16 Super Duper Simple Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas

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santas-comingThe Holidays are HERE.

And if you’re a procrastinator like me, you likely still have a list of people who need gifts as long as a drugstore receipt. (Seriously, what’s with that? You buy one little thing and unwillingly manage to kill an entire tree in the checkout process. Not cool.)

But no sweat – these super duper simple homemade holiday gift ideas are a cinch to whip up in a pinch!

Plus, they do not contain water, meaning they have a sturdier shelf-life than many DIYs. (That being said… I’d be sure to make mention that because of the homemade and all-natural nature of the gift, it would be best to use them within a few months and also try to keep water from getting in them.)

I plan to spend this weekend making more than a few and know they’re sure to please next week!

1. Homemade All-Natural Lip Balm

While this DIY is super duper simple, it’s also one of the more impressive. Check out my recipe for super-moisturizing DIY all-natural lip balm and customize your tubes with some cute holiday graphics (I’m loving these little vintage deerand these).

2. Homemade All-Natural Sleepy Time Bath Salts

These sleepy time bath salts would be great for anyone with kids or who may need a little help unwinding from a stressful day.

3. Homemade All-Natural Customizable Perfume

I don’t know about you, but perfume makes me feel all fancy in the pantsy and I like it! But unfortunately most of those expensive designer perfumes are filled with unhealthy chemicals. Follow these simple instructions to create a all-natural customizable perfume. Or check out these instructions to make a solid perfume.

4. Homemade All-Natural Hand cream

This dry winter air can wreak havoc on hands. A rich, all-natural hand cream is sure to please anyone on your list, and be sure to pair it with…

5. Homemade all-natural hand scrub

Why not? Pair this hand scrub with the hand cream above and you’ve got yourself a perfect little holiday gift set.

6. Homemade All-Natural Foaming Hand Soap + Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

The DIY mason jar foaming hand soap dispenser: always a crowd pleaser. Fill it with this DIY all-natural antibacterial and moisturizing foaming handsoap for the complete ensemble. And if you want to go all out… partner it with the hand cream and hand scrub above and BAM! DIY gift-giving magic.

7. Homemade All-Natural Body Scrub

A body scrub instantly transforms your shower into an at-home spa. This body scrub trio in 3 classic holiday scents — cinnamon spice, candy cane, and hot cocoa — smells amazing and will keep the holiday cheer running well into the new year.

8. Homemade All-Natural Mint Chocolate Whipped Body Butter

This whipped body butter sounds so dreamy and decadent… really the name says it all.

simple homemade holiday gift ideas

9. DIY aromatherapy shower tablets

These “shower tablets” turn the shower into a tranquil spa. Sounds like the perfect way to paper anyone on your list!

10. DIY All-Natural Beard Conditioning Oil

For the gents on your list… this beard conditioning oil will go over just perfectly. Plus their leading ladies will love how soft it makes their lovie’s stubble and skin.

11. DIY All-Natural styling Hair Pomade

This DIY hair pomade is great for both the ladies and gents who employ product to keep their dos in place. Plus, I love that she uses jojoba oil (my favorite!) which isn’t overly greasy like a lot of other oils.

12. DIY all-natural clay face mask

This clay face mask works wonders and is so simple. While my instructions say to mix it with ACV, instead just put the dry ingredients in a 4 oz jar and include the instructions to a of the mix teaspoon with a teaspoon of water (for a more gentle mask) or ACV (for a tougher-acting mask).

13. DIY Soothing Chamomile & Oat Facial Cleanser

This DIY facial cleanser sounds so soothing. And be sure to pair it with a…

14. DIY all-natural custom facial oil

Concoct the perfect face oil using any combination of these 5 face oils and these top 10 essential oils for skincare. When in doubt, jojoba oil and lavender essential oil are a winning combo for all skin types. (Remember: a good dilution ratio is 1 drop of EO for every 1 ml of carrier oil.)

15. DIY All-Natural “Air Freshener”

The DIY reed diffuser included in this post would make a great little gift. You could look for a cute glass bottle at a local thrift store to add some elegance. I’d be sure to gift this with the lid on the bottle and reeds on the side so there is no spillage.

16. DIY Wool dryer balls

I’ve made a few sets of these DIY wool dryer balls for very different people in my life… and they’ve always been met with awe and excitement. These balls act as a natural fabric softener while significantly decreasing dry time. Gift a small bottle of essential oil with the balls to add scent — just include instructions to put a drop of EO on each of the balls right before tossing them into the dryer with a freshly washed load of laundry.


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