 5% or less of the final mixture).

    It is interesting you say you wan to “start taking care of my skin from the inside out” – most skin issues are a result of an internal imbalance. These oils and other topical treatments can help remedy things to an extent, but they cannot 100% resolve skin issues. That can only happen by resolving the internal imbalances (like balancing your hormones, as you mentioned).

  59. Hello Nadia! May I know which jojoba oil you use? I want to know which brand is the best in terms of being organic and pure.
    Thanks a lot!!

  60. Hello Nadia! I’m a new reader of your blog (and let me just add how much I enjoy it!) and have been using many of your tips for about 2 weeks now. I’m still in the “skin adjusting” to this new way of treating it phase. I hope it doesn’t last long! I’m 28 and have been dealing with acne since I was 12. Like you, I’ve used every harsh chemical product out there. I dream of the day where I can be one of those annoying girls who can freak out from a single pimple before my period! And to look at putting on makeup as a choice and something fun, instead of a MUST DO to try and cover up all the nasty… With that being said, I have a few questions. Do you mix the 50% Manuka Honey and 50% Tea Tree Castile Soap face wash ahead of time? If yes, how much do you make at a time and in what kind of container? How long does it last? Also do you have any tips for getting clear skin on the chest/back? Thanks again for all you have shared! I really am excited/hopeful that my skin will be transformed into something I love instead of something that holds me back!

  61. Hi Nadia,

    I like your ideas, very realistic tips, clean, easy, no non-sense famous labels (inclusive reasonable products prices).

    I hope you also increase your tips on real food, as it fits your expertise very well!


    Sonia Jordão

  62. Which would you say has fuller coverage, Juice Beaty’s CC cream or Andalou’s? Thank you!!

  63. Hi! I was wondering that since you only wash your face in the evening and apply face oils to sleep, do you apply sunscreen in the morning with the oils from last night on? Or how do you do?! Thanks

  64. I love your blog 🙂 I just ordered a whole bunch of oils and I’m so excited to make all of these skin care products!

  65. Hello,
    I just wanted to let you know that your website is beautiful! I’ve recently started making my own facial oils, facial cleanser and am even going to venture into shampoo. I’m having some girlfriends over this weekend to make some oils with my collection of wholesome ingredients ( plenty of Jojoba!!). Most of my research online has taken me to cluttered looking websites, but yours is just lovely! Love it’s simplicity and orderliness. Just wanted to let you know. 🙂

  66. Hello Nadia! I am currently “washing” my face with jojoba oil only thanks to your amazing blog! However, the website you suggest(mountain rose herbs) for buying oils does not deliver to the UK.
    I know it’s asking too much, but could you maybe recommend some other website that delivers to the UK?

  67. Hi Giulia

    Not Nadia, but I’m also outside the US and am equally bummed that Mountain Rose don’t ship to me! I can recommend – perhaps they ship to the UK?

    Good luck!

  68. I am looking to become more natural in my home and my personal routine.
    I really enjoyed reading about your beauty routine and your recipes sound wonderful!
    I live in small town Canada. NO ONE (even at the health food store in my town) has heard of Castile Soap.
    I have found a natural 100% plant based glycerine soap made by a Canadian company.
    I guess my question is – what is the difference between Castile soap & Glycerine soap? Other than Castile Soap is made from olive oil and from what I read Glycerine is derived from the act of making soap.
    Is glycerine soap a comparative soap to castile soap in your opinion?
    I mean, I can order Castile soap online, but love to shop and support local shops.

  69. Nadia,
    What an inspiration you are! I’ve recently started dabbling in oils on my face. I was extremely frightened to try initially as I’ve battled acne issues my entire life & at the age of 42 it’s felt like an eternity. I actually started with coconut oil & jojoba with pretty great results. Then I met rose hips & fell in love! Just trying tea tree for the first time tonight, fingers crossed! BUT I really wanted to comment on how BEAUTIFUL & natural your make up looks in this pic!!! It’s the natural, but polished look I’ve been trying to achieve. Could you tell me which CC cream & blush you used in the pic? I’m excited to gather the additional oils I’ll needed to make your blend for clarifying oily skin. Thanks for any feedback you can provide & please keep providing the great advice! Thanks, Lisa

  70. Hi…i’m from Malaysia..happy n glad always when i’m follow ur diy u have any treatment to decrease of pigmentation..if u got it pls send me thru my

  71. hello. I love your tips and information on the essential oils. However, I wanted to know if your skin care regiments and suggestions can work for African American skin?

  72. Everyone knows that when you start to really look after your skin, your beauty routine becomes so much more of a joy than a chore. I feel my best when I am able to let my skin breathe without makeup and have a natural glow shine through.

  73. Hi Nadia,

    I’m so glad that I came across your web site today. I’m reading very useful information and I love it. I do want to ask you -I’ve spent a lot of money on skin care products for my face to get rid of hyperpigmentation, but I ended up damaging my skin due to all these harsh chemicals I used on my face, so I stopped using everything. I really did have the best skin, but now it’s so dry, i’m getting wrinkles, and have bad hyperpigmentation (dark spots on my cheeks and forehead). What would you recommend to use? I would greatly appreciate your guidance.

    Thank you, Nadia!


  74. Konjac sponges are awesome for exfoliating if you have sensitive skin (which I do). They’re usually infused with either charcoal, green tea or turmeric (all of which are awesome for your skin) & it’s not necessary to even use anything other than water for them to work. Just get it wet & scrub. You can also use them for daily face washing with your usual cleanser because they’re not harsh at all.

  75. I want to say I love you but I don’t want to freak you out (LOL) so I’ll just say I love everything about your blog! I’m also an oil – obsessed girl here and I’m still starting out, went to different sites just to expand my knowledge and came across yours. So informative! I love (you) it! I’m officially a fan! All the love from the Philippines!

  76. Hey Nadia,
    I was wondering, what was your skin like before you switched to the all natural/essential oils routine? Particularly before you started using the DIY foaming face wash? Thanks.

  77. Nadia,

    My daughter recently sampled some makeup from Sephora and the next day she woke up in hives. The hives settled and then dried out around her eyes and lips, and then the skin started to flake off for upwards of a month. Any idea what might have caused this? She was sad to have a flaky face for the prom, but at least I didn’t have to worry about her, well, you know what they say about prom.

  78. Nadia, you’re amazing. I came across your blog on Google because I discovered DIY make up wipes on Youtube, and it involved lavendar oil and I just had to do more research.

    This is the video:

    What do you think of the ingredients? Also, could you please make your own DIY make up wipes video? I would LOVE to see your version. You’re an EO expert it seems like.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks so much for your knowledge.

  79. Love your routine and will definitely incorporate into mine. What do you recommend for dark under eye circles? I have been battling this all my life. It looks like I have 2 black eyes! (teased as a kid for this) I use mounds of make up to cover it but was wondering if there was something to lighten them up?

  80. Thank you so much for providing this fabulous skincare routine! My skin completely shifted a couple of years ago & I began to have horrible breakouts along my chinline. I’ve been unsuccessful finding the ‘chemical’ that worked best; my dermatologist only wanted to prescribe harsher and harsher products to try and fix my acne but my skin kept getting worse. Only when I found your blog and was encouraged by your commitment to quit the ‘system’ of modern skincare did I decide to quit the chemicals and try the natural approach. I purchased products for your entire routine and have seen magnificent results in only 3 days!
    My only question: I don’t want to over-exfoliate and cause more acne, how do you balance when you use your clarisonic versus when you use the baking soda mix? Or do you sometimes overlap?

  81. It’s awesome that you post about Manuka Honey here! I wash my face with this too, starting 2 summers ago and it has been amazing. People that I’ve told look at me like I’m a little nuts or like I’m lying, but seriously this is the thing that started me on the ‘journey to natural’ products. My skin is combination and while I never had cystic acne I seemed to be chasing a zit around my face. And then around my period it would get worse and my skin would just look blemish-y and just unhealthy. I’ve used EVERYTHING under the sun from cheap to expensive and seriously the Manuka Honey has been the best thing ever. It’s not cheap but more inexpensive than all the things I was previously using. Then I use Jojoba oil every AM/PM and sometimes put a couple drops of lavendar on a cotton pad and brush over my skin and that has been seriously working wonders. I’m so excited to incorporate some of the other tips you have here, thanks!

  82. Hi Nadia!

    I recently encountered your site and can’t wait to explore the whole thing! I have a question, and I am sure you have it somewhere but I can’t find it. What do you use as your cleansing routine for your body? Is there a way to go soap-free? thanks!

  83. Hi Nadia! Just a quick question. I was checking out the Mountain Rose Herbs website where you link the essential oils. I noticed that they have a lot of the ingredients that you use in your products (jojoba oil, betonite clay, castile soap, etc..) Would you recommend any of their products?

  84. I have read your blog and insights on the various essential oils with great interest. I am actually looking to go all natural.

    one question though… Do you not wash your face in the morning?

  85. Yep I only wash at night to get rid of makeup and pollutants. I mean, I don’t do anything while I’m sleeping to get my face dirty. I experimented a bit before stopping my morning wash but I can definitively say it’s what my skin prefers.

  86. Hey, Ashley! Definitely — they are a great company with outstanding quality. Most of their products are certified organic.

  87. Hi Nadia,

    I have been an acne sufferer for many years and have used Proactiv since I was 16. Now that I’m 30 I have had mostly clear skin, using just the Proactiv facewash for the past several years. I didn’t want to be using chemicals anymore, so I decided that this sounded like a great option. In the first few days it seems to work great, my skin was looking healthier, but as time progressed I started getting large painful pimples all over my cheeks and forehead. I figured it was just a transition period, but it continued as I went through a full month of the routine. I decided that after the month was up with increased issues, I would switch to water only. I am now a week into water only and my skin is healing. I had never had such large painful acne before, it was different than anything I had experienced, and I think it was likely a reaction to one of the essential oils in the face wash or moisturizing mixtures. I think it might be important to note (though you do say that you have to find the right oils for you) that people should really test their reaction to each ingredient before jumping in. Some of these can be fairly harsh, natural or not. Regardless, I am thankful that you led me down this road, and I hope to stay chemical free permanently!


  88. I just started this regimen and I’ve only started seeing MORE pimples, some painful, and lots of tiny whiteheads. Just a sign that this is not for me? It’s a bummer. I had high hopes since it sounds like we have a similar skin type.

  89. Hi Nadia, Would you recommend BeautyCounter’s nourishing cream cleanser over the charcoal cleansing bar? I want to give one a try, but not sure which one would be better for every day cleansing. THanks!! Erica

  90. Hey, Erica! I just replied to your comment on Facebook LOL 🙂 That’s really depending on what you’re looking for — the cleansing balm is really rich and moisturizing (and leaves your skin super soft) whereas the charcoal bar is great if you tend to have blemishes (even if you don’t, it’s a good basic cleanser). Let me know if you have any other questions!!

  91. Thank you very much. To make your skin beautiful there are various products in the market but if you use the natural product then it is really beneficial for your skin.

  92. Hello,
    I was wondering could I use carrot seed, Frankincense, Lavender, and Geranium and add witch hazel to make a toner? I feel like my skin has gone through so many changes and I can’t seem to pinpoint what it is. I was reading that these oils are good for the face which makes me want to use all of them….

  93. Hi Nadia,
    Wondering if your DIY acne oil is okay to use with rosehip? If so, would you suggest I layer one first over the other? Or, should I do one in the morning vs at night?
    Thanks! Love your site.

  94. As you said, you wash your face just once a day in the evening. So do you just use water for facewash in the morning and use toner after that?

  95. Sometimes I’ll splash water on it but usually I’ll just do nothing and apply my CC cream or SPF moisturizer.

  96. Hi Nadia,

    I just found your site and love it! Thanks for sharing so much useful information! I made and have started using your recipe for foaming cleanser, as well as the acne prone face oil and, so far, so GREAT!

    I was wondering if you had any tips for traveling with the facial cleanser? I assume the soap will still work just fine if it is not pumped through the foaming pump, but didn’t know if you had any special containers you used for your soap while traveling.

    Thanks so much again, your blog has been a life/face saver! 🙂

  97. I would just like to say THANK YOU for this post. I have switched my skin care routine, using yours as an inspiration, and it has completely changed my skin! My skin has never looked better! You introduced me to facial oils and I am forever grateful. I reference this post so often that I have it bookmarked, lol. Keep us updated with new natural skin care 🙂

  98. Hi Nadia,

    Thanks for writing your blog. My body seems to be revolting against everything lately so I’m trying to switch my routine to be as clean/chemical free as possible both inside and out. I love the fact that you provide not just the what to use, but why. Really appreciate the educational aspect of your blog.

    Do you have a recommendation for shampoo & conditioner?

    Also, I am picking up all of the ingredients to make the DIY All-Natural Face Oil For Acne-Prone and Oily Skin. I currently have acne-prone, very dry & sensitive skin. Would you recommend tweaking the formula since I have ultra dry skin?

    What are your thoughts on microneedling?

    Thanks again!

  99. Hey, Angela! So glad you find it helpful 🙂 I’m kind of always on the lookout for the best, non-toxic haircare but right now and am really loving Pure Life Soap Co. It smells amazing but doesn’t contain synthetic fragrance and very much acts and feels like like a “normal” shampoo and conditioner.

    Jojoba and/or grapeseed would probably be best for acne-prone but also dry skin. Shea butter is also amazing for extra moisture. And be sure to drink enough water! Skin hydration depends on your water intake whereas moisture is governed by oil (which kind of locks the moisture in).

    Best of luck! Please report back with how everything works for you 🙂

  100. Does the manuka honey/castile soap face wash mix fare better with a foaming pump like the other one? Or is it okay with a normal (non-foaming) pump?

  101. Thank you so much for all the details! I’ve had bad acne for years and I’ve been searching for all naturals beauty routines. I was wondering if you got scars when you had acne, and if you did how you got rid of them, or if you didn’t do you know how to get rid of acne scars?

  102. Hi
    Can you please recommend some products for my face please
    I am 58 years old and i just had a face lift done,swelling is still there a little and am finding my face dry
    I am so over the products over the counter which really dont do anything at all
    I also have bad black circles under the eyes
    I dont do much to my face ,i wash with soap and give it a srub once a week and apply moisturizer

    Thanks for your time

  103. Hi Nadia and all,

    New reader and very excited to see that some of the things I use are similar to what you are using here. My only question is the CC cream. I’m using a BB cream. Is there a large difference between to 2 and/or does it really matter? Also would you recommend one over the other or are you partial to the CC creams you’ve tried and don’t bother with BB creams?

  104. Hey, Maria! So happy to have you as a new reader 🙂 Honestly I don’t think there’s not too big of a difference between the two. I’ve always understood that CC creams are formulated more for anti-aging, but both provide sheer coverage, SPF, and lots of skin-loving goodies.

  105. Hey Nadia, your skin is so flawless… I can’t believe that you ever had any acne…. I have a question…. I never had acne during my teens but now I am in my late 30s and I get these horrible acne every now and then… The worst part is that they leave behind these reddish black acne scars…. What kind of essential oil concoction you would suggest to lighten these scars and brightening my complexion??
    Thanks in advance..

  106. Just letting you know, the Andalou CC creme you recommend looks to have changed its formula to contain dimethicone and other pore clogging ingredients. I have searched and searched and can not find a BB or CC creme, or any other tinted mositurizer that does not contain these ingredients or other harmful ingredients. Do you have any new recommendations?

  107. Hi, SheShe. Thanks for letting me know!! I will have to take a look at that.

    I recently created The Natural Beauty Master List with some of my favorites + some natural beauty cult classics. I include BB and CC creams in the skincare section. You may also want to take a look at the tinted moisturizers!

  108. Hi Nadia!

    I just started following your all-natural beauty routine — is it natural to break out more during the first week?


  109. You can just add the rosehip seed oil to the blend if you’d like – that way you’re not applying them separately (unless of course you’d prefer to keep the separate so you can apply them at different times of day).

  110. I have some major dark circles too! The thing is: it really depends from person to person. For some people, it’s a sign of a food intolerance or other internal imbalance. But for some of us (like me), it’s just genetics. There are some products with caffeine (like this coffee bean eye cream from 100% Pure) that can minimize the dark circles a bit, but in the case of genetics it’s almost impossible for them to go away completely.

  111. It would be better to use those essential oils in a face oil blend or moisturizer where they will have time to settle into the skin and do their work. I feel like they’d be wasted in a toner (especially when you consider they’d float to the top and so it would always be hard to have one regular consistency/formula).

  112. Hi, Kura. Have you tried these? I see this comment is from awhile ago and missed my radar somehow! The ingredients are very clean but I would most definitely worry about mold growth – I would not want to use these on my baby, an open skin, or near my eyes.

  113. Hi Nadia!
    I moved to US from Russia 6 year ago and been fighting acne since then. It seems like diet and climate change affected my skin in a bad way. I’ve tried so many things and researched so much. After all the suffering, I have finally found my perfect skincare routine:

    Cleansing – Mud soap
    Exfoliating – baking soda mixed with jojoba oil and lavender oil
    Daily moisturizer – Clinique moisture surge
    Face mask – Dead sea mud mask
    Spot treatment – Tea tree oil
    Nightly moisturizer – Rosehip oil (sometimes with salicylic acid)

    Only make-up that I use daily is Maybelline BB cream (has salicylic acid) and Clinique acne solution liquid makeup.

    Even though I still get acne sometimes, it’s under control now and my skin looks much better. I’m really obsessed with essential oils.

  114. Hi Nadia,

    I’ve been trying to read up on using oil for skincare when I stumbled upon your site. Great site by the way!

    I am almost 40 years old. I have been using commercial products all my life and have relatively good combi/dry skin except for pigmentation and open pores. My routine is cleanser, toner, balancer, moisturising serum, whitening serum, and moisturiser ( + moisturiser in the daytime).

    I want to start using oils for my skincare but am not sure how to. I am also worried about the effectiveness, ie would it render the same results or better especially for a person my age. Is oil the only product you use at night as a moisturiser? What about serum – do you add that in to your routine?


  115. Hi, Nadia.
    I love your blog! I’ve been trying to find a good shampoo/conditioner combo for my hair routine. The store bought brands aren’t the best eco- friendly ones. What do you use? Would pure castile soap work?

  116. Hey Nadia,
    Does your DIY face wash or Castile soap/honey mix take off eye makeup, including mascara?

  117. Hello!

    I love your blog and am excited to try your DIY skin care routine! i also have oily, acne prone skin and the idea of a completely natural approach is very appealing. I’ve had trouble in the past,though, when I switch a multiple products in my routine at once. If I, then, break out I can’t know which new product/step is causing it. Do you recommend switching one of my steps for yours at a time or just trying it all at the same time? I, also, don’t want one of my unnatural (lol) current products to skew the potential results of the new routine… Let me know what you think. Thank you so much for your time and tried-and-true tips!

  118. Hi Nadia,
    Do you remove your acne and blackhead by yourself using some tools?
    I don’t have many pimples but acnes (the ones that are very small) comes naturally after a period of time since removing them.
    And it seems they cannot be removed by just using facial clay mask or exfoliants.
    So I wonder how do you deal with them.
    Can you create an article about this?

  119. I have extremely oily skin that clogs my pores continuously. 🙁 Do you have any recommendations for my skincare routine or even diet?

    P.S. LOVE YOUR PAGE!!! 🙂

  120. Oh thank you, Mona! Hope you found the post helpful! Have you made the transition to natural skincare yet?

  121. Can you please talk about an effective and natural DIY beauty routine for dry and wrinkled face and recommend good products to combat it.


  122. Hi Nadia,

    Thanks for listing out instructions for all your DIYs but could you please let me know how often (and in what order) you use the moisturizer, toner & face mask?

    I understand the face wash is every night and exfoliating is every 2 days. Thanks!

  123. Hi Nadia!

    I just recently came across your site and mimicked a lot of your routine including the oil moisturize combo and DIY cleansing face wash. I also purchased the charcoal cleaning bar. It felt like that dries my skin a little but not too bad. So I wanted to switch off using that and the foaming wash you speak of. Just started using the DIY foaming wash w Castile and Manuka Honey and the EO you recommend and it seems to be drying a lot. Is there another face wash you recommend? I have red bumps on my forehead and they seem to have started to go away however after the foaming wash they aren’t doing so well now and the oil isn’t mosituring as well anymore. Hopefully I would like to do something with the Manuka Honey I purchased since it’s so expensive and seems like there’s great benefits. Maybe the Castile soap is what’s drying? The foaming wash also has a really bad smell right after making it (at least to me- did you feel this way?) sometimes at night I also rub some tea tree oil in my forehead and that seemed to be helping. I also use a witch hazel with rose petal toner after cleaning every night. I just recently (week ago) started to only wash at night too. Any suggestions or thoughts??


  124. Hey, Jeanne!

    Yes, castile soap can be very drying, as is tea tree oil and witch hazel if it contains alcohol (a little less so than the other 2). And I’m always sure to remind readers that everyone’s skin is different: so the foaming wash just may not be the best option for you! But you can certainly use the manuka honey as face mask – honey’s actually a natural humectant and so will help to hydrate your skin. You can also use it in tea or recipes!

    Do you ever exfoliate? I recommend doing so at least once a week to help reduce breakouts and also stimulate collagen production (2 biggues for the skin!). That could definitely help with the dryness and bumps! Just remember to be gentle 🙂

  125. How exactly do you use the backing soda, do you mix it with something? I feel like I saw it somewhere here but now I can’t find it!

  126. I’m new to your website and just ordered your “Glow” book. Besides learning for myself, I am trying to help my 16yo daughter, who is suffering terribly with oil skin and acne on her face. In your routine above, you say you only cleanse at night. What do you do in the morning to “cleanse” or refresh your face before applying your makeup? I’d love to know your step-by-step morning routine, and any advice in adapting that to help my daughter’s situation. Thanks so much!

  127. Hi.

    I have recently acquired a morning three minute mask that recommends it’s users to apply it DAILY and BEFORE any other products. It promises to cleanse and moisturise. How do I incorporate it into my daily routine when I already have many of the products you do? Won’t I be over doing it?

    Thanks – E. Katrovas

  128. The only makeup I use is Pure Anada. Small Canadian company – amazing price point. Their mascara and powder foundation options are amazing! And they are by far the most natural products.

  129. Hi there–how often do you wash with an oil wash, instead of the cleansers you mention in step 1?

  130. I don’t personally use the Oil Cleansing Method – it’s just not for me. I use oils as a moisturizer.

  131. I’m so glad I came across your page! I am so excited to try these things out. But there is one thing I have to ask you, can you please create an all-natural shower routine?

  132. Hi Nadia! So glad I stumbled across your blog recently… my lifestyle seems to be very similar to yours and I’ve been learning a lot from your posts! A couple things-
    1) You should look into Herbivore products. I use their oily/blemish skincare line pretty much exclusively in my own routine. They have an amazing charcoal face soap and facial oil with jojoba and lots of other great stuff.
    2) I’m also trying to get into cleansing only once per day… but what about when you exercise? Cleanse, tone, and moisturize before AND after exercising? I worry that this would be over-washing my face and stripping it of its natural oils.

  133. Where oh where is the formula that you used to use? with tamanu, rosehip, jojoba and two others? I loved it and recently was reminded that my skin was beautiful using it. I would like to recreate that again

  134. Hi Nadia!
    I have been breaking out on my temples and by my eyebrows and around my mouth. I am a competitive cyclist, so I am often drenched with sweat, plus I have to wear a helmet and sunglasses. I have been putting Tea Tree oil on my acne, and it isnt terrible, but it wont go away. What do you suggest?


    Eleanor A.

  135. Hi Eleanor – ah I’m sorry to hear that and know the frustration well! The high activity level could definitely be contributing but breakouts around the mouth tend to be hormonal and so something that needs to be addressed with an internal approach. Check out this page and see if any of these sound like you! If yes, I’d love to talk 🙂

  136. Hi Nadia,

    I found your blog recently and love it! I already ordered your book and can’t wait to learn more. I have a few questions…

    1) For acne prone/oily skin, would you recommend your Toning & Clarifying Foaming Facewash or the Charcoal Cleansing Bar for a nightly routine? (followed by exfoliating 1-2x per week and Jojoba oil daily)

    2) Since you don’t wash your face in the morning, will you please elaborate on your morning skincare routine?

    3) I exercise very vigorously in the morning, but I’m hoping to switch to only washing my face in the evening. What do you recommend for skin care after working out? Is it harmful to not cleanse my face after sweating so much?

    Thanks so much for all of your insight!

  137. HI Nadia- I’m new to natural skincare & I’m happy to have found you on Pinterest. The downside of natural products (for me) is the high cost. We’re a one income family of six with two special needs kids, so we’re on a very tight budget. Do you have less expensive recommendations for natural beauty products? Specifically one like Beauty-counter’s charcoal cleansing bar & Juice beauty products. Thanks in advance & hope to hear from you soon!

  138. Nadia, you are my skin sister! I am so excited to add some of your routine to my regimen. My basic skin routine is essentially identical down to the ratio of Dr Bronners to water… weird. Now that I’ve finally fine tuned my cleansing/exfoliating/toning, you are about to save my future skin from my present self.

    Thank you for doing the leg work on moisturizing because I have been STRUGGLING! I have every faith that the balance you found will work for me as well. Stay tuned!

  139. Hi there!!

    Can you recommend a natural daily moisturizer I can purchase for very dry but very acne prone skin? I have used face oils before, and they made my acne a lot worse.

    I currently have no skincare routine except for using a prescription sulfur face wash because it’s the only thing that helps with my acne but of course dries my skin out so much.

    Also, for my skin type, do you recommend exfoliating, toning, and applying the vitamin C as well? I’d like to have a skincare routine, especially since I can tell my skin is aging due to being dry all of the time, but I am so afraid to apply anything to my face because of my acne.

    I’d appreciate your help!! Thank you!

  140. So if you don’t wash your face in the morning do you only apply toner and serum once daily at night after you wash?

  141. Hi Nadia,

    I recently got off of my birth control pills. My skin used to be amazingly clear but now as a result I am having a lot of breakouts. I have switched to safer skincare. I have been using Beautycounter for several months. The products feel amazing on my face but I’m still getting these occasional breakouts. I’m not sure what else to do. My acne has always been hormonal. I do not have any other medical issues and do not take any medication. My breakouts were a direct effect of getting off of the pill. Help!

  142. I’m new to your site, but I love it!! I love DIY everything!!!!
    I’m 66 and am going to make some your recipes. My skin is slightly dry with large pores. I’m not sure which oil to use, I want to use rosehip oil, but not sure which other moisturizing oil to add to it. I’m concerting carrot seed oil.