My Super-Simple All-Natural Skincare And Beauty Routine

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all-natural skincare and beauty routine || A natural skincare and beauty routine with safe products that also perform? Check out my tried-and-true favorite natural skincare and makeup products!

Looking to make the switch to an all-natural skincare and beauty routine? Wondering where to start and which products actually perform!? Take a peek inside my super simple routine, targeted to prevent blemishes and fight the signs of aging… naturally of course!

A lot of readers ask me for all the details on all the things I put on my face.

(Oh hey!)

Nutritional Therapist and natural skincare expert Nadia Neumann shares her super simple natural skincare and beauty routine

If you’ve been around these parts before, you’ll know this is because I struggled with adult acne in my early 20s.

During this time, I spent a small fortune on dermo appointments and skincare products, wasted countless hours orchestrating the daily battle between my concealer and blemishes, cried a lot (true story), and put a ton of unhealthy chemicals on my face — harsh, kill-all-the-acne-causing-bacteria-there-ever-was chemicals.

As I learned more about health and body burden, I knew I needed to get these chemicals out of my life but was scared. What about my skin!?

Didn’t I need these chemicals?

Ironically, doing a full 180 and adopting a very gentle, totally natural skincare and beauty routine (along with a nutrient-dense diet, of course!) finally helped me achieve the clear skin of my dreams.

Nowadays, my skincare routine is also geared towards anti-aging.

(Hello, 33!)

And since I geek out on natural skincare and beauty more than anything else in this whole wide world, it seemed only appropriate to finally put a post together about my natural skincare and beauty routine.

My routine is actually very simple and I hope will be inspire you to go natural or simply try something new!

Now you may still be wondering…

Do natural skincare and beauty products actually work?

Oh absolutely!

Yes, once upon a time it was pretty hard to find a natural mascara that lasted more than an hour without flaking under your eyes.

But as demand for safer products and the natural beauty market has grown, we know have a ton of safe, natural, high-performing options to choose from.

So no, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty in the name of health or vice versa!

And many natural, non-toxic skincare ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, CoQ10, charcoal, and niacinamide are so effective that they’ve even snuck into mainstream beauty lines. And skincare practices like exfoliation help prevent blemishes and increase collagen production — whether you’re using a natural exfoliant or nasty-filled exfoliant! So why not choose the nasty-free version, I say!

OK so let’s get to it!

My Super-Simple All-Natural Skincare And Beauty Routine: Skincare


I wash my face just once a day, every evening. Yes, just once a day!

Over-washing your face can easily throw off the pH and microbiome of your skin, both of which are key for keeping skin healthy and clear.

I alternate between InstaNatural’s Vitamin C Cleanser which is a very gentle gel cleanser, and InstaNatural’s Glycolic Acid Facial Cleanser so as not to over-exfoliate my skin. That being said, glycolic acid is a wonderful exfoliant that helps to both keep blemishes and signs of aging away. Win win!


Exfoliation is an absolute MUST. So if you’re not doing it yet, you need to start ASAP, my friend. Because it helps to keep pores clear and stimulates collagen production. Plus, it improves skin texture and helps makeup go on much more smoothly.

But when it comes to exfoliation, it’s so important not to overdo it! Those with oily skin should exfoliate 1-2 times a week while those with more sensitive or dry skin should exfoliate no more than once a week. And since I do use an exfoliating face wash every other day, I exfoliate just once a week.

I prefer and recommend chemical exfoliants (acids and enzymes) over granular exfoliants (scrubs). Currently loving: Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask and my own Body Unburdened Pink Perfect & Protect Customizable Mud Mask mixed with yogurt (which contains exfoliating lactic acid)!


I have a small hydrosol obsession! They smell amazing and provide skin with the benefits of these pure botanical extracts. I’ve honestly tried nearly all of them (embarrassing to admit!)… but love lavender and neroli most.


Vitamin C does it all. As a powerful antioxidant it helps to reduce blemishes by preventing sebum oxidation, increases the production of collagen, and helps lighten dark spots.

Now I’ve tried A LOT of different vitamin C serums and my favorite is definitely Mad Hippie’s Vitamin C Serum. Rather than l-ascorbic acid (which can be very irritating and oxidizes easily), it contains sodium ascorbyl phosphate, which is very gentle, much more stable, and studies have found to be beneficial for fighting breakouts and acne. It also contains a bunch of other skin-loving goodies like hydrating hyaluronic acid, antioxidant ferulic acid, and konjac root (which helps fade hyperpigmentation). So much to love!


It’s all about the face oils, baby. Whenever anyone compliments my skin (it still blows my mind when that happens!), I immediately blurt out “FACE OIL!” and start gushing all about it the way a young child gushes about a day at the beach/their favorite movie/mermaids/anything remotely exciting — you know, very quickly and with an intense enthusiasm.

I’ve tried dozens of different face oils over the years — I’m fascinated by the different fatty acid compositions and the impact this has on different skin types. Their unique vitamin and mineral contents, scents, and textures. And I’ve recently taken this years of obsessing research and bottled up my very best blends for you too — Body Unburdened Beauty Blends!

At night after cleansing, exfoliating, and toning, I very generously apply Beauty Blend No.1. While I used to apply oils both day and night, I now often use a natural CC cream during the day (see below) for some SPF coverage and sheer color.


Oh goodness, do I love a good face mask. I apply a mask about twice a week — an exfoliating mask like mentioned above once a week and either a clay-based or hydrating mask depending on my skin’s needs.

If my skin is dry/irritated, I’ll just slather on some organic raw honey — honey is a natural humectant that draws and holds water to the skin.

Most typically though, I mix the honey along with some water into one of my Body Unburdened Customizable Mud Masks for the added benefit of pore-perfecting clays, hydrating marshmallow and aloe, and powerful fruit and herbal extracts! (Yes, I had a lot of fun formulating and testing these!)

The cult classic DIY All-Natural Blackhead Busting Blackout Mask is also still occasionally on rotation 🙂

My Super-Simple All-Natural Skincare And Beauty Routine: Beauty

best natural skincare and beauty products || A natural skincare and beauty routine with safe products that also perform? Check out my tried-and-true favorite natural skincare and makeup products!


I’m obsessed with

On days when I need a little extra coverage or to prevent shine, I apply 100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Powder Foundation on top.

I also use 100% Pure’s Long Last Concealer with Super Fruits under my eyes. Thanks to genetics, I have pretty bad dark circles AND eyes that scrunch way way up when I smile. So a lot of concealers look cakey and accentuate my expression lines around my eyes — not a good look. This is the only concealer I’ve found so far that doesn’t!


100% Pure’s Black Tea Mascara. Hands down. The best. Enough said.


I’m obsessed with creamy eye shadows that give a little bit of color and shine without making me look like a 13 year-old from 1998 (in other words, really glittery) — they somehow make my whole face seem brighter and all glowy. Little miracle workers!

My favorites: RMS Beauty Eye Polish (in just about every color!).


Ahh I love a colored lip! Even when I’m a total mess, it makes me feel pulled together and lady-like.

For a night out or more bold look, Jane Iredale’s Forever Pink Lip Stain is where it’s at — as the name suggests 🙂 it’s a bright pink that lasts forever.

That’s it! Pretty simple, huh?

My morning beauty routine only takes about 2-3 minutes using the above products and THAT is a beautiful thing. Honestly, I spend more time staring at the fridge deciding what to eat for breakfast.

And like I said, it’s ironic that adopting a very simple, natural skincare routine was able to totally change my complexion — I used to think that I really needed all of those harsh chemicals in the products I was using, and the more the merrier. Now I know better (heck, I even only wash my face once a day!) and my tears are spent on much more important things, like the movie Up (seriously, I had no idea it would be such a tear-jerker!!).

What are your natural skincare favorites? Anything in particular that’s really saved your skin? Or do you have any questions or comments? Share below in the comments!

Interested in natural skincare and beauty? You’re in the right place!

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A natural skincare and beauty routine with safe products that also perform? Check out my tried-and-true favorite natural skincare and makeup products!


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  1. Where oh where is the formula that you used to use? with tamanu, rosehip, jojoba and two others? I loved it and recently was reminded that my skin was beautiful using it. I would like to recreate that again

  2. Hi Nadia! So glad I stumbled across your blog recently… my lifestyle seems to be very similar to yours and I’ve been learning a lot from your posts! A couple things-
    1) You should look into Herbivore products. I use their oily/blemish skincare line pretty much exclusively in my own routine. They have an amazing charcoal face soap and facial oil with jojoba and lots of other great stuff.
    2) I’m also trying to get into cleansing only once per day… but what about when you exercise? Cleanse, tone, and moisturize before AND after exercising? I worry that this would be over-washing my face and stripping it of its natural oils.

  3. I’m so glad I came across your page! I am so excited to try these things out. But there is one thing I have to ask you, can you please create an all-natural shower routine?

  4. I don’t personally use the Oil Cleansing Method – it’s just not for me. I use oils as a moisturizer.

  5. Hi there–how often do you wash with an oil wash, instead of the cleansers you mention in step 1?

  6. The only makeup I use is Pure Anada. Small Canadian company – amazing price point. Their mascara and powder foundation options are amazing! And they are by far the most natural products.

  7. Hi.

    I have recently acquired a morning three minute mask that recommends it’s users to apply it DAILY and BEFORE any other products. It promises to cleanse and moisturise. How do I incorporate it into my daily routine when I already have many of the products you do? Won’t I be over doing it?

    Thanks – E. Katrovas

  8. I’m new to your website and just ordered your “Glow” book. Besides learning for myself, I am trying to help my 16yo daughter, who is suffering terribly with oil skin and acne on her face. In your routine above, you say you only cleanse at night. What do you do in the morning to “cleanse” or refresh your face before applying your makeup? I’d love to know your step-by-step morning routine, and any advice in adapting that to help my daughter’s situation. Thanks so much!

  9. How exactly do you use the backing soda, do you mix it with something? I feel like I saw it somewhere here but now I can’t find it!

  10. Hey, Jeanne!

    Yes, castile soap can be very drying, as is tea tree oil and witch hazel if it contains alcohol (a little less so than the other 2). And I’m always sure to remind readers that everyone’s skin is different: so the foaming wash just may not be the best option for you! But you can certainly use the manuka honey as face mask – honey’s actually a natural humectant and so will help to hydrate your skin. You can also use it in tea or recipes!

    Do you ever exfoliate? I recommend doing so at least once a week to help reduce breakouts and also stimulate collagen production (2 biggues for the skin!). That could definitely help with the dryness and bumps! Just remember to be gentle 🙂

  11. Hi Nadia!

    I just recently came across your site and mimicked a lot of your routine including the oil moisturize combo and DIY cleansing face wash. I also purchased the charcoal cleaning bar. It felt like that dries my skin a little but not too bad. So I wanted to switch off using that and the foaming wash you speak of. Just started using the DIY foaming wash w Castile and Manuka Honey and the EO you recommend and it seems to be drying a lot. Is there another face wash you recommend? I have red bumps on my forehead and they seem to have started to go away however after the foaming wash they aren’t doing so well now and the oil isn’t mosituring as well anymore. Hopefully I would like to do something with the Manuka Honey I purchased since it’s so expensive and seems like there’s great benefits. Maybe the Castile soap is what’s drying? The foaming wash also has a really bad smell right after making it (at least to me- did you feel this way?) sometimes at night I also rub some tea tree oil in my forehead and that seemed to be helping. I also use a witch hazel with rose petal toner after cleaning every night. I just recently (week ago) started to only wash at night too. Any suggestions or thoughts??