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Nothing ruins a perfectly good morning like noticing that a zit has made a home of your face overnight.

Ugh. Go Away!

Now while I’ve been able to eliminate 99% of my adult-acne with a properly balanced diet (including a lot of necessary gut healing) and my natural skincare routine, I still get the occasional blemish (typically right before my period). Such is life.

DIY all-natural blemish eraser spot treatment to the rescue!

While I believe a gentle, nourishing approach to skincare is best to strengthen skin and prevent breakouts, once a zit has reared its head it needs to be zapped!

This is an ultra-concentrated recipe that is meant to apply directly to blemishes as a spot treatment. It is not meant to be applied to your entire face or a large area of skin.


  • ½ teaspoon organic tea tree oil — helps fight bacteria
  • ½ teaspoon organic tamanu oil — an extremely hardworking healing oil that reduces inflammation, fights bacteria, and regenerates skin to reduce the appearance of scars
  • 4 drops lavender essential oil — helps fight bacteria and reduce inflammation

*While this would typically be a high concentration of essential oil, tea tree oil is one of the few essential oils that can safely be applied to the skin neat (i.e. undiluted)


Add all of the ingredients to a 5 ml glass roller bottle.* Shake the bottle and apply to blemishes after washing your face and before applying moisturizer/face oil.

*A roller bottle is the perfect way to apply the spot treatment since you can rub it right on your blemishes — so convenient! Plus 5 ml is about 1 teaspoon so that’s the perfect size for this recipe.


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  1. I’m thrilled to find your site and am so grateful for the recipes and information. It is rare for individuals to share knowledge with no expectation other than helping others and I thank you from my heart. I’d like to see an article devoted to mature skin needs but you’ve given me some great places to start!

  2. Nadia, I have a oily skin on nose and forehead; checks are combination ; upper lips and chin are dry. I have started using raw honey as face wash , Clinique combination toner and Argan oil as moisturizer. But I do get lot of acne when mensuration cycle is near by; then it leaves scars. Should I change anything in my routine ? Also please suggest ur views about Argan oil coz I never read any article where u have mentioned it.

  3. This blemish eraser is AMAZING!!! Cannot believe how quickly it works. After months of frustration with my skin acting out, I chose to buy all of the ingredients to create your suggested toner, blemish eraser, natural face oil and green face mask. I have been LOVING all of them so far! I am hoping to completely go au natural (no makeup) from here on out but would like to lighten some of the sun spots and scaring from past blemishes. Is there a natural product that you suggest or a combination of something that would help speed this up? Thank you!

  4. Okay, since I don’t have tea tree oil either I’m gonna get my hands on jojoba oil!! Thanks for your answer, will let you know how it works out!

  5. Hmm I’d probably just use strait tea tree oil then if you can’t get tamanu. Unless you can find grapeseed, argan, or jojoba (I just don’t think castor, olive, or coconut would give the results you want).

  6. Hi What about castor, olive or coconut oil? These are the ones I have.. And tamanu is pretty expensive to order here Thanks again

  7. Stori, I am sorry for the confusion. I always thought “tea tree oil” and “tea tree essential oil” were as different as “peppermint oil” (as you use for baking) and “peppermint essential oil”, but I now understand they are the same.

  8. You are right, it is tea tree oil. I always thought “tea tree oil” and “tea tree essential oil” were as different as “peppermint oil” (as you use for baking) and “peppermint essential oil”.

    But tea tree oil is widely accepted as one of the few oils that can be applied to the skin neat, so I am keeping the measurements as they are. Plus, it is a spot treatment – to be applied directly to blemishes as opposed to a large area of skin.

  9. Hi!! Could you tell me what oil I could use instead of argan oil? Because I am allergic to argan oil :/ Would love to give this a try though!

    Thanks you 🙂

  10. Yes! Tamanu would be better — in fact, I’ve been thinking of editing this post and swapping the argan for tamanu.

  11. I saw this after finding the mascara recipe on Google.
    I use a few drops tea tree essential oil in my Apple cider vinegar toner and to be honest I thought all tea tree oil were the same. Now I’m confused what to use :O!
    Anyway… Nice recipe. This sounds lovely.
    I get a skin rash by Lavender… do you know anything else that could be used? (I’m allergic to citrus fruits by the way).
    Would appreciate an answer :)!

  12. Hello, I was wondering if you could tell us the difference between tea tree oil and tea tree essential oil?? Thanks! 🙂

  13. In this article, you state, “Tea tree oil is not the same as tea tree essential oil. If you’d like to use tea tree essential oil, use 4 drops and a full teaspoon of argan oil.” However, the product you link to as “organic tea tree oil” IS tea tree essential oil. Read the description, please. People should not be using the product you linked to in the ratio you are suggesting. Oops! Did you perhaps mean to link to this product?