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Did you know that the average woman ingests 4 pounds of lip product in her lifetime?

That is a lot of lipstick/gloss/butter/balm! So it better be nasty-free.

This DIY lip balm is not only 100% natural, it is hands-down the most moisturizing lip balm I have ever tried. And I like to consider myself an aficionado of sorts. A balm buff, if you will. I mean, at any given time, there is likely at least four to six different types of (all-natural) lip products at the bottom of my purse. But enough about my cosmetics hoarding issue…


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Combine all of the ingredients in a small sauce pot and put it on the oven on low-medium heat. Stir the mixture until all of the beeswax and shea butter has melted. Turn the burner off and remove the pot from the heat. Fill the lip balm tubes using a funnel. Let the tubes sit undisturbed for 20 minutes to cool and set (leave any spill-over temporarily undisturbed – it is not worth trying to wipe it off right now).

After your balm has cooled and set, it is ready to go! I decorated my balms by printing out eye-catching graphics on standard office labels (2 by 4 inches, 10 per sheet), cutting them to size, and then covering them with clear packing tape, also cut to size. All of you DIYers out there will have no problem with this, and will have lots of fun either designing personalized labels or finding cute graphics and patterns.

I recently made a huge batch (since, hey, this is how I get my kicks) and gave them to friends, family, and coworkers. It’s a nice little gift that does not cost much to make (my estimates place each tube at less than $1!) and everyone loves, especially if you customize the labels to the recipients (cats for Marisa, flowers for Mom…).

This recipe holds up well in the summer heat and is fantastic for protecting lips from the dry winter air!

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  1. I have made this recipe numerous times. I have used several different essential oils. I have even mixed up the proportions to create Winter and Summer formulas-Winter being more emollient, Summer being more melt-resistant. I have also made as many as 120 tubes at a time, for gifts. It always turns out great! Thanks Nadia!

  2. shea butter gets gritty if you dont refrigiate it immediatly after taking it of the heat. 🙂

  3. would it be possible to make this without the beeswax? it’s a bit difficult to find where I live, and I want to make my lip balm as soon as possible!

  4. if your balm is gritty, try melting the shea butter once and let harden, then melt again. That helped me a lot. It crystalizes. Also, I use young living but if you are using citrus oil at all, it can pull toxins out of the plastic so you are essentially using tainted balm…eeek! May want to research that. Good recipe though:)

  5. The only reason why they can be toxic is because they are highly concentrate volatile oils. You have to be sure not to use too much. Most are to be used diluted. These are ingredients which have real medicinal benefits! Don’t pay attention to DoTerra with its lofty claims and exorbitant prices. To ensure you are buying the best essential oils look for steam distilled.

  6. Has anyone tried using food grade oils? I’m a bit iffy about using essential oil I heard it can be toxic or am I misinformed?

  7. I love the recipe!! I have had trouble with a hole forming after the Chapstick has hardened. Has this happened to anyone else? The Chapstick is still usable but it’s not very pretty with the hole through it. Any suggestions? Thank you 🙂

  8. Followed the recipe to a T and after about a week in the tube the texture is gritty. I wonder what ingredient would cause that? After it’s on your lips a minute or two it’s as if whatever is gritty dissolves. Is there something I’m doing wrong?!?

  9. The essential oils will lose their umph if added while heating. Adding them afterwards when the mixture is starting to cool makes them stronger and last longer.

  10. Ooh that makes me so excited – I hope it continues to work for you 🙂

    I add them while I’m mixing/melting everything but that may not be best practice… The scent definitely does come up at you! I don’t know I guess it would depend on your preference. It’s fun to try different combos! You can always test a little while making it – I dip the tip of a butter knife in, let it cool, then put it on my lips to see if it’s enough/how I want it.

  11. Just got all my ingredients in and can’t wait to try this. Just wondering if you knew why some recipes say to take the mixture off the burner and then add the EOs? Yours doesn’t so I guess I want to know if it burns off when it’s heated (kinda like vanilla extract in a baking recipe). Also, what ratio in drops would you recommend for peppermint/lavender? (I’m new to the EO scene) Thanks so much for such a great recipe and wonderful directions! I made the detox deodorant last night and so far I love it!

  12. It’s great to know it has rave reviews from those who are honest.
    Also great to have a simple easy to follow recipe.

  13. Thanks, Lacy, it IS fabulous! One of my coworkers was just raving about how it is the best balm she has ever tried (and I will tell you that she is never shy about criticism so I took this as a particularly great compliment). Have fun with it and enjoy!!

  14. This sounds simply fabulous! I must try this when I run out of the 2 EOS summer fruit balms that I just purchased.

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