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I’ve recently rekindled my passion for the tub.

reagOr really, my toddler niece did. She LOVES baths. She begs for them. She starts stripping right in the middle of the living room or kitchen or front yard as soon as you give into that ridiculously adorable little face and say “OK!”

And why not? She has so many fun little toys in there with all those bubbles and the warm water…

So one day I thought to myself, “Hey, I want to have this much fun while getting nice and clean.”

Adults — we really strip the fun out of everything, don’t we?

I mean, my relaxing detox baths are lovely. And I usually put a movie or whatever show I happen to be Netflix marathon-watching on my laptop, propped on the toilet. That’s nice and all but I really wanted some childish playfulness.

I wanted fizzy bath bombs.

Needless to say, they’ve really helped me step up my bathtub game.


natural DIY bath bombs

You’ll also need a mixing bowl, a spray bottle filled with water, and silicone molds (I used these cute heart-shaped chocolate molds).


Mix all of the ingredients together in a large bowl. Then spray the mixture with water while continuing to mix it. You don’t want to spray it too much in one spot — it will “activate” the citric acid so to speak (you’ll hear it fizz). Keep spraying until the mixture is damp enough to be packed together (give it a squeeze every few sprays to check). When it’s ready, start packing it into your molds! Let the molds sit for at least an hour before popping the bath bombs out. Then, let them dry for at least 3 more hours before putting them in a bag or jar. Last but not least, as always, give yourself a pat on the back while saying to yourself “I’m so clever.”

Bombs away!

DIY bath fizzies bath bombs


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  1. Hey, Julie. Hmmm no idea, honestly! I just poked around a bit and I think it’s just a matter of preference.

  2. Nadia,
    I have see recipes with witch hazel instead of water for the spray bottle… an reason why the water is better? I’m compiling a list if ingredients to purchase for several of your DYI tutorials 🙂

  3. Sure! You could add food dye (I’d choose natural dye) and I suppose if you wanted glitter floating around your tub 🙂 you could add that to the recipe.