Non-toxic nail polish

Non toxic nail polishNon-toxic nail polish. Is non-toxic nail polish even possible? Or is it a natural girly-girl’s pipe dream?

I’m going to tell you a secret: I have a nail polish obsession. OK, so it’s not really a secret since I pretty much always have my nails painted and my nails are on my hands which are typically out in the open for the whole world to see. Anyways, for some it’s red lipstick, killer heels, or a bold piece of jewelry, but nail polish is the one accessory I can’t do without.  It’s that little extra bit that just makes me feel feminine and fun… even if I haven’t shaved in a week.

Unfortunately, however, with every great manicure, you may also be getting a dose of toxic chemicals: nail polish and nail polish removers contain a plethora of chemicals known or suspected to cause cancer, reproductive harm, asthma and other harms to your health.

Fortunately, thanks to public pressure, many nail polish manufacturers have reformulated their polishes to remove the three most toxic ingredients, dubbed “the toxic trio”: dibutyl phthalate (reproductive and developmental harm), formaldehyde (reproductive and developmental harm) and toluene (carcinogen and irritant). Most of the more expensive salon brands are now formulated sans this trio (success!). If ever in doubt, just check the bottle: it will explicitly state if the polish does not contain these ingredients.

Amazingly, these brands without the toxic trio rank around a “4” in the Skin Deep Database. I say “amazingly” because they still smell awful! Or at least like nail polish. And I usually associate harsh smells with lots of nasties. A “4” is not great, but it’s not bad considering my ex-favorite facial moisturizer has a “8” ranking… and smells great, mysteriously, especially in comparison to nail polish.

What’s even more amazing is seeing “1” or “2” rankings for certain nail polish brands in Skin Deep (this is my idea of a cheap thrill). And it’s amazing how many nail polish brands have achieved this! While not technically non-toxic nail polish (I mean, you couldn’t eat it), this is great! And as close as you’re really going to get to non-toxic nail polish.

Check them out here and give your self a fabulous mani-pedi, minus the toxins.


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