10 Gorgeous Non-Toxic Lip Picks: Natural Lipsticks, Stains, Glosses, & Tints

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best natural lipsticks | best natural lip stains | best natural lip gloss | best natural lip tints | Non-toxic lip products that also perform beautifully? I've got the list! Natural lipsticks, stains, glosses & tints that are as healthy as they are gorgeous

Natural, non-toxic lip products that also perform beautifully? I’ve got the list! These all-natural lipsticks, lip stains, lip glosses, and lip tints are as good for you as they are gorgeous.

Fun fact: the average woman eats 4 pounds of lip product in her lifetime!

Yowza that’s a lot of lippies.

And guess what? Some actually estimate it to be closer to 7 pounds.

Now this is just a little teeny bit concerning given everything we know about the very loosely regulated American cosmetics industry. Need a reminder? Well it’s basically the Wild Wild West — companies are allowed to use all but 30 banned ingredients (in contrast, the EU has banned over 1200 ingredients) in our skincare and beauty products without first doing adequate testing to prove safety. And so a lot of unhealthy chemicals are used in products, and eventually applied to our skin, where they’re then absorbed into our bloodstream.

And with lip products, exposure is even more direct since we’re actually ingesting (i.e. eating!) them.

So of course, we better make sure our lipsticks, stains, glosses, and tints are all-natural and non-toxic!

As a lippie lover (there’s usually at least 4 in my purse at any given time) I’ve tried so many natural lipsticks, lip stains, and lip tints over the years — far too many to count!

best natural lipsticks | best natural lip stains | best natural lip gloss | best natural lip tints | Non-toxic lip products that also perform beautifully? I've got the list! Natural lipsticks, stains, glosses & tints that are as healthy as they are gorgeous

Some have flopped while others are quickly became surefire favorites.

I promise you that when it comes to natural skincare and beauty products, you don’t have to sacrifice performance for safety! Each of my favorites performs like an absolute dream, providing gorgeous color and leaving lips soft and kissable… just without the unhealthy chemicals.

The Best Natural Lipsticks

1. Beautycounter Lip Sheers

My absolute favorite! So moisturizing and super silky. I have both Rose and Scarlet. Though “sheer” they are very pigmented and buildable, with a glossy finish. They can be worn alone for a bold look or layered with balm for subtle color. Plus they have a yummy vanilla scent.

2. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glazes

A beautiful full-coverage lipstick option. These are more long-lasting than the Beautycounter lip sheers, with a thicker formula that stays put quite well. I have the Raspberry color and love it!

3. 100% Pure Pomegranate Anti-Aging Lipstick

These lipsticks are made with a base of antioxidant-rich (hence the “anti-aging” part of their name) pomegranate oil — so luxurious! And because of this, they provide amazing moisture and don’t dry your lips out.

The Best Natural Lip Stains

4. Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip Stains

These are really just the coolest ever — their “all-natural formula reacts and adjusts to your own chemistry for an irresistible shade that flatters your skin tone.” They look so light but then magically transform to a much deeper, more vibrant color once on the lips. They give a long-lasting stain with a glossy finish, and have a slight strawberry scent that’s really lovely. I have the Pink and Red colors and love them both.

5. 100% Pure Fruit Cherry Lip & Cheek Stain

THIS! I’m so in love. It on like a gloss but provides all-day color. It’s a vibrant deep pink color that I think would suit most skin tones. More so than the Jane Iredale lip stains, I am able to really define my lip shape with this stain. I apply one coat, let it sit for a few minutes, then wash what remains and either repeat the process for deeper color or apply a balm or sheer color on top for lighter coverage.

6. Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi-Use Stain

Gotta love a multi-purpose product! If you’re looking for a great option for lips and cheeks, this is it. Comes in a variety of beautiful shades (I have “Scandal”). It’s definitely more subtle and doesn’t last as long as the other two options, but a very different type of product.

The Best Natural Lip Glosses

7. Beautycounter Lip Gloss

I was never really into lip glosses very much (I tend to prefer a more matte finish) but this was like a gateway drug for me. A gateway lip gloss, if you will. A great option if you want a sheer, subtle pop of color with that high-gloss shine. I have the color “Fig” and adore it — it’s an especially great color for fall and winter.

8. 100% Pure Lip Caramel

100% pure lip caramel | the best natural lip gloss

If you’re looking for a lip gloss that packs a huge pop of color, this is it. In fact, I’m not really totally sure if it’s a highly pigmented gloss or a glossy lipstick… either way, it’s the perfect marriage between the two! Also, it smells and tastes delicious — yes, like caramel!

The Best Natural Lip Tints

9. W3ll People Nudist ColorBalms

These are not full-coverage lipsticks, but vibrant tinted balms. The Cherry ColorBalm is one of my must-haves for everyday wear. It’s a beautiful color perfect for work and play.

10. 100% Pure Lip and Cheek Tints

Another everyday favorite of mine. Don’t let the word “tint” fool you — these are very pigmented! I layer them with balm for subtle color, but applied alone they give a bold color and stain-like effect. The Cranberry color is a super vibrant red while Sugar Plum is a more natural mauvey red.

Do you have a favorite non-toxic lip pick that isn’t on my list?

Please share with us in the comments!


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  1. Hello, I don’t like to wear lipstick as I don’t like the feel of it on my lips. Having said this there are times when I need to wear some as I have very pale skin with blond hair. Not to mention that I am 66 years young (even I can’t believe this!) Nadia can you recommend a brand and colour (light or neutral) that I could try? Thank- you in advance.

  2. I’m so glad I just came across your website as someone who’s been doing a serious overhaul this years to clean out all the toxic makeup I have and get clean makeup. If you haven’t tried Bite Beauty…OMG, you’ll L*O*V*E it. I personally own so many of them. They’re the best and stay on very well.

  3. You need to check out the Au Naturale line out of Wisconsin. Total organic and clean! Been using the product awhile now and I LOVE it!

  4. Fresh Sugar lip treatment is my favorite, plus it has spf 15. I have lip sensitivity to many products, but this one works for me.

  5. You guys should totally try Human Heart Nature lippies. HHN is the first and only Philippine home and personal care brand that is a member of the Natural Products Association (NPA).

  6. I also like 100% Pure lipstick. The ones in the metal bullet like cases are awesome. I also like the Coconut Kiss Lip Butter by Pacifica. The Lava color is 100% natural and also vegan (no carmine for those of us who don’t want bugs on our lips) It gives a nice sheer red color and it actually tastes good too. The round container looks awesome like a mandala.

  7. I’ll have to look into these! Love finding new products! Like Lynne, I also love Arbonne. I use it in place of chapstick all the time!

  8. I’m also a huge fan of Jane Iredale’s lip stain! It’s so cool how it looks different on different people. I definitely suggest her lipsticks as well.

  9. Lemongrass Spa. Organic creme lipstick. It offers full pigment coverage an nourishing moisture. They are enhanced with organic omega fatty acids and shea butter. (All natural matte lip liners with pro-vit B5 are also available to compliment the 5 shade of lipstick)

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