DIY all-natural super-moisturizing lip balm

Did you know that the average woman ingests 4 pounds of lip product in her lifetime?

That is a lot of lipstick/gloss/butter/balm! So it better be nasty-free.

This DIY lip balm is not only 100% natural, it is hands-down the most moisturizing lip balm I have ever tried. And I like to consider myself an aficionado of sorts. A balm buff, if you will. I mean, at any given time, there is likely at least four to six different types of (all-natural) lip products at the bottom of my purse. But enough about my cosmetics hoarding issue…


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Combine all of the ingredients in a small sauce pot and put it on the oven on low-medium heat. Stir the mixture until all of the beeswax and shea butter has melted. Turn the burner off and remove the pot from the heat. Fill the lip balm tubes using a funnel. Let the tubes sit undisturbed for 20 minutes to cool and set (leave any spill-over temporarily undisturbed – it is not worth trying to wipe it off right now).

After your balm has cooled and set, it is ready to go! I decorated my balms by printing out eye-catching graphics on standard office labels (2 by 4 inches, 10 per sheet), cutting them to size, and then covering them with clear packing tape, also cut to size. All of you DIYers out there will have no problem with this, and will have lots of fun either designing personalized labels or finding cute graphics and patterns.

I recently made a huge batch (since, hey, this is how I get my kicks) and gave them to friends, family, and coworkers. It’s a nice little gift that does not cost much to make (my estimates place each tube at less than $1!) and everyone loves, especially if you customize the labels to the recipients (cats for Marisa, flowers for Mom…).

This recipe holds up well in the summer heat and is fantastic for protecting lips from the dry winter air!

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  1. This sounds simply fabulous! I must try this when I run out of the 2 EOS summer fruit balms that I just purchased.

  2. Thanks, Lacy, it IS fabulous! One of my coworkers was just raving about how it is the best balm she has ever tried (and I will tell you that she is never shy about criticism so I took this as a particularly great compliment). Have fun with it and enjoy!!

  3. It’s great to know it has rave reviews from those who are honest.
    Also great to have a simple easy to follow recipe.

  4. Just got all my ingredients in and can’t wait to try this. Just wondering if you knew why some recipes say to take the mixture off the burner and then add the EOs? Yours doesn’t so I guess I want to know if it burns off when it’s heated (kinda like vanilla extract in a baking recipe). Also, what ratio in drops would you recommend for peppermint/lavender? (I’m new to the EO scene) Thanks so much for such a great recipe and wonderful directions! I made the detox deodorant last night and so far I love it!

  5. Ooh that makes me so excited – I hope it continues to work for you ๐Ÿ™‚

    I add them while I’m mixing/melting everything but that may not be best practice… The scent definitely does come up at you! I don’t know I guess it would depend on your preference. It’s fun to try different combos! You can always test a little while making it – I dip the tip of a butter knife in, let it cool, then put it on my lips to see if it’s enough/how I want it.

  6. The essential oils will lose their umph if added while heating. Adding them afterwards when the mixture is starting to cool makes them stronger and last longer.

  7. Followed the recipe to a T and after about a week in the tube the texture is gritty. I wonder what ingredient would cause that? After it’s on your lips a minute or two it’s as if whatever is gritty dissolves. Is there something I’m doing wrong?!?

  8. I love the recipe!! I have had trouble with a hole forming after the Chapstick has hardened. Has this happened to anyone else? The Chapstick is still usable but it’s not very pretty with the hole through it. Any suggestions? Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Has anyone tried using food grade oils? I’m a bit iffy about using essential oil I heard it can be toxic or am I misinformed?

  10. The only reason why they can be toxic is because they are highly concentrate volatile oils. You have to be sure not to use too much. Most are to be used diluted. These are ingredients which have real medicinal benefits! Don’t pay attention to DoTerra with its lofty claims and exorbitant prices. To ensure you are buying the best essential oils look for steam distilled.

  11. if your balm is gritty, try melting the shea butter once and let harden, then melt again. That helped me a lot. It crystalizes. Also, I use young living but if you are using citrus oil at all, it can pull toxins out of the plastic so you are essentially using tainted balm…eeek! May want to research that. Good recipe though:)

  12. would it be possible to make this without the beeswax? it’s a bit difficult to find where I live, and I want to make my lip balm as soon as possible!

  13. I have made this recipe numerous times. I have used several different essential oils. I have even mixed up the proportions to create Winter and Summer formulas-Winter being more emollient, Summer being more melt-resistant. I have also made as many as 120 tubes at a time, for gifts. It always turns out great! Thanks Nadia!

  14. I doubled the recipe above and it filled 6 little balm containers. I added cinnamon for color and flavor with 20 drops of cinnamon EO. Looks and smells great! Can’t wait to try it! Happy new year, all! And thanks for posting this recipe/instructions!

  15. Anyone think you can add lanolin in?? Wondering if I would have to adjust anything if I just had a very small amount??? Thanks!!

  16. Hi! I have tried this recipe and it’s amazing! I love it. I am only wondering if any essential oil can be put in a lip balm? I mean, is it safe (because we will probably swallow a little bit of that lip balm, right?)? I put lavender in mine, and citrus (lemon, lime,, grapefruit…) in my friend’s.

  17. Hey, Marie-Pier! Great question… I’ve seen all of those oils in lip balms before and know they are safe for skin use, so assume a little ingested would be OK though you may want to do some more research. Also remember that citrus EOs will make your skin more sensitive to the sun, and may irritate cracked skin (though a little probably won’t hurt).

    Side note: lavender vanilla is an awesome combo ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Most recipes I’ve seen with these ingredients call for use of a double boiler to heat them, but yours calls for just all in a saucepan. I’m wondering which way would really be best.

  19. I just’t don’t have a double boiler nor do I want to buy one so I use a sauce pan. If you have a double boiler, use that — they both do the same thing: melt the wax.

  20. Are there some natural ingredients (not using essential oils) that you could recommend using to flavor this balm? I have read different things from kool aid to cocoa powder. I just wondered if you have any other ideas. Thank you.

  21. Well Kool Aid is anything but natural so I would not suggest that at all. But cocoa powder may work, and so would the peppermint oil you can pick up in the baking section of the grocery store.

  22. Ok, I made my first batch of my own lip balm ever last night using this recipe. I have been addicted to lip balm for most of my life & I’m saying this recipe is the bomb! It is nice and creamy feeling on my lips, not waxy. I am used to having to reapply lip balm often and this balm is throwing me off because it lasts so long! I put some on before I went to bed and didn’t even need to reapply more in the morning because I could still feel it when I woke up! This is definitely going to be Christmas presents for people this year! Thank you Nadia

  23. Hey, Stella! YAYYYY I’m so happy to hear that (and I totally agree)!!

    Well I think you can make as much as you want at once — just (as always) be careful to keep everything clean and to not get water into the mixture so you don’t get any bacteria growth.

    Everyone will LOVE their homemade gifts ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Hi! Thanks for sharing this recipe! Would this help make lips smoother and get rid of the lines on your lips? I love matte lipstick but every time I try to wear it it looks weird. Anyways I will still make this because it looks BOMB.

  25. Hello:) great post. I was wondering if I could leave out the coconut oil? I am very allergic to it. Also, if you could please suggest a general sub for coconut oil? It’s in everything! I’d greatly appreciate your feedback! Best wishes, Charlie

  26. Hey, Charlie! An alternative to coconut oil for skincare? I actually really don’t like it on my skin and prefer these oils: 5 face oils for naturally clear, flawless skin

    But for lip balm, I’d use jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, or grape seed oil as an alternative to coconut oil. They each sink into skin and moisturize really well.

  27. I made this with my students(all girls) to demonstrate scientific concepts such as changing states of matter, and physical changes. It was also a great opportunity to speak about the cost and health benefits of making our own skin and body products at home.

    A few people mentioned grittiness because of the Shea butter in the recipe. . .I substituted the Shea for cocoa butter (same ratio) and it turned out beautifully.

    Thanks so much for posting such a great recipe.

  28. Hey, Nadia, Do you happen to know of any ingredient I can maybe add to this recipe, or.. of any alternate recipe.. f/ lip balm that not only moisturizes, but will also stop lipstick from “bleeding” into the skin around the lips? I am 64, & have had this “feathering” happen sometimes, around the lips, when wearing lipstick, (because of few wrinkles). I’d been buying a special Mac make-up lip product called Prep & Prime, which prevents this feathering of the color beyond the lips, …but it costs $17 + & doesn’t twist all way up, so, lot it wasted unless I use something long & narrow to dig the rest of the lip moisturizer out, since it is so expensive. I love all natural, anyway, & have been searching f/ a better natural alternative that really works & does the same thing as Mac’s Primer f/ lips, only w/ all natural healthy ingredients. Any one know what might work? I’m also about to switch an all natural, organic, high fruit & veg., plant based diet, & perhaps this will also help eliminate wrinkles & make skin smoother & younger looking so lipstick won’t feather anymore, anyway. Or, perhaps the DIY Vitamin C facial serum,(I found on YouTube) or, the DIY hyaluronic acid facial serum (maybe found it on YouTube, too?, or recipes on Amazon). These may also help eliminate wrinkles in first place, too? (I’ve gotten too busy & haven’t cont. to make new batches of these facial skin serums, when they run out, which is every few weeks, & they can’t be made in large batches, because the Vitamin C has to be fresh, or it oxidizes). Thanks, Nadia, & I can’t wait to try this natural lip balm recipe, above. It sounds awesome.! And it looks, & I’m sure smells, so pretty! Thanks!

  29. Hi, Christena! I do not have a DIY recipe for anything like that but if you like Mac and are looking for healthier options, I think you’d really love Beautycounter – they make beautiful, highly effective products that work just as well (if not better!) than any other luxury skincare and cosmetic product. Check it out –> Beautycounter

  30. I just made this recipe last night using different combinations of oils. I LOVE it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  31. Nadia Great Recipe! For many this is the best recipe ever and for others this will be the beginning of a wonderful journey! I began my journey here, but after a few months, I needed more. I admit it. . . . I am a lip balm junkie! I love it. I have to have it. I started making it for my friends. I started making it for patients of ketamine therapy. I am laying the groundwork for my business. I collect recipes even though I finally tweaked mine to perfection. Every recipe teaches me something. Here are some things I have learned. Most people start making balm to get away from the horrible things in our old balm or lipstick, try not to use even a sliver to color your home made balm. Pure pigment loose powder mineral eye shadow will work. Or buy Micas or mineral pigments the smallest size will usually tint a zillion balms! Generally speaking, the difference between lip balm and lip stick is the amount of colorant. I use a couple of .15cc scoops of mica to tint 10 – 15 balm and 3-4 teaspoons to tint the same amount of lipstick tubes depending on the depth of color I want. I need my lipstick to love my lips just as much as my balms do. If you want your balms to have a little extra zing to them you can buy E-O Butters. There are vendors out there that blend essential oils with coconut oil or essential oil with coconut oil and palm kernel oil and I am not sure what magic they do but they are amazing. I made Cannamon Balm using the Cinnamon Butter and just a smidge of coconut oil and Cinnamon Leaf Oil and it was crazy good. Not Red Hots hot, just enough to give a slight tingle. I have used several other butters since. I am still looking for my perfect cup of coffee butter, though. I am a fan of sweetened balms. You do not need much, but people can taste the difference and so will you. Too much sweetener or “flavoring” oil will sweat out. If it does not smell good it will not taste good, since flavours are edible fragrances. Vitamin E oil adds a small bit of Sunscreen and a small bit of preservative. If you use any kind of food like chocolate chips, Drink mix, Jello, fruit please remember this balm will spoil. The more water the food item has in it the faster it will spoil. So have fun wherever your balm journey takes you!

  32. Hi Nadia. I just made a batch even though I have some store bought lip balms with me right now (Icouldn’t wait stop myself) that would last me a good 2-3 months. So, will the lipbalm be ruined if kept for such long time? And BTW, my mom has dark lips because of not using sunscreen so can you tell me which essential oil would gradually bring out the natural color of lips? Thanks

  33. I love this recipe as I, too, am a lip balm fanatic! However, I’ve gotten the grittiness that someone had mentioned and though it melts when you rub it in, it is a bit off-putting. Nadia, im wondering if you have encountered this and if so what was you resolution? Love your site!

  34. Hi Nadia,

    Can’t wait to try this recipe!
    I just have a few questions as to what to buy exactly…

    I’m shopping for the ingredients right now but for the shea butter for instance, there’s a choice of food grade or cosmetic grade. Which one do I need?
    I already have the beeswax (which is organic hand poured beeswax, premium quality, cosmetic grade, triple filtered) and I understand that’s OK but when shopping for the others I’m not sure what to get.
    The cosmetic grade stuff says used for balms, creams etc. but lip balm is a bit different as you will end up “eating” some.. Does this mean I need food grade or is cosmetic grade better for this use?
    Sorry about this, I’m a bit “careful” and wanna make sure I use all the right stuff!
    Which brings me to the EOs.. Which are OK to use for something that is going to be on your lips, and which are not? I’m not able to find any conclusive info about this. And after I’ve found which “flavors” are OK to use on lips, does this go for all brands or is it how they are made that matters as well as what they are?
    And finally, are food flavorings, like vanilla extract, coconut extract, almond extract etc. OK to use also, or completely different stuff, and wrong?!
    Sorry about all the questions! I just can’t wait to make this but want to do it right!
    Thanks for the recipe, I’ve just discovered your website and it looks awesome!

  35. Hey, Freddy!

    Sorry – some of the links to the products I use were broken but they’re fixed now so you can see which ones I use specifically. Whenever possible, I choose USDA certified organic above all else (most likely to be food grade, but if stated as cosmetic grade that is fine with me too) – the products I link to are organic.

    Some EOs can irritate chapped skin, such as cinnamon. I’m not sure of the full list.

    I wouldn’t use food flavorings – they contain alcohol which can dry the skin out. But if you want to experiment with it to see for yourself, go ahead and try! DIYs are all about experimentation ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Hi Nadia! Iโ€™ve made this many times using jojoba oil/ jojoba oil & avocado oil. I love it! Iโ€™m running out of both, so any other oils youโ€™d reccomend? Jojoba is a bit expensive, so thinking about sweet almond oil? Thanks!!

  37. Hey, Grace! Yay I’m so glad to hear it ๐Ÿ™‚ Jojoba is one of the most reasonably priced. You can also do olive oil!