5 Face Oils for Naturally Clear, Flawless Skin

The Best Face Oils for Naturally Clear, Flawless Skin | Can applying oil to your face actually help keep skin clear and reduce blemishes? Yes! Face oils are the best kept skincare secret to naturally clear, flawless skin. Let's talk about how face oils help to keep skin clear and which oils are the best for reducing blemishes and scarring from acne.

Can applying oil to your face actually help keep skin clear and reduce blemishes? Yes! Face oils are the best kept skincare secret to naturally clear, flawless skin. Let’s talk about how face oils help to keep skin clear and which oils are the best for reducing blemishes and scarring from acne.

I have a teeny-tiny little obsession… With oil. That I put on my face.

That’s right, I put oil on my face.

Now there was a time that I would have shuddered at the very idea. I went out of my way to scan every skincare product I purchased for “oil-free” before giving it the green light, thinking that any oil would instantly clog pores upon contact and turn me into one big walking blackhead. And when it came to dealing with breakouts, I saw oil as my ultimate enemy. I mean, I even wiped my face with rubbing alcohol at one point (*cringes*).

Ironically, it was in an act of acne-induced desperation that I finally gave oil a chance, and I’ve never looked back.


Face Oils for Acne and Blemishes | Can applying oil to your face actually help keep skin clear and reduce blemishes? Yes! Face oils are the best kept skincare secret to naturally clear, flawless skin. Let's talk about how face oils help to keep skin clear and which oils are the best for reducing blemishes and scarring from acne.

The fact is: the right oils can work wonders for blemish-prone skin.

Here’s why:

Certain face oils are high in linoleic acid, helping to bring balance back to blemish-prone skin


This one fascinates me the most. Studies have found that the sebum of acne-prone individuals tends to be deficient in a certain type of fatty acid called linoleic acid, and that topical application of linoleic acid can help reduce breakouts.

And guess what? Certain face oils are loaded with linoleic acid!

Antioxidant-rich face oils prevent sebum oxidation, a key player in blemishes and acne

More science!

A number of studies have shown that acne patients experience more oxidative stress than people with clear skin. This oxidative stress causes sebum oxidation or the oxidation of the skin’s own oil. Many researchers believe this sebum oxidation is the trigger that kicks starts acne since oxidized sebum is incredibly comedogenic (pore-clogging) and causes inflammation in the skin.

Topical antioxidants have been found to help prevent sebum oxidation and as a result decrease the frequency and severity of breakouts.

Face oils help to break up the gunk trapped in pores

When it comes down to it, a zit or blackhead is really nothing more than a sticky mess of oil and dead skin cells. And since like-dissolves-like (in other words, oil and water don’t mix but water and water do mix as do oil and oil), applying oil to the skin can actually help to break up this sticky mess and clear it from the pore.

Oils help regulate the skin’s own oil production

Applying oil to the skin can actually “trick” it into producing less sebum (its own oil). Not to mention that often, the skin will produce more sebum to counteract harsh, drying skincare products, and face oils help bring balance by deeply nourishing the skin.

Important note: excess oil production is often a symptom of hormonal imbalance (hello, androgens gone wild!). You can learn more about this and how to balance hormones naturally in my book Glow: The Nutritional Approach to Naturally Gorgeous Skin.

Guess what? I recently started bottling up my best face oil blends just for you! Body Unburdened Beauty Blend No.2 was formulated to gently but effectively transform blemish-prone skin. Click here to learn more!

So which oils help keep skin healthy, clear and as flawless as can be!?

(And NO coconut oil is NOT on the list! It breaks a lot of people out and I do not recommend it for acne-prone skin.)

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil was my first love. When I first started using it, all day I would look forward to bedtime so I could apply it again, knowing that I’d wake up the next morning with clearer skin (it’s a little sad but very true, and if you’ve ever been desperate for clear skin then you feel me).

Jojoba oil is a light oil that is easily absorbed. It mimics the skin’s sebum, tricking it to produce less oil, which is why it’s especially helpful for individuals with oily skin.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin seed oil is 100% hands-down my favorite face oil for all skin-types — which is why it’s in all 3 of my Body Unburdened Beauty Blends! It’s rich in the antioxidant vitamins A and C, as well as zinc. Vitamins A and C help prevent the sebum oxidation behind many outbreaks while zinc helps calm inflamed skin.

Anddddd best of all: pumpkin seed oil is especially helpful for keeping skin clear since it’s very high in linoleic acid (see above!).

Grapeseed Oil

Like pumpkin seed oil, grapeseed oil is incredibly rich in linoleic acid, helping bring balance back to blemish-prone skin. It’s also antioxidant-rich and a very light, easily absorbed oil.

Tamanu Oil

Tamanu oil has been used in traditional medicine for ages, specifically for its ability to speed the healing of wounds by fighting bacteria and increasing cellular regeneration. It also has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic, and antioxidant properties, making it ideal for acne sufferers.

NOTE: Stay away from tamanu oil if you have a nut allergy!

Rosehip Seed Oil

I confess that I decided to try rosehip seed oil after learning that Rose Byrne — a.k.a. hilariously awful and beautiful Helen from Bidesmaid — Kate Middleton, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Miranda Kerr all use this oil. You have to admit, these ladies have lovely skin.

Rosehip seed oil is a dry oil that penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin where it regenerates cells, increasing collagen production. It is rich in vitamin C and the essential fatty acids, all of which are known to help heal scar tissue. It is also high in retinoic acid, which studies show reduces the appearance of wrinkles and brightens skin.

There’s no doubt about the fact that rosehip seed oil is fantastic! (Like pumpkin seed oil, it’s in each of the Body Unburdened Beauty Blends!) But a word or warning: I personally find it too drying to wear alone. Yes, an oil can be drying! And of course drying can mean irritating so be careful. So rosehip oil is best mixed with other more emollient oils.

How to use these oils? Oh, the options are endless!

These face oils can be used on their own or mixed with each other in a blend that best suits your skin needs.

Learn how to make a custom face oil blend and check out these top 10 essential oils for skincare, which make a great addition to your face oil blend.

And if you’re not a big DIYer well I’ve got you covered, my friend! After years and years of readers asking me to do so, I’ve finally bottled up my best face oil blends just for you — the Body Unburdened Beauty Blends!

Are you a natural beauty junkie too? Well you’re in the right place, my friend!

Hang around a bit and check out some of these other goodies I know your sweet little natural-beauty-loving heart will definitely enjoy!

5 Face Oils for Naturally Clear, Flawless Skin | Can applying oil to your face actually help keep skin clear and reduce blemishes? Yes! Face oils are the best kept skincare secret to naturally clear, flawless skin. Let's talk about how face oils help to keep skin clear and which oils are the best for reducing blemishes and scarring from acne.


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  1. Hey, Alissa. Well… good question. Jojoba and hemp are the only ones I use on their own. I cut the tamanu, castor, and rosehip with jojoba since *for my skin* they are each too drying. That being said, your skin may be able to tolerate these oils on their own. In a few days, I am going to do a DIY recipe post for my everyday moisturizer which uses three of these oils and a couple essential oils. But to keep you hanging, the combo I like best is 2/3 jojoba and 1/3 dry oil (rosehip + tamanu). I use this every morning. At night I use just hemp or jojoba, sometimes with a little castor (castor oil is shiny so I only use it at night).

  2. I have the same question as Alissa, do you use them all together in an oil blend? if so what ratio of each do you use?? Thanks!!

  3. I love all this information. After my fourth baby, I developed eczema on my chin. Since then it has become the bane of my existence, and I have found very little that truly helps. So I’m excited to try the oils that specialize in skin renewal and inflammation reduction. ESPECIALLY helpful to me is that you advised you aren’t a fan of coconut oil for facial oil. As I love all things coconut oil, I have been cleansing and moisturizing my face with coconut oil for about the last 2 weeks, and my face has broken out horribly! So, like I said, good information!
    I do want to ask … exactly how do I apply the oil? I like the rose hip, hemp, and tamanu oil attributes, but how do I use them? (Rookie oil user here! Sorry!). Thank you for your super informational blog, and for your lively writing style! I love your enthusiasm!

  4. Hi, Sonya! Thanks for the kind words 🙂 I just apply a little bit as I would a moisturizer after washing in the morning and before bed. Since each of those oils is very dry, you may experience some irritation if you use them on their own (at least I do since they don’t moisturize my skin enough) and you may want to cut them with a heavier oil with jojoba – maybe not, though depending on your skin.

    Best of luck to you! I’d love an update on if any are able to help your eczema.

  5. Some new ones for me to try! I’m a huge fan of pure argan oil for my hair and skin, coconut oil is great too, I put it around my eyes at night and have noticed it is reducing some fine lines and dark circles. I also love tea tree oil for blemishes!

  6. It’s so nice to see others using facial oils. There’s so many people that don’t know that oil removes oil and that they’re great for acneic skin. I’m a huge fan of argan oil. I’ve been using nothing but argan for the last 3.5 years and my skin has never been better. You can also mix different organic essential oils too and make a personalized blend for whatever type of skin issue you may have. Be careful with castor oil though…if you use too much, it will dry out your skin. Great post!!

  7. I love jojoba in my hair and on my body but for some reason, the skin on my face doesn’t approve, so I generally only use it on those areas and sometimes a tiny bit under the eyes. Pretty much the same with coconut oil and castor oil. My hair loves Coconut oil and so does the skin on my body but it breaks out my face if I use it there. Castor oil works wonders on the ends of my hair and on my eyebrows.
    So far, my face seems to like Pumpkin Seed Oil that I mix with a bit of Aloe Vera (I’ve noticed a better moisture balance on my facial skin with it) and I hope to try Rosehip Oil, which I’ve heard good things about. Perhaps in the future, I’ll give Argan Oil a try as I’ve heard great things about it as well.
    The great thing about organic quality carrier oil, is that if it doesn’t agree with the skin on your face, it will work with the skin on your body and/or your hair. I’ve always made great use of my oils.

  8. I use a mixture of rose hip oil, aloe vera gel and argan oil. I have combination skin so it only take a little for me but it’s gentle enough to use around the eyes so I have a one-and-done moisturizer.

  9. Great article! I’m obsessed with oils too (Since I use various oils in my body care line)! My favorite is one which has not yet peaked in popularity…Organic Brazil Nut Oil! Similar to Jojoba, it’s fast-absorbing, full of essential fatty acids, Vitamins A, B, C & E, as well as, selenium. A mineral which is essential for skin health!

  10. I am completely new to this concept. How do you mix and apply it? A dropper? Also, are these safe during pregnancy. I am trying again and with my first my skin was terrible! Face, back, arms! Terrible! And my doctor said I couldn’t use the typical OTC stuff because of the chemicals.

  11. Welcome, Sarah! Well the whole point of my blog is to avoid chemicals… so yes, these are all 100% natural. As far as I know, they are safe for use during pregnancy but if there is one in particular you’d like to try, you may want to research it a little more.

  12. How can I use the oils if I have hormonal acne? What combination would I need for day and night? And can I still use my sunblock face cream with these oils?

  13. All very good info. Nadia you sound just like me getting passionate about something and wanting to tell everyone about it. I do the same thing with natural health when I’m studying then I have to post it to fb. Lol thx for all the research you have done here.

  14. I’m no in my 50’s and am getting “age spots” what would be good for this? My skin is a little dry and what is a carrier oil, or which should be used as a carrier oil?? Thanks.. love the blog!!!

  15. Do any of the above mentioned oils have a scent? I recently purchased carrot seed oil because of all the good things I read about it and I can NOT stand the way that it smells.

  16. LOL – jojoba and rosehip probably have the least. They’re very subtle (plus, I add some EOs so they overpower any scent from the oils).

  17. Any reason coconut oil or almond oil hasn’t been mentioned? Coconut seems to be a light oil and almond a bit heavier. Some times I combine or just use the coconut for day time use. I also love cleansing with them no more unneeded chemicals on my skin. I’m in my late fifties and my dry skin loves these oils. Thanks for the great article I’m definitely going to try rosehip oil.

  18. That’s awesome that they both work so well for you! Coconut oil out is actually highly comedogenic and so makes many people break out. These are just the 5 oils that have helped me. I’m in my 20s so my main priority is clear skin.

  19. If you are using these as part of a daily moisturizing routine, what do you do for sun protection? I love using oil on my face as well, but have always wondered how to go about getting some SPF as well.

  20. In the “top 10 essential oils for skincare” you said on a comment you put 20 drops of a carrier oil with 1 drop of essential oil so for example you could do 20 drops of jojoba with one drop of lavender oil? Also, what is the best oil for hydration?

  21. Sorry so many questions :-/ I’ve already started using these oils and they are AMAZING for my face but my cheeks are still a little dry

  22. No problem! A very small amount of castor oil will give you a lot of hydration but too much will dry your skin (ironically). Are you using jojoba? It’s also great for hydration, whereas rosehip and tamanu are dry oils… On a total side note, maybe they just need a good scrub!

  23. I read this and loved it! Thank you for this awesome blog! My daughter suffers from breakouts on her forehead and I am looking for a natural way to help her deal with them. I also like the idea of the moisturizer for me so I quickly went online and bought the 5 oils. Many of my questions have already been answered by the previous comments, but like Amanda asked above. Do you have any recommendations on sun protection. We live in the “Sun City” so this is a great concern. Thank you so much for any advice you might have.

  24. Hi Nadia, I find your information very very informative.. I have been using coconut oil, but I don’t feel it does enough… my question is, do you apply makeup after the morning routine… that’s IF you use makeup, you have gorgeous skin!

  25. I have been oil cleansing on and off for a year. I started with coconut oil and olive oil first and it worked for a few months but slowly my hormonal acne started to take over and it took over BAD. I then switched to grapeseed oil and caster oil which again worked but my acne didn’t really improve. I took a break, used some not so natural things to clear a mess up and decided to do a little more research on oils that are good for acne prone skin. Minimalist Beauty did a great article on oil acids and what works with what type of skin. One she mentioned wanting to try was the Rosehip Seed Oil, so I went to my local natural food store and picked up a bottle! I LOVE IT. My acne has not returned, my scars are fading. When I cleanse, I rub the oil into my skin (I add lavender and geranium EO) for a minute or so. I then use a microfiber cleansing cloth (made for my face) to remove the oil and gently exfoliate. I then put about 3 drops onto my hands and rub into my skin for moisture. I find that after I remove the oil with the cloth my face feels tight and clean but the additional drops of oil help add moisture back in. I went back to buy more and because Dr. Oz did some show about the oil, it was all gone. I ended up ordering my oil from Mountain Rose Herbs and so far like the quality. I got 8 ounces for a very very good price because it was on sale! Oh I use the oil night and morning (most mornings) and it does not make my makeup fall. I live in Alaska so the fact that my face doesn’t feel dry with it is a plus. I do not use any moisturizer. Instead I use a BB cream as my makeup. Boy, that was a big reply! Sorry…

  26. I am wondering if you mix up a ‘batch’ of oil into a bottle (ie: jojoba, rosehip, tamanu) or if you just apply each oil separately as you go each evening/morning?

  27. I love red raspberry seed oil for my skin which is very acne prone, or at least it used to be before being converted.

  28. I just started looking into essential oils for sun/agespots ( I’m 50) I don’t know what oneof your acronyms is:BB. Also, what would you say is the BEST EO to reduce this spots? They are on my face and hands and arms? I’ve also noticed the beginnings on my chest. I was a sun worshiper as a child and live in high altitude. Thanks!

  29. Rosehip oil and rosehip seed oil are they the same thing? if not whats the difference? I am trying this out but i got rosehip seed oil, ooops. thanks for sharing!

  30. Great information! I haven’t known that hemp seed oil is not comedogenic. As an acne sufferer since my teenage days this is really good to know. Do you maybe have a link or something for a (more or less) complete list of comedogenic grades? Because I used Argan oil a few years ago and I remember it was rather good (didn’t clear my face up though, unfortunately). I’m unsure if I should try it again, maybe in combination with another oil, so knowing its comedogenic grade would be wonderful! 🙂

  31. Another awesome source is Vitacost. I just clicked your link for jojoba oil. It was $11.35 for 4 oz. on amazon. At Vitacost, it was $8.85 for the exact same size/brand, except this was organic. Excited to try it!

  32. This post is awesome! I am trying to go chemical free myself so I was trying to find a natural way to moisturize my face. Will definitely be checking these oils out and finding a combination that works best for me. Thanks!

  33. I do the oil cleansing method, one part castor oil one part almond oil with drops of tea tree oil. Then coconut oil as a moisturizer

  34. I’ve only seen rosehip SEED oil in health food stores. Is this the same thing as rosehip oil and if not, would it be as effective?

  35. also why dont you like the OCM method? so you just apply the oils and mixtures to your face like a moisturizer? so wash face then apply oil?

  36. Same question as Ana (above). Would love to know your recommendation on an oil combination for cystic acne/hormonal acne. PLEASE!!? Thanks so much.

  37. so of these oils can you mix them in a larger amount and not just for a one time use?? and what ones would you say would be best for day time use, mixed together? also can you add some E/O’s to them or is that unnecessary?? thanks

  38. I apologize if it was listed in the comments and I missed it, but you mentioned that you don’t like the OCM. What do you use to wash your face? Morning and Night? I have cystic acne and a blackhead issue which I have had for over 20 years. I am 38 now and still have issues. I use the OCM at night usually and it has worked okay, but not great on my acne. It is great at getting makeup off though! I purchased all of the above oils and have been trying them out. I haven’t found the right combination yet, but loving the oils! Thank you for your blog and for sharing your knowledge with us!

  39. I absolutely love the honey cleansing method. It has helped my face clear up tremendously and my skin has never felt better. I use ACV as a toner. Thank you for all of this information, Nadia.

  40. I love this list! I recently began using sea buckthorn berry oil for my face with great results. it is not drying like so of the other oils, thus a little goes a long way, but it is really neat oil for my skin.

  41. Well, I just started using pure aloe (I extract it from the plant) mixed with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil…my skin feels soft and it’s not sticky or greasy once it dries. I am thinking about using Marula oil, what do you think of it? maybe I can mix the Aloe with it instead of the EVOO. BTW, my skin is pretty damaged from adult acne (in terms of redness and a few bumps and big pores).

  42. What would you recommend for adult acne skin? I Have very dry skin all over (currently I have two major dry patches on my cheek and forehead that will just not go away!), but I also have acne on my chin. Any recommendations?

  43. Hi! I am definitely going to have to try one, or a few of these!! The only thing that’s consistently worked for my face for the past 10 years is Proactive (and I know it doesn’t work for a lot of people). It’s never given me “perfect” skin, though, just kept most breakouts away, giving me less zits but definitely not zero zits. =I
    Anyway, my real question is what do you WASH your face with?!?
    Someone once told me to try baking soda, which I did, and then it was too harsh so I used coconut oil to try to balance it, which I am SO glad I now understand that it’s not that my face sucks, but it is actually a clogging oil. Thank you!! I would love to know what you wash with, if it’s just water, or…. ?

  44. I was wondering what you would recommend for breakouts in the bikini area after shaving. I’m a little hesitant to use the tea tree oil in such a sensitive area. I have tried coconut oil with Lavender eo but the acne isn’t going away and I wasn’t sure if it was the coconut oil that was causing a worse breakout and if I should try a different carrier oil.

  45. Coconut oil clogs pores so that may be your issue. I would think lavender would be best, maybe in argan or jojoba oil. if you find something that works, please come back and share with us!

  46. Can I just add an AMEN to the proponents of using facial oils EVEN IF you have oily, acne-prone skin!! Getting to this point took years of convincing…but only 1 weeks of trying! A scary concept to wrap my head around after 50 YEARS (literally!) of avoiding anything that had even the tiniest amount of oil. After too many chemicals, acne medicines, AHAs and BHAs, microderm products and treatments at my dermatologist’s office, my skin went into full rejection mode…red, itchy welts with everything! In desperation, I decided to try the OCM. And I’m now a total convert…facial oils for cleansing as well as my daytime and nighttime facial moisturizer . I would say to read as much as you can about appropriate facial (essential) oils for your skin type and concerns…then start. Create your own “oil concoction” for your skin type. Write down the amounts of each that you use so you can recreate the mix…or add/increase/decrease to modify for your skin. BTW, based on how much better my skin looks, my Mom asked me to make her a bottle (her skin is very dry and sensitive after 4 years of chemo) so the mix I made for her is much different than the oils I use for my mix. Good luck to you!!

  47. Hi Nadia! I’ve been using jojoba oil every night for some time now and love it. With the winter season approaching my skin gets really dry. What oil would you recommend? Thanks!

  48. Awesome! I like to layer raw shea butter on top of the jojoba – it’s noncomedogenic and loaded with skin-loving vitamins. Also some light exfoliation works wonders!!

  49. Definitely! Oils are a great, all natural moisturizer. And it’s especially important to protect small children from nasty chemicals in personal care products. Coconut oil and jojoba oil both make great skin oils.

  50. Hello! New oil user here. I have recently purchased rose hip, jojoba and pumpkin seed oil. I’m planning on using all three during the day time and maybe just the jojoba at night. I have normal/combination skin and live in San Diego with hard water and no humidity. I have a soft water shower filter on my shower head to help combat the hard water. My questions are: Does this sound like a good combination of oils for me? What are the ratios you recommend? Can I use these in addition to OTC eye creams and moisturizers? Do I apply the oils first, and then my OTC products? Finally, I have read in some places that people see positive results in the beginning but then after a month or so they begin to notice the reverse effects of more dull skin and breakouts because of the oil cleansing method. Is there a trick to avoid this or such a thing as over-using? Thank you so much! I’m excited to try this new regimen out.

  51. I have thought of 2 more questions as well. Do you have a step by step application guide (day and night) already typed in a blog? Or can you provide me with a brief rundown? Also, I am curious as to why you don’t like the OCM method. I thought about only doing it 2x/week. Thanks again and I look forward to your responses 🙂

  52. A comment about “step by step application” for the OCM. I created a mix for my skin type which is oily, acne-prone…but is also prone to surface dehydration right now (November, dry air, 30 degrees in Chicago). In a 2-oz. brown bottle with dropper, I filled 1/3 bottle with argan oil, 1/3 bottle with castor oil and 1/4 bottle with jojoba oil (as my carrier oils). I then added 20 drops tamanu oil, 15 drops turmeric oil, 10 drops of red raspberry seed oil, 5 drops thyme oil and 3 drops rosemary oil. Every night when I am ready to wash my face, I first wipe off as much makeup as possible with witch hazel on cotton pads. While letting faucet water get hot, I shake up my bottle of oil VERY well (30 seconds or so), get my face wet, apply 2-3 droppers full of the oil mix into my palm and massage onto my face for a minute or more. Then I soak / ring out a clean washcloth in the hot water and hold on my “oily” face for 15-20 seconds. Wipe my face, then rinse out the washcloth and repeat 2 more times. After the third wipe, face is damp. And I will then spray my face with my toner and massage in a couple of drops of tamanu and turmeric oils. In the morning in the shower, I just splash water on my face…no need to rewash. It is a trial and error process in terms of the oil mix you create for yourself. Research what oils (both carrier and essential) are appropriate for your skin type, then play mad-scientist in your bathroom to get your perfect mix. BTW, I suggest getting 100% organic oils. And maybe mix a very small batch (rather than a full 2-oz. bottle) incase you need to tinker with your ratios. Write it down so you know what to modify the next time.

  53. I’ve been using just argan oil for several months after using Acure brand moisturizers…the simple argan oil has been better! I have had hormonal acne (mostly chin line where the lymph nodes are) but this has really been a lot better since i quit using “organic” moisturizers. I have hemp seed oil in the fridge and am going to try that out. Thanks for the suggestion! I love your site Nadia 🙂

  54. Thank you very much for your sharing of oil and how to use it in skin care routine. I have oilly, not smooth skin, large pore. I want to use oil to moisturize my skin, make it less oily as much as possible, clear, flawless, anti acnes and anti aging. So would you please recommend me a recipe to mix some oil together (carrier oil and EOs) to get the best results. Thank you in advance!

  55. Thank you for this post. I have been using your blend in place of my regular moisturizer for about a week now and have started to see great results. Unfortunately, my skin has become much drier since I started using it. Will I still see the benefits of this oil blend if I apply it over my regular moisturizer?

  56. Yay I am so happy to hear that! I would put it under your moisturizer… I do that in the winter – I’ll apply the blend and then layer some raw shea butter on top on any dry areas (shea butter is non-comedogenic and soooooo moisturizing).

  57. i am 19 years old and i have acne and hormonal problem skin usually just around my chin/mouth area. i have been to dermatologists and tried many natural remedies but nothing seems to clear up those little suckers! after usuing oils to wash your face do you also recommend using a moisturizer after? also which oils would you suggest for my young age? thank you hoping this works!

  58. Since you use these oils as moisturizers then what do you use or recommend as a cleanser for washing your face? I’m trying to start using a more natural skin care routine rather than the chemical products that I’ve been using over the years to treat my acne prone skin.

  59. Hi Nadia,

    i just want to make sure that I am using these oils correctly because I don’t want my face to break out anymore. I bought Jojoba oil, Castrol Oil, Tamaru Oil, and Rosehip oil. Is it okay if I apply all of these after I was my face at night or is that going to be too much?? I am new to using oils on my face, I tried coconut oil before but didn’t like how it made my face feel greasy!

  60. I have been using rose hip oil for the last almost three weeks and my skin is really breaking ou with cyst like pimples what might be the problem. Do I need to mix it with essential oil. The break out is on my forehead and jaws

  61. Well it is a dry oil, so it can be drying you too much and irritating your skin. I’d dilute it with another oil like jojoba. As I mention in the post, this is what I do. I never use it alone.

  62. Loved the information! Was glad to see Tamanu Oil mentioned, has done wonders for me. Might want to also look into these natural oils also, they are most commonly used in High end Anti-aging products: Moringa Oil, Monoi Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Argan Oil and Black Cumin Seed Oil all of which work wonders. Natural oils are great cause they do not cause oily skin or clog pores, using natural plant oils as a carrier and blending them with therapeutic grade essential oils create the best skin moisturizers.

  63. Love this blog! Also a Huge fan of oils and natural remedies! Do you use coconut oil for “pulling”? Purified water is also very important to help rid your bodies of toxins and to stay hydrated (reducing dry skin)

  64. Great post! Thanks a lot for sharing this. Do you have any suggestions for moisturizer, it seems as if the hemp seed oil would be a good cleanser for me to use, but not enough moisture. Any feedback would be appreciated. 😉

  65. Nadia- Loved the article am just learning about oils and it was a big help. I am 58 have spent a lot of time outdoors and a a reddened or ruddy complexion. The wrinkles are really multiplying I was wondering if you could recommend oils for aging wrinkled skin or a combination I could make that would help lessen the appearance of the wrinkles. Thank you for your time.

  66. Hi I’m louise. I’m in my late 20’s and my break outs are now out of control it’s just black head after another with also hard lumps which are living scars on my face now. I’ve never really liked the thought of using oil on my face as I have really oily skin and it’s really hard to control really could do with some help of which is the best to try and where to get it from. HELP!!!

  67. Just discovered your blog and immediately tried the baking soda, lemon juice and tea tree oil exfoliator…felt great! I’m very new to all of this and just bought my first few essential oils, etc. Can you give some indication of what would be the best way to start and which of your DIY combos to start with? I wouldn’t want to start with all of them and then not know what’s working best for me… any advice would be most appreciated! Thanks

  68. You said you use Tea Tree for spot treatment? some people say not to use straight essential oils on your face cause it can cause sensitivity to those oils? have you ever heard this? I just ordered everything in this article cause Im 28 and sick of breaking out. Thanks for all the info

  69. Tea tree can actually be used neat (undiluted) on the skin – it’s one of the few EOs that can!

    Best of luck to you!! Fingers crossed X

  70. Life changing information, thank you! I too am addicted. Brand new with EOs and oils in general and I’m jumping in head first learning as much as possible!

  71. Okay, help? Based on the high linoleic % (super for oily/acne-prone skin) in Prickly Pear Seed Oil (aka Barbary Fig Seed Oil) I am most interested in trying it. But prices are all over the map! I have seen 1 oz. bottles for $29…up to $99…and all specify “organic”. Everyone says that “cheap prickly pear oil” is actually not cold-pressed from the seeds but rather heated seeds and macerated pulp and flowers version. But in reading the production method for each of these various products, all descriptions say “cold-pressed from seeds”. Is it appropriate to assume a 1 oz. bottle @ $29 is low-quality? Or does the $99 bottle just have a bigger company name behind it…the Crème De La Mer of Prickly Pear seed oils??

  72. I started using jojoba oil when I realized my regular moisturizer was giving me clogged pore bumps under the skin. Once I got ride of the existing ones, I’ve noticed FAR less (like 1 vs about 8 when I finally “woke up”). I put it on after I cleanse, leave it on for a bit and then splash a bit of water on and dry lightly if it feels like too much. I love this oil!

  73. HI! I came across your blog and appreciate you posting on the oils. I am slowly making the switch to oils and want to know if you ever made your DIY recipe post for my everyday moisturizer? I would love to know what you did. Thank you!

  74. Hi Nadia!…thanks so much for your insights & wisdom!…do you think its ok to combine jojoba oil, rosehip oil, and aloe vera gel together to make a moisturizer?

  75. Hmm I don’t know what the consistency would be like but if you try it, please let us know how it works out!

  76. So I have been doing your oils for almost a month and I feel like my pimples have decreased so much although it is a bit drying maybe I’m using it to much? I was using you clarifying and toning face wash at morning and night and doing the blend that you make also morning and night! Is this too much? When you get up in the morning do you wash then do the blend or only wash at night ? And I have used some raw Shea butter but it still seems like I have a lot of dry patches. My pimples have defiantly decreased though 🙂

  77. YAYYYYY!! That makes me so happy 🙂

    Most often I just splash some warm water on my face in the morning before applying the oil, or layer more oil on my dry skin (don’t touch it at all) – especially with this drying winter air! Maybe that will do the trick for you? Also a little exfoliation may help if your skin has cleared a but and you don’t think it will irritate it.

  78. I’ve been using only coconut oil to wash my face for a month now. Seems to even out my skin and reduce blackheads but I still have some breakouts. I think I may combine it with rosehip. I’m not sure if I’m using enough or too little though I just put it on my face enough to fill in every spot and then pat it with warm water. On a random note I have also been consuming coconut oil by cooking with it. It’s suppose to be super healthy for you! I am also 25 with combination skin if that helps anyone.

  79. Yes, coconut oil is one of the best oils to cook with! Some people even it it by the spoon full for its benefits 🙂

  80. I tried it with coffee but it was kind of gross ha but it tastes really good with bagels and a little bit of blueberry cream cheese! I eat like a spoon or two a day. Oh and I bought grape seed oil and tea tree oil today. Do you think a mixture of grape seed oil and coconut oil would be good or coconut oil and tea tree oil? Also if I just use tea tree oil as a spot treatment do I need to dilute it or anything? Thanks!

  81. I use castor oil on my eyebrows and eyelashes every night since Monday. I had no clue what castor oil really is and don’t know if I got an okay one. The one that I bought is ingested for stomach problems soo I hope it’s okay to put on my brows and lashes! Sorry for all of the questions!

  82. Where would I buy liquid castile soap I can’t find it anywhere. I have very acne prone skin and have tried everything what do you suggest

  83. I’m trying the jojoba and tamanu together since my acne is horrible. I”m 37 and I have scaring and blemish marks. I bought all the products to make one of the other oil combos but I’m going to see how this works tonight. I’m also going to buy some rosehip as well. I guess I can put the castor oil to use now. I would love for something to work for me. I’ve been traveling this serve acne road since 1999 after I had my daughter. My face has never been the same. I was on accutane back in 2001 for a year which actually caused my face to get worse .. hence cystic acne. I’ve been fighting ever since. I had dermabrasion and that didn’t go well because now my face has light and dark spots. Oh and lets not forget they doctors forgot to put me on after care products..which I found out cause cancer. So glad I stop using that product. I’m sure over the years I’ve spent over $5,000 dollars in facial products because a prescription ones weren’t working.
    I’m hoping that finding this site and DIY regimen will work for me. Oh yeah and I also bought the Aztec Clay mask. Praying for a miracle.

  84. Hi! I’ve been trying to find a good combo to help my son with his acne. He wrestles 13-04am hours a day, showers twice a day and is dealing with hormones. He has sensitive but oily skin. He has tried a mix of lavender & Melaleuca but it’s still not helping. I think the carrier oils may be essential. The Melaleuca is very drying. Which combo of oils would you recommend?

  85. Also I usually have a couple small white heads in the morning is this normal for you? What should I do about those ? And do you put the rose hip on every night or mostly just jojoba ?

  86. Have you considered having your hormones tested? I only ask since you mention it started after having your daughter – perhaps that triggered something. You may want to talk to your doctor and see what tests they recommend. Healthy skin comes as much from the inside as it does from the outside (probably more).

  87. No, but everyone’s skin is different.

    I either use just jojoba or a blend of 3/4 jojoba and 1/4 rosehip (or tamanu) with certain essential oils. This is sometimes too drying for me to I’ll switch back to just jojoba for a few days – it’s clearly my favorite and works really well with my skin.

  88. I have been using hemp oil for a while, but here I have to add that I stopped using any face wash whatsoever, I just wash my face with pure water. This is because I´ve developed rosacea in the last year or so, and nothing has been kind to my skin since.. Hemp oil is very dry, it leaves my skin dry the next day of use, but I still use it because of it´s antif.effect. It´s been maybe a month now that I´ve been using plain sunflower oil (native&organic though) and it´s great! It has kind of a cleaning effect on my skin, I use it every day around 6pm, leave it be, than wash my face (just water) in the morning, and it leaves my skin looking amazing the whole day. I can´t say just yet does it or does it not help with rosacea, I´m gonna have to get back to you on that one, but I was just wondering if any of you guys here have tried sunflower oil and what are your experiences and thoughts.

  89. Have you heard of Marula oil? I just ordered some through Sephora after hearing great things about it. I’m new to essential oils and have been cleansing my face each night, and some mornings, with coconut oil, and have noticed more breakouts. I read in the comments, a few other people have had the same issue with coconut oil. Now I’m back to square 1 trying to figure out a good cleanser. I have one from Pacifica called, Sea Foam complete face wash, but I don’t know if it’s a good one to take off all my makeup with. I have a mixture of castor and jojoba oil, so maybe I’ll try cleansing with the Pacifica one first, and then cleansing with the oil mixture? I guess I’ll just have to try it and see. I am desperate at this point. I NEED something to clear up my face. I have also started taking a supplement called, Estro Block, twice a day. Have only been using it for about a week now. I think it takes a month or so to start noticing a difference in your skin. It’s supposed to help balance out hormones. Based on where my acne is on my face, I’m thinking it’s hormonal. I want to only try natural things to help balance things out, if that’s the issue. Sorry for rambling, I just think you, and probably everyone else that has posted something knows what I’m going through, and how shitty breakouts make someone feel.

  90. Great post thanks Nadia. I use a great skincare regime (a rosacea sufferer for a long time) but it is very expensive. However the naturopath suggested I clean my skin nightly with organic olive oil. I haven’t had a breakout of rosacea for over 12 months!! So my combination of cleansing nightly with olive oil and the natural New Zealand seaweed skincare range seems to suit my mature skin. I am going away soon and I looked on this post to see if there was a more suitable oil in a smaller bottle than the olive oil, so I have been very interested. I have used jojoba in the past but it didn’t seem to help my rosacea, whereas the olive oil in combination with my other is fine, but is quiet costly. Well done girls to go the natural oil route. Not sure of the comedognic rating for organic olive oil, but it certainly suits my very sensitive rosacea tortured skin.

  91. I am curious to how much oil to apply to my face, as well as do I apply all of this oil at one time or at different times of the day? Should I use one drop of each oil on my face?

  92. Hi! So excited to start a routine!

    I bought the jojoba and rosehip oil and plan on trying the 75/25 ratio. I have lavender and geranium EO but I was wondering, do you make the mix beforehand and then she it or do you mix it before each use?

  93. Hi Nadia – Thank you so much for all your info. I just read your article and I am so excited to stop using the stuff from the dermatologist for my acne and go the natural route. I just ordered everything you recommended and said you use. I’m a little overwhelmed as this is new to me. Could you tell me which oils you use in the am and which you use in the pm, and which you cut or use on their own? I appreciate it!! I also ordered a few 2oz glass bottles with droppers like you said!!! So excited and very hopeful!!! Thank you!

  94. Nice! Let us know how you like it.

    Yes, I make a couple ounces of it at a time and keep it in a brown or blue glass dropper bottle (clear glass will cause the oils to go rancid more easily).

  95. Once you have an oil of choice or make your own oil blend, you can use it just as you would a face moisturizer – so likely day and night. I use about 5-7 drops over my entire face, sometimes more if my skin is dry. It all depends on you and your skin needs.

  96. I know 2 females with super sensitive skin just about everything on the market breaks them out even proactive. Any suggestions on carrier and EO to help with scares and future break outs for 15 year old. Sagging wrinkles for 63 year old.

  97. Below is an informative article about purchasing essential oils. It appears that most of them are expensive if you want to use an effective one. Nadia, thanks for all the advise.

  98. i’m new to all of this and was wondering what can I use for dry, flaky skin on my face? What oils do i use/mix? i’m confused..

  99. Hi, I want to make your face oil. I understand that I have to use 3/4 of jojoba oil and a 1/4 of tamanu. Could this 1/4 : be half Tamanu and half rosehip?
    and for the 9 drops of frankincense plus 9 drops of lavender could I add 9 drops of geranium too?
    Thank you very much for all the info and your time!

  100. Hey, Pilar! Yep – the ENTIRE recipe can be customized – this is just the blend I use.

    As for EOs, I do recommend a 3-5% dilution. So if you want to do lavender, frank, AND geranium equally (nice trio, BTW!) and keep the carrier oil at 2 oz, you’d want to still have 18 drops of EO total – so 6 drops of each. Does that make sense?

    Some people do less of a dilution, but EOs are so strong and can irritate the skin if not diluted properly – it’s dependent on YOUR skin. I play it save and do 3%.

  101. Nadia, THANK YOU SO MUCH! It’s very clear now! I am doing your wash, your exfoliant, your honey mask and your oil mix this weekend! From what I read (been reding you for the last two days obsessively) my skin has the same problems that you had when you started. And I did tried for the last two days jojoba oil on my face (would have never ever put any kind of oil on my face before) and I see a diffenrence already! Unbelievable! Even my husband noticed

  102. AWESOME NEWS!!! Let us know how the other recipes work out for you 🙂 Remember: everything can be tailored for YOUR skin needs. So for example, if the lemon in the exfoliant is too harsh for you, you can just use water instead. Have fun!!

  103. Thanks so much for the great article! I have recently started experimenting with oils as a facial moisturizer, starting with ones I have in my house. Quick question though…is there a certain amount of time that is recommended to try out a new oil? I have been using Sweet Almond oil for about a week now and while I haven’t necessarily had any problems with it, I’m not sure that it’s really doing much for my skin as far as moisturizing goes. But I wonder if I should just give it more time. Also, what are your thoughts on olive oil and grapeseed oil for the face? It’s fun feeling like a mad scientist experimenting with homemade all natural recipes! Thanks again!

  104. Hi, thanks for a great article. I´ve read somewhere that the castor oil, as it helps the hair(s) growth, it can help the facial hairs to grow and get darker.. As I´m naturally hairy as a monkey, I´m a bit afraid of this 😀 Do you have any experience with that? Thanks. Lenka

  105. Hey there, thanks for the fantastic article <3. I have been using Tamanu oil for maybe two years. But idk it makes my skin so so oily. I've recently stopped because doctor has prescribed a topical cream for cystic acne and I'm not sure if I should keep using Tamanu oil. Like should I put it on before the topical cream or after? Also currently trying lemon juice on acne spots, it does work a bit. But then those spots are dry….but I'm a bit scared to use Tamanu on it.

  106. LOL I have also heard that! I have not had experience with this but I heavily dilute castor oil when I use it since like mentioned in the post it can actually DRY your skin out. With so many other great options though, if you’re concerned, you can simply use something else that I’m sure will work great with your skin.

  107. Hi there! Thank you for the great information on carrier oils. I used to use just coconut oil on my face then switched to grapeseed for the winter and at first, both of these oils seem to do wonders for my skin and helped reduce breakouts but thats no longer the case. I was thinking about mixing some essential oils with the greased oil (such as tea tree) and I’ve been trying that for some weeks now but it doesn’t seem to be helping with the breakouts. I didn’t know there was a ratio of carrier oils to essential oils so I’ll experiment with that.

    My questions are the following: If i have multiple conditions and results i want to achieve (eliminate breakouts, reduce the size of my pores, moisturize, eliminate acne scars, even out skin tone etc…) would i just mix equal parts of the essential oil into a carrier oil? so lets say i mix 1 drop of rose hip with 1 drop of hemp seed, 1 drop of lavender, 1 of frankincense (4 drops of EO total ) with 80 drops of a carrier oil? Will any oils cancel each other out when mixed? I’ve been struggling with gross skin all my life and i’d love to find a natural solution if possible 😀

  108. This thread rocks!! I have to figure out my skin type, I’ve always had good skin and never wear a lot o makeup. BUT nt being in turn with “the ways of the woman” I have tiny pores and my skin feels suffocated a lot so I had never worn moisturizer, nor really exfoliated or get facials. But I’ve done a lot of damage to myself as a drug addict and years of depression and suicide attempts and not caring about things that will effect me when I was older because I didn’t think I’d make it to older. (sorry for TMI, just trying to present where I’m at or best results possible) Trying to make up for lost time (I’m 40 now), my skin is starting to show the wear and tear of that damage. So the oils excite me in terms of being light, thank you soooo much or all this detailed info, Nadia. So I have to go get a facial to figure out my skin type (so sad I dont really know this by now) but my main question is: what are some things you suggest for taking off eye makeup? Thanks, I sincerely appreciate it!!

  109. Hmm I do not believe any oils “cancel each other out” – at least not that I know of. Rose hip seed oil and hemp seed oil ARE carrier oils, so you’d dilute the EOs in those.

  110. Hi Nadia! Great post. Wondering if you have thoughts on Emu oil? I’ve been using it for a few years now and really love it. I found your post in wanting to add some scent to it. Also, great tip about clear vs. blue/brown dropper bottles. I didn’t know that! Thanks so much!

  111. Hi just wondering if hemp oil that u talk about is the same oil u buy in the refrigeration section at the health food store. The type u take with a spoon

  112. Just been reading through some of your posting – all sounds very intresting but really unsure where to start ..
    I’m 57 year old lady and have been blessed with great skin never problemed..!
    But now lookIng what’s best – to hold back theses winkles now starting to forming around eye and my mouth ..
    So looking for the Very best oils I should be using to counteract the ageing signs ..??

  113. Hi, i am looking to use the Oil method for removing makeup. has anyone found which one or combination works best and can you use it for eye makeup too?

  114. This really depends on your skin’s individual needs! Coconut or jojoba are great for removing makeup – just try not to get them in your eyes and definitely do not add EOs to them for this purpose.

  115. Just started using coconut oil for hair, skin, oil pulling and ingesting couple of weeks ago and I love it so far. I just picked up a bottle of castor oil yesterday and was going to use it on my hair and eyelashes. I have fine thinning hair and I am hoping this will help. Do you recommend any other oils to mix together for hair health and growth? Also, my 16 yo son has started using coconut oil for his acne and it does seem to be helping but it needs a boost. What oil would you recommend for his acne?

  116. This info is for the person who wanted a recipe for her mature mom with dry skin. I’m 67 and I mix the following oils for dry skin: In a glass brown dropper bottle I fill 1/2 of the bottle with avocado oil, I divide equally the remaining space in the bottle with macademia, squalene (derived from olive oil) sea buckthorn, jojoba and rosehip oils, which makes them about 10 percent each. I’ m considering adding black seed cumin oil to my next mix, in which case, I’d reduce the percentage of avocado oil. My skin has great tone, elasticity, no wrinkles, radiance and reduced brown spots. I am sure it is all Tks to the oils as I don’t use anything else. I also use this mix on my neck, lips and around the eyes. I do not add EOs since my skin is very sensitive. I Apply 3-4 drops over my wet skin after I have sprayed it with a rose water toner. I also make a similar mix with EOs to apply to my hands– no more brown spots. Hope this info helps!

  117. Oh and do you use seabuckthorn seed or berry oil? I’ve been loving the seed oil! In fact, I’ve been planning to update this post with 3 more oils, including seabuckthorn seed.

  118. One comment to Lidia: there are wonderful benefits to black cumin seed oil…but beware that it often (even organic) smells like motor oil! And if you are wanting to add another oil that has a high concentration of oleic acid (great for drier skin), consider marula oil, baobab oil, kukui nut oil or camellia seed oil.

  119. Hi Nadia–I just came across your blog while researching jojoba oil for acne. I am almost 30 years old and with the acne on my chin, you would think I was going through puberty! I am kind of at my wits end, feeling very frustrated and embarrassed. I have been doing some research regarding OCM and am interested in giving it a try. From what I have read, it sounds like jojoba oil, tea tree oil, and lavender are the most effective oils for acne. Do you recommend starting with one oil, or starting with some kind of mixture? Thanks in advance for your help!

  120. Hi, Molly! Well lavender and tea tree are essential oils whereas jojoba’s a carrier oil. You could start with just jojoba and see how that works, or go for it and use all three! You’ll want to dilute the lavender and tea tree though (technically you can use them neat, but they could irritate your skin).

  121. Have you ever used Moringa masks ? I’m an Esthetician and recently started using and selling it ! Love it !

  122. Nadia,
    I often use jojoba oil as a carrier oil for essential oils like sage, lavender, and oregano for various skin reasons. I want to try using castor oil and rosehip oil with some of my other oils but haven’t found a good way/container to mix small daily amounts of oil in the morning and evenings. Do you do your mixing in brown glass dropper bottles? Do you make a certain amount and keep on hand or do you mix the oils each time you use them?

  123. Hey Nadia, I recently started using a mix of chia seed oil, grape seed oil, and rose hip oil for my face. I used equal amount of all three. Does the ratio really make a difference? Also is it ok to mix multiple carrier oils, or would that make them too heavy? Coconut and EVOO were too heavy for my face and broke me out also, but they’re great on my body and hair.

  124. I’m so surprised no one has mentioned sesame oil. Sesame oil is used in Ayurveda as the main oil for Abhyanga massage, and is readily absorbed by the body. It is a warming oil and is very good in the winter time, though it can be used year round. Use raw organic and not the toasted stuff that’s sold in the supermarket. There is a saying in Ayurveda; ‘Oil is for the body what love is for the mind’. Make of that what you will.

  125. Hi Nadia, I am new to the site and starting with the oils, i have read all the blogs and ready to get going

    with all organic. Wanted to ask if they are all 100% organic before I buy 7 of them. I happened with luck to

    stumble on to this site looking into mineral oil as my sister always used it. I have used for 2 days to take

    off makeup as everything was making around my eyes red after a while of using, except almay. But my

    dry skin loves oil, but quickly learned is was not going to be the mineral oil. I do not have acne or ever had.

    But my dry skin can trun into inflamed skin and had to see the Dermatologist. The script help clear that up.

    I’ll take all the advice here from all of you and get a good cleaning system and moisturizing

    system going. I like the idea that there are 2 that do not clog pores and the jojoba seams a good start to remove makeup.

    Getting the 5 oils + a few others. Thanks to you for all the advide and realize this could trun into my last

    skin regiment here.

  126. Hi, Sharon! So glad to have you as a new reader and hope the oils will work their magic for you, too 🙂

    I believe all of the oils I linked to are organic – it should specify in the product description.

  127. Hi Nadia

    I have an hormonal/adult acne, I have recently started using gerenium oil -neat on my face, I have noted that it reduces the inflammation however it gives me a burning sensation and dries out my face. I feel like I’m doing something wrong. Can you ease recommend the oils that I can use the geranium oil with to keep my skin moisturized, acne free, glowing and even toned?

  128. Hi Nadia…am new in this blog…n very much curious to know about the oils as I have sensitive skin which turns red right after face wash…can u please suggest good or I say best effective breakout free oil for my sensitive skin????

  129. You’d probably want to stay away from the dryer oils. Jojoba is always the one I suggest starting with and then go from there!

  130. Last Summer I had a HEAT RASH on my whole neck, upper chest, some on arms and my face first time in my life. I contacted Allergy doctor and referred me to dermatology with one month appointment later. I was told to put some RX but must avoid the sun. He did not help at all. I was about going way on vacation the next day. I decided not to take RX. I went to the salty beach. In 2010, I had very severe poison ivy, poison oak and sumac together. I become so sick and painful. I had a large orange size blister on my left ankle and many small, medium blister spread all over my body…..I put green clay but burn on my skin around blisters. Do you have any way for me to put on my body or face to avoid Heat rush? posion sumac/oak/ivy? Is any way carrier oil or oils would help me to avoid?

    I put coconut oil on my face. I learned today that TYPE 0 is not good for coconut oil. I am still using coconut oil. I am trying to alternative with your oils. ARGAN?

    Where do you buy jojoba? I am trying to find a good one organic, no GMO, no chemicals specific product if possible. Could you please point it out several which products of carrier oil and essential oils would be good (NO GMO, Organic, USDA, things like that).

    I brought 100 perents pure essential oils. I think it may be not a real oranigc USA no gmo? I also always put tea tree oil on my body when mitisquotes or bugs bite me. I put Lavender on my nose for me to go to sleep. Is it not supposed direct to skin? But I did. Must mixed with what? to avoid direct to skin? Is it harm? I am trying to make myself with a bottle, etc but never did.( I brought two blue empty small bottles) I am so nervous about making mixed like water with essential oil to spray out the room , healthy cleaning homemake products. I have trouble with that. SO, I am trying to go ahead to buy Jojoba. I am still learning and understand.Thank you so much fo caring and loving about health , non toxics.

  131. Hello! First of all, I just want to say thank you, because I started washing my face with Jojoba oil and Rosehip oil a few months ago because of you, and I have genuinely never had clearer skin. And I have tried a million different pore cleansing, red spot removing, yada-yada-yada face washes (some of which even claimed to be made with all natural ingredients) but still, NOTHING worked until I started washing my face with your method. So honestly, thank you. My actual question is, though, is it okay if I use Neutrogena Light Weight Sunscreen on my face during the day? I wash my face with the oil at night, and usually in the morning as well, but I am just afraid that the sunscreen will clog my pores.
    And if you have any suggestions as to other sunscreens, I would love to hear them! Again, thank you so much for your help.


  132. Eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea are usually caused by mercury and/or copper toxicity. The gal who said she started getting eczema after her 4th pregnancy sounds like she is dealing with copper overload, since estrogen raises copper. Check out the Andy Cutler protocol for heavy metals.

    I’ve been using olive oil for OCM but recently bought some organic sunflower oil, since I read it also has a comedogenic rating of 0. I love the idea of adding tea tree oil! I’m definitely going to pick up some rose hip oil!

  133. YAY! That makes me so happy 🙂

    Wellll it’s not something I would recommend anyone because it probably contains some pretty unhealthy ingredients (try looking it up in EWG’s Skin Deep database), but if it’s noncomedogenic it will likely say on the product. I personally love Juice Beauty’s face lotions with SPF http://bit.ly/1zYqGqm. I’ve been using their CC cream with SPF 30 for about the past month or so and think I’m hooked for life (it has VERY sheer coverage and makes my skin glow). They all have 0 or 1 Skin Deep ranking.

  134. I had a horrible acne flare up on my back about a month ago and I had always stayed away from oils because of my combination/oily skin. My friend recommended I used avocado oil (extra virgin from a brand called Lovacado) and the flare up improved dramatically. I was afraid to use avocado oil on my face, but when I saw the results on my back I took a chance. My acne has improved and I gave up my night cream and now I only use the avocado oil at night, it really has improved my skin and my acne is a thing of the past. Even my brown scars have improved in colour, and it’s only been 3 weeks. I’m still nervous to use in the daytime, especially to add makeup…I feel like I’m going to clog my pores. Have you used extra virgin avocado oil?

  135. Hi. Im obsessed with face oils as well!! I wish I knew about face oils sooner, no store bought cream can do what an organic, quality oil can. I was surprised not to see Argan oil on your list, it’s fantastic!! as long as you get an organic, cold pressed, pure argan oil- the results are beyond my wildest dreams. I have mild dermatitis (due to birth control pills) and the argan oil makes it disapear because thats how soothing it is! I highly recommend it. Next im going to incorporate Barabary fig seed oil, I hear that one is amazing as well.

  136. You’re amazing!! I’ve only just discovered the pure beauty of coconut oil and thanks to you, will stop using it as a face moisturiser as I get oily, dry, acne prone, and I also have huge pores – the worst.
    I think I’ll be running to holland and barret after work and getting myself some jojoba oil! Does it need to be mixed with anything to be used as a daily face moisturiser?
    Again thankyou for all your help!

  137. Yay I’m so glad this has been helpful to you!! Nope, it doesn’t need to be mixed – that’s just an option you have if you want it. Even with all my blends of different oils and EOs, I still sometimes just apply jojoba straight (like if I’m having any sort of irritation). Let us know how it works for you!

  138. Oh my gosh you speak my lingo! I have dealt with rosacea/dry/flaky/sensitive skin my whole life and EOs completely changed my life! (and that was even before I knew about which carriers are best suited for my skin type!)

    Keep up the awesome work! Loving it!

  139. Hi,

    I wanted to mix my own oil for oily skin, can I mix jojoba with tamanu and roes and lemongrass?

  140. How do you apply the use? I can see that you mention diluting the oil with a carrier oil in your article on “top 10 essential oils for skincare”. How do you do this?

  141. This blog is great. Thanks for the detailed overview. I have really bad acne prone skin. What sort of a face wash would you recommend?

  142. Nadia,
    do you mix your oils in a dropper bottle? You mentioned adding an essential oil – any particulars, or whatever I prefer? Do you use it as a moisturizer for both day and night?
    Thank you.

  143. Hi! How do you apply these face oils? Can I apply face oil in the morning? What would be the best natural face oil brands? Super thanks!

  144. I like to my preferred oils in the post. You can use them as a moisturizer whenever and however you want!

  145. After reading your article about facial oils, I just purchased the rose hip, jojoba and hemp oils you recommended. I would love to know more specifics about your daily regimen and exactly how much of each oil you use at one time. I will probably be doing hemp/jojoba combos or rose hip/jojoba combo. I believe there are droppers in some of the bottles, so how much of each oil? Also, what other products does your regimen consist of? Thanks in advance for the feed back!

  146. Hi,
    I just found your page…very informative!

    I have a couple of questions…

    1. I was unable to find tamanu oil, so I got hemp seed oil. It doesn’t say it should be refrigerated. Do you think it’s best?

    2. Is there a difference between rose hip oil and rose hip seed oil?
    Thanks so much!

  147. Hi Nadia! This was a great, interesting read. I would like to start using oils. Can you recommend a few to mix together for Combination but acne prone skin. Im more dry on the cheeks and a tad oily in the t-zones. Thanks so much!

  148. Hi! Just found your site after researching essential oils for clear skin… Love your articles! I’ve been using Argan oil and Lavendar… What are your thoughts on Argan oil? I have a feeling I’m going to need to switch!!

  149. I too am obsessed with my face and have tried countless medication (oral and topical). I have spent an embarrassing amount of money on facials, micro needling and lasers. I have cystic acne and pigmentation issues. At 44 years of age my breakouts with cysts have kind of slowed down but they are still active. When I get a pimple it leaves a red spot for months. I have heard oregano oil is good but don’t see it on your top lists. I am the kind of person who will buy every oil on every list because I am that desperate! Is there a specific mix/recipe I should get?

  150. Hi,

    How come you don`t use the OCM?
    How do you wash your face and remove your make up??
    I would like to try it all, but if I do I want to go natural all the way and not use any chemicals anymore to see if it helps.

    Kind regards

  151. HI, I have rose hip oil and love it as well and have also noticed it is a bit dry. Thanks for sharing about how you combine it with jojoba oil. What is the ratio in the oil blend? Is it 50/50? Thanks so much!

  152. Hi Nadia!
    I’m loving all of your posts about skin care! I really want to try using oils to moisturize but I’m not sure what mix to use on my skin! I have an oily nose area but the rest of my skin is combo or dry. I am prone to breakouts mostly around my chin area – likely hormonal related. I also have VERY sensitive skin – many (chemical) products I’ve tried have made my skin horribly red & itchy (ie. PROACTIVE – worst stuff ever). Since I also have a habit of popping my zits (gross, I know), I have lots of redness/discoloration too. Anyway, I was thinking maybe of using Jojoba & geranium oil. Do you think this would be a good combo? and how much do I use of each to make a good mix? Thank you!!

  153. Hey! Very insightful info!

    I stumbled across your blog by sesrching for something to place on my 2yr old boy cut he just got last week on his chin. It wasnt bad enough for stitches but still a deep and wide cut that is a little indented so was looking for something natural to put in it to help smooth it out and keep it from scaring!

    Which one of these oils do you reccommend i use? And for how long should i use it on him?


  154. Hi Nadia,

    I went through a severe acne breakout last year, which left scaring and dark spot and I have trying to find ways to heal this. I came by your site by accident and loved it. It’s instructive and interesting…thank you for sharing!

    I am trying to your DIY oil but wanted to add grapeseed oil and argan oil? Are you familiar with these oils? Any advice you can give me on this would be appreciated.

    thanks, Beatrice

  155. Hi! Loved this article! I have a tiny question regarding castor oil: I have heard and read that it also helps for hair growth (used in scalp, eyelashes, brows).
    Is it still safe to put castor oil on your skin?

    Any recommendations for chest and back breakouts? It’s driving me nuts! Can’t wear any wide neck shirts!

    Thank you!

  156. Wow! I just want to thank you for all your work! I have been slowly starting to go more and more natural – but my face has been one of the last steps. I think I was most terrified of the unfamiliar and my breakout-prone skin freaking out. All this info has given me confidence to jump in. I’ve already ordered a few things and I’m excited to give this natural face a shot! Thanks a million.

  157. I also put oil on my face for a year, i love high linoleid safflower oil,my acnes n scars reduce alot,before,i cant put any kind of oil,it brings acnes up,now after i use safflower oil,i can try some other oil like argan,grapeseed,no breakout,i want to try rosehip oil
    I mix those oil w teatreeoil or lavender oil,i even drop couple of safflower oil for my tomato masker
    A little tip, try to damp ur skin before oil on ur skin,it helps skin absorb well n prvent dryness

  158. What is best oil combo for older, dry skin. I have a very fair complextion. I have been using coconut oil mixedcwith a little been oil. Thank you!

  159. Just started using castor oil, tamanu oil, and sea buckthorn oil (combined) to rid myself of a rosacea situation that includes swelling and lumps. So far, these oils appear to help heal the condition rather quickly (started 2 days ago and the lumps are subsiding) . . .Never would have thunk it . . .Having a very oily skin at 14 on up to 19, putting oil on my face was the last treatment I would have ever used, until now.

  160. I’ve been using oils for ages too – my favourite skin oil is frankincense. Loved reading your articles on different oils and will be adding some you mentioned to my stash.

    A friend asked me a while ago if I’d had ‘something’ done lol. Nope …. it’s just oil. 🙂

    Thank you for such great info.

  161. Have you had any experience with Argan Oil? I’ve started using a bentonite clay mask on my face, and am trying to find an oil to moisturize with afterwards. I have been applying tamanu oil on my face every night for the past year, and it does work well, but it hasn’t gotten completely rid of my acne/scarring. I was thinking to start a new oil and the employees at my local health store said that Argan oil would be a good option, but I wanted to do some research on it before buying it.

  162. Hello again! I have a quick question for you. I have been using your recommendation of 2/3 Jojoba mixed with 1/3 Rosehip oil for quite a while now and I love it! Just recently though, about a week and a half or two after I make a new mixture (I make a little batch at a time instead of one giant bottle of the mixture), I notice that my little glass jar starts to make sort of a moldy/fungus little thing in it, sometimes like a little white bubble at the bottom. Since its at the bottom of the jar, I just kept using the face wash, being careful not to touch the little “mold” blob. So I wanted to ask you, first off, is that normal? Like, has that ever happened to you? And also, is that okay that I still kept using the mixture? I don’t want to think that it was because of the “mold”, but for the last week or two I’ve had quite a bit of blackheads that just won’t seem to go away, and I don’t dig it! My mix is kept in a little tiny glass jar and whenever I make a new mix, I make sure to thoroughly wash out the entire jar, so I just don’t know where this gunk is coming from!! Would it be because I am not keeping my Rosehip oil in the fridge? (I think I remember reading that it was best kept in the fridge?) If you or anyone else could please shed some light as to why the heck this is going on, I would love to fix this problem! Thank you so much!

  163. Oh no! If you suspect mold, throw it out, wash and sterilize the jar you’re keeping it in, and make a new batch. You never know and it’s just not worth it.

    I haven’t ever had mold grow before but it can happen easily esp since we keep these things in the bathroom (at least I do) where it’s very moist – if any sort of moisture gets in the jar, mold can grow. I don’t think it’s because you’re not refrigerating the oils (refrigeration would just extend the shelf-life by keeping the oils from going rancid).

  164. Thanks for the carrier oil summary for blemish-prone skin. Jojoba is a liquid wax and I’m a guy, it gets in my face’s stubble and that comedogenic rating, on my face, is high enough to cause issues.

    I’m really excited to read your mention of Hemp Seed Oil. I have a bottle and I did open it. I was advised that I didn’t have to refrigerate it as long as I was using it and when I paused using it that I should then refrigerate it. After reading your excellently detailed notes, I wonder if the 2 month new bottle has lost its “umph”… I really wanted to commit to one or two carriers for the skin on my face and I’m having a difficult time choosing at the moment.

    I, too, went “ALL-IN” with essential oils a year ago and have the complete collection of every product Edens Garden currently sells. A few days ago, I started using Camelia Seed Oil as a base adding “Age Defy” & “carrot seed”, – note, I had the best skin when I used Neroli & Sandalwood on my skin, undiluted.

    I was doing really great for the longest time, you know the feeling, looking in the mirror, especially in the AM, not having to concern myself with any issues at all when using Sandalwood (Santalum Album) and Neroli until I found “a great and natural soap” which ruined my clear skin by adding patches on my arms, neck and face! I was so grrrrrrr!

    I’m not going to use Castor nor Tamanu as carriers. I tried Rosehip and it did great for a while then I had some clogged pours.

    Do you have any more suggestions for a carrier that goes as deep as Rosehip and dries into the skin as quickly as Neroli and Sandalwood? Yes I know these two are EO and not Carrier-EO.

    Have you tried Camelia Seed? Any thoughts on Argan? Meadowfoam goes on dry but it’s solvent extract so best mixed for shelf life.

    If my bottle of Hemp Seed is ok, how can I tell? It’s kept closed in a dark corner kept around 70-71 degrees at all times.

    Anyway, I rarely type in comments though you inspired me tonight.

    Any and all advise is greatly appreciated.


  165. Dear Zenith in regards to your issue of tight red face after simple cleansing of your facial skin… SANTALUM ALBUM! That is the only one that truly heals in situations such as yours. Also, Helichrysum with carrier, Carrot Seed with carrier, Myrrh combined with helichrysum, frankincense, sandalwood and a dash of Rose is truly an “Age Defying” solution (used with carriers) and will rebuild the elastin.

    Many people I know clean their face with jojoba or another carrier instead of facial cleansers. I have slightly sebumish face skin so I have to wash it daily then apply EO/Carrier.

    I’m unsure of your skin’s condition however perhaps Nadia will agree that the tightness and redness is remedied by using one or more EOs mentioned in this open reply to your post from earlier.

    Neem is an amazing product though it has a STRONG scent that is not attractive though when used as a mask, it’s amazing.

    I hope this helps you.

    I’m a guy and have face-skin-issues, it’s not fun.

    The VI PEEL does wonders for me, perhaps for you too.

    Take care everyone in this comment section. There’s so much juicy knowledge in these comments!!!!! Thank you BodyUnburdened!!!


  166. I read about one of your oils being a anti-inflammatory would it work for big incision sites I’m having surgery soon.

  167. Can you add essential oils to face or eye creams to apply and if so how much eye cream per drops of essential oil or oils the same question for face cream. Is it 2oz or face cream add 3 drops of oil?

  168. I need a recommendation for an oil for my face. I am on chemo and my skin is very dry. I’m using coconut oil but I have a feeling one of the other oils you talk about might be better.

  169. Hi Nadia – This is valuable information! I have very dry skin that’s prone to breakouts due to stress and hormonal issues. I never had acne when I was a teenager, only started when I started working! I used to go through phases of having acne all over my cheeks especially, and then none. But the most recent episode (it’s been 18 months now) of breakouts just decided to stay… when I’m 40! Anyways, it’s because of this post that I started my research on oils for my face… and now been using solely hemp seed oil for the past 3 days and I have to say I am amazed at how my skin has already changed in such a short time!
    I have a few questions:- (1) why are you not a fan of OCM? And how would you recommend to use the oils as a cleanser? (2) Usually how long does it take for the skin to completely clear? (3) I also read that jojoba oil tends to draw out the oil and so the skin will purge for a few weeks before it gets better… and this scares me! Can I use hemp seed oil instead of jojoba for the 75 carrier oil/25 castor oil recipe? (4) If I want to add another layer to my hemp seed oil as a moisturize (as in, I’m already using hemp seed oil also as a moisturizer, but like you mentioned, it’s a bit drying for my skin)… would you suggest rosehip or tamanu for my condition?
    THANK YOU SO MUCH… I’m a big fan!!! 🙂

  170. Can i combine just Jojoba oil and Rosehip oil with 2:1 ratio and use it, with out adding the other three oils? I just need the oil for moisturizing and to brighten my skin. Do you think it will work?
    Please suggest.

  171. Sure, you can do whatever you want with a DIY! You would just not be getting the beneficial proprieties of the EOs. I recommend everyone have lavender EO as it is amazing for the skin but also has so many used beyond just skincare.

  172. Hi Nadia,

    I am really glad I came across this post of yours. I too have an oily skin and am averse to using synthetic products on my face or body. Anyway have you used Argan oil for the face? I have been using it at night and have found my skin to become soft. But I am alo willing to try jojoba oil and would like to know if I could mix it with argan oil. I’d like to try castor oil too as it is freely available in my country. Would love to hera yuor thoughts on this.
    Thanks again.

  173. Hi,

    I’ve been reading a lot of your posts recently and read lots of different articles about oils and things to help treat scars. I was thinking about purchasing MSM cream or mederma to help, however I decided after a lot of posts that I want to start off with oils to see how they help. Therefore, I was wondering what oil you would recommend to start out with. My scars are pretty dark, however they are not indented. I just want to fix the discoloration of my skin and I also have some acne. I don’t want to purchase 5 or 6 different oils at the moment and I can’t decide which one to choose because all of them seem so good. Do you have a recommendation on which one I should begin with for discoloration and acne. I also have dry skin, but I’m not concerned about that at the moment I’m just looking for a oil to help my discoloration.

    Thank you,

  174. I use hemp seed oil (straight – slightly drying, so will probably play with the mixture when I get around to it) and while I keep my big bottle in the freezer, I don’t refrigerate the one I’m using. I just have it in a small bottle – about a week’s worth – and refill when it empties. Never have any issues with it going rancid and it works great.

  175. Hi, just reading and fascinated. I h a ve clients with Rosacea, please can you advise me as my clients want facials.

    Kind regards

  176. Hi Nadia,
    I love your blog! Ive been a natural product junkie since I was old enough to remember! I had such back allergies and eczema as a child that my mom created most of the products I used on my skin and hair. I now create similar organic/natural products and have used your articles as starting points for research on ingredients and such. THANK YOU!

    If you are interested in trying any of my products, I’d love to share 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

    Thank you,

  177. That’s awesome Shannon! Best of luck to you — your site looks great! It’s always been a dream of mine to make and sell products as well, hopefully one day soon!

  178. Hi,

    I kind of very meticulous about using oils on my face!

    I have a very sensitive/oily skin.

    Each time I make a formula or copy a formula using “oils” and apply them, they tend to break me out!

  179. May I ask why you’re not a fan of the OCM? Just wondering. As a teenager, I’ve found using coconut oil with certain essential oils in the Oil Cleansing Method to be extremely helpful for acne. I love love love coconut oil for everything, and it’s also cheaper! Do you like coconut oil?

  180. Hi which type of oil can I use to whitening my face skin after my two pregnancys I got very dark spots on my face.

  181. I’m a total convert to Made From Earth skin care products. For years I was seduced by the belief the more money I spent the better results I’d get… Wrong! I tweet about High Street fashion & beauty so Made From Earth products caught my eye about a year ago and now I’m a total convert. I have noticed a massive difference to my skin /lips /body and my bank balance as they are brilliantly affordable but seem to use very good ingredients

  182. Megan, 1) LOL that’s my favorite blog comment to date and thank you for making my day 🙂 I’m so happy to have you as a new reader!

    2) I love argan oil! In fact, I’ve been meaning to update this post with 3 more oils that I’ve tried since originally writing this post and have really enjoyed. And I’m currently working on 3 face oil blends to sell through the blog, and argan oil is a big player in 2 of them!!

  183. Hey, Jade. It’s really a mental thing for me — I just don’t *feel* clean with OCM! I refer a face cleanser with soap and to use oils as moisturizer.

    If you’re having success with that, awesome!! Keep it up! Also, major kudos to you for being such a knowledgeable teen and using these natural ingredients!! Wish I knew all of this at your age.

  184. Hey, Theresa. Have you ever tried just one oil at a time? Like jojoba oil? It’s especially fantastic for oily skin since it mimic’s the skin’s natural sebum and so tricks the skin into producing less oil. My favorite of them all!!

  185. My daughter has very sensitive skin. She does get some acne but her worst problem is her face looks like it has a rash a lot of times which I’ve been told is actually dry skin. What oil would you recommend. I make a face moisturizer with coconut oil, vit E ,
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  186. Hi!

    Thanks for all the advice, but I have question about travel…

    I have bought some hemp oil and rosehip oil and I am loving them, but they both require refrigeration – what do I do when it comes to travelling with them? Are they ok to be out of the fridge for a day or so of travel or will they go bad?


  187. Hello Nadia,
    I found lot of information on your website,thanks for writing!
    Taking an inspiration from you,i made a serum 2weeks back with 15ml jojoba oil,4drops carrot seed oil,4drops geranium oil,4drops lavender.I was having small breakouts for couple days in the starting and suddenly my skin became very dry and dull after using serum.I have acne prone oily skin and i am drinking enough water, i dint even change any facewash or moisturizer.I pickedup Rocky mountain essential oils and organic desert essence jojoba oil.Can i add rosehip oil to serum.

    Thank you!

  188. I have really dry skin- like REALLY dry. but i also an oily t-zone area, especially around my mouth and nose that makes me very acne prone. it’s a headache trying to find things that will not dry out my already dry skin but can help control my oily, acne pront areas. so most of the time, after a good dep cleansing wash that still moisturizes, i end up using different products on different parts of my face. lol are there any essential oils/carrier oils that might be helpful with my dryness but still noit break me out? i saw your other article about skin care and think oils like rose and geanium and lavender sound great but when thinking on what carrier oil to mix it wsith, im lost! sounds like most of these would either ry my skin out more or make it more oily. what woudl you suggest?

  189. I’d go jojoba! It mimics the sebum in your skin and so can actually trick your skin to produce less oil. And it is very moisturizing for the drier areas.

  190. Hi! I firstly want to thank you for all your wonderful info! Im just getting into all this and your blog is one of the things that spurned me on. So thank you! Anyway I’m in the process of making the toothpaste and I have a question for you if you don’t mind. Now keep in mind, I’m an amateur when it comes to this so please forgive me if this is a dumb question hahaha. I don’t have sesame oil but I do want squeezability! I’ve been to places today with no luck, but I want to make it NOW haha. Do you think I could use sweet almond oil or hemp seed oil to replace the sesame? I have both so if one would work better than the other or neither would work at all I guess I’ll go find the sesame oil haha
    Again, thank you so much!

  191. I love this blog and am so passionate about fixing my acne problem with oils. I just have some questions. Do you use a mix of jojoba and castor as a moisturizer?

    I am going to try oil cleansing on my face but am not sure if I will also need to use a moisturizer or what I should use prior to putting my makeup on in the morning.

    Thank you! and again, I love you site.

  192. Hi, Melissa! So happy to have you as a new reader 🙂

    This is my favorite face oil blend that I use daily: DIY all-natural face oil for acne-prone & oily skin

    I honestly don’t do oil cleansing, but many people do use castor oil in their oil cleansing blends. As far as I understand, after they “wash” the oil off with warm water or a wet, hot cloth, they don’t moisturize — they just let the remaining oil set in.

  193. Thank you for this information! It’s really helpful, as I’ve been trying to incorporate oils into my skincare routine. For the past month I’ve been using a face oil from a brand called Crude Personal Care. It’s made up of organic sunflower oil, safflower oil, grapefruit essential oil, and ylang-ylang essential oil in it. Have you ever tried any of these oils? If so, what were your results? So far I’ve had good results, but I may try some of the oils on your list as well. Thanks! 🙂

  194. Have you used and if so how would you compare sweet almond oil to avocado oil for skin? Also apricot kernel oil?

  195. Hi’ I’m Kristen and I am 15 years old. I absolutely love your tips and tricks! They’re awesome and so helpful so thank you! I would like to ask a few questions and hope that you can reply to this email. I have combo/dry/acne prone skin. And I can’t find a good natural face oil. I’ve tried Argan oil but it just makes my face feel super greasy and I hate it! I’ve tried using rosehip and I really like it but it’s really dry any other recommendations? Also, Can I mix rosehip with tea tree oil and lavender together? Also, I have small fine lines under my eyes and I’m so worried and I always stress about them 24/7! People say sweet almond oil really helps for dark circles and it does help with that but it doesn’t absorbed well it leaves an overly oily residue. I’ve also tried Coconut oil but it leaves small bumps under my eye I think it’s called mililla I’m not sure but do you have any recommendations on a natural oil for under the eyes for fine line and dark circles that are suitable for my age? thank you! I would be SOO happy(: pls email me back!

  196. Hi I was wondering if you could tell me what your thoughts are on Acure Moraccon Argan Oil for Oily, Acne, Sensitive, Aging(43) year old skin? I am super oily!

  197. Hello Nadia,
    I wanted to know the ratio of castor oil : jojoba oil.
    my skin is very patchy I wish i could benefit my skin.

  198. Argan oil is GREAT! If you find it to be too oily, mix it with jojoba, which is super similar to the skin’s natural oils and so can trick it to produce less oil.

  199. do you ever use beeswax melted and mixed with oils? I have been using oils on my face since the 90s.. not regularly though… but anyway, I have been playing around mixing beeswax with different oils. the results have been great as a body ‘cream’, but I have not tried it on my face. any thoughts? oh, I’m a beekeeper so I use my own girls wax.

  200. Thanks for the fast reply. I think that the Acure brand is causing my face to break out for some reason. It’s the up scented so I think I’m going to return it and look online for something more pure or something else all together. Thoughts greatly appreciated!

  201. Coconut oil is a major no no for me it causes so much skin irritation and breaks! Just started using JOjoba oil by Desert Essence. Seems to be working but would like to try possibly Hempseed oil next! Any thoughts on this? Also others have asked about under eye what to put any other thoughts? Also

  202. I just started using your mixture of oils as my regular face moisturizer. And I love it!! Unfortunately it didn’t solve my winter dryness issue. I was wondering if you had any oily tips and tricks that I could use to help combat my flaky dry winter skin, while not aggravating my acne and blackhead prone skin.

  203. Thank you for your amazing all natural beauty recipes, I have so many questions!!!! I have oily skin, acne prone face and back, I have no idea what carrier oil to use. Right now, I use frankensince, purification, and vetiver on my face, It’s too soon to know if it has worked. Can I use the same oils on my back? I have not been using a carrier just simply rubbing the oils on my face.
    New to the oil life, but loving it!

  204. Hey, Lindsey! Well I would definitely get a carrier oil — it’s important to dilute essential oils as many are not safe to apply to the skin undiluted. But it’s great to hear you’re loving your oils! And I don’t see why you couldn’t use those on your back too if they’re working for you.

  205. Hey, Brittiany! YAY, so glad to hear you love it 🙂

    Exfoliation is key for me, and I totally recommend exfoliating at least once a week if you don’t currently. Shea butter is also a savior!

  206. Thanks for the response!! I do exfoliate, but on a daily basis instead of weekly. I’ve avoided Shea because it seems so thick that it would clog my pores which I have a large problem with. But if you suggest it I’m definitely willing to try.

  207. Hello,
    You might be surprised to see a man on your blog… 🙂 Well I bought all your oils and poured some jojoba oil on a plate added some rosehip, took a tissue to mix them together and applied on my face. I am shiny, totaly oil covered. Is that the way to do it? Or you mix oils with water or something else to dilute them slightly? Idiot proof guide please 🙂

  208. Hi, Thank you for your wonderful blog.
    I was wondering if you have a guide for carrier oils? I’m not sure which carrier oil to use. Gracias 🙂

  209. I currently have been doing the oil method. It sounds like a mixture of these will be extremely beneficial…any idea of what percentage to mix these?

    Thanx for the list!

  210. That’s entirely up to you! You could use just 1 or mix a few depending on your skin and your individual needs.

  211. Hi Nadia, I got very excited with all the information you provided and I’d try to get all the oils for clear flawless skin since I have acne prone skin and I’m 28 years old, but after I bought them I found the mix for acne prone skin and they’re different oils, would you recommend to stop using the rosehip oil or any other until I get better skin? Also I would like to know when do you use each oil?

  212. Hey, Giovanna! Well everyone has different skin so if the rosehip oil is working great for your skin, keep using it! The acne-prone skin blend contains 2 oils that are also on this list — jojoba and tamanu — which are especially great for acne. Rosehip is more for aging skin and great for helping to reduce acne scarring, but since it’s a dry oil it could irritate your acne if that’s ALL you’re using. As I mentioned, that’s why I always cut it with jojoba oil.

    I use my face oil blends at night.

  213. I’m thinking that I am really liking what I just read about the face oils and I’m wanting to give it oil a try. Thank you for sharing the info.

  214. Hi.. Thankyou for the information. What’s your opinion about olive oil. I have started applying it few days back. As you said I’m waiting to see the clear face of mine. I have pigmented lips. Will that help me. Could you please suggest me if not.
    Tnx in Advance

  215. I have never used olive oil on my face. But we all have different skin so if it works for you, great and keep on using it!

  216. Great article! I too am completely obsessed with oils and have been for about 3 years. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned is shea butter, especially if these oils are too drying. Shea butter’s comedogenic rating is 0 and 62% oleic acid- so best for drier to normal skin types. I mix lots of oils, and a few essential oils, with shea butter. It is the best facial moisturizer for my almost-40-year-old combo skin EVER!

  217. Definitely stalking your blog. So many great tips and recipes for a newbie like myself to try! I had no clue Rosehip Oil was not meant to be put on alone, no wonder I wasn’t thrilled with how it felt the past few days I’ve been using it. I just bought Jojoba Oil, and Castor Oil today, I think I will mix a drop or two of both jojoba and rosehip oil and see if that works. My cheeks are incredibly dry, and super red like I might have rosacea, (need a proper diagnosis) but I have horrible black heads and get huge painful pimples. I am going to be doing some trial and error and see how this works. Any other recommendations? THANKS!

  218. It sounds like your skin is very irritated. Rosehip oil is a dry oil and may just irritate it more. I’d try just jojoba and see how that works for you. Grapeseed oil (not on this list – though I need to update it with some more oils I’ve learned more about recently and love) is also great – it sinks right into your skin. Shea butter is also great for very dry skin, and it’s loaded with antioxidants.

  219. Hi…..my daughter and I have really oily skin. She has really bad acne and I have large pores, few wrinkles, and discoloration on my face….please help.

  220. You may want to try grapeseed oil. I need to update this post with my new favorite oils, but grapeseed sinks into skin really well so its great for oily skin and acne as well. But as with all things, what works for one may not work for another so it can be trial and error. Best of luck!

  221. I have been very interested in essential oils for sometime now and I have compiled quite a selection of my favorite oils 🙂 Many from Aromaforce, Now,and Young Living companies.
    Question: I just purchased my first Ylang Ylang (Aromaforce) and I was wondering if this oil needs a carrier oil when applied to face as a moisturizer. It’s a very nice smelling oil, but you don’t need much (on my wrists as perfume).

  222. I get cystic acne on my jawbone area. Once I start getting a flare up, it spreads like wildfire. I’ve read that excess sebum production is partially to blame. Would jojoba oil cause this to be worse, since it mimics sebum? Do you have any oil suggestions for me, being almost 40, dealing with very oily skin, cystic acne, and fighting wrinkles? Thank you.

  223. hi Nadia,I just discovered your blog it’s wonderful!! I was we wondering if hamp oil and hamp seed oil are the same?? I ordered some from amazon and it turned out to be hamp oil not hamp seed oil !!!! thank u

  224. Hi, Nanou! So happy to have you as a new reader 🙂 It is likely the same… in the ingredients does it say “hemp seed oil”? The Nutiva brand hemp seed oil, for example, just says “Hemp Oil” on the front/main label but says “hemp seed oil” in the ingredients.

  225. Hi!
    I am a complete newbie to the oil scene but I have been using organic (or as close to) for a little while. All of my skin/body/hair care is from lush but I am still having problems with acne! (Never had a pimple until my 19th birthday and now they are EVERYWHERE)
    So my question for you is: I just recently went and purchased all of the above mentioned oils and I have made your go too face oil for acne prone skin but how and when should I use the other oils purchased? (Hemp, rose hip, and castor) Also, do you have any good recipes to help with body acne?

    Thank you,

  226. Hi Nadia,
    Just wondering – how can you tell if an oil is a ‘dry’ oil or not? I’m specifically wondering about argan oil and if it’s one of the ‘dry’ ones?
    Would love to hear your thoughts,

  227. Hey Nadia,
    What oils would you prefer me to use on my normal/dry mature skin? I have dried many and that are lots I cannot seem to get where I live!


  228. I’ve ordered all 5 oils, but have not begun to use them. I wear makeup, so I’m wondering which to use to remove my makeup at night and when to use the others? I know the possibilities are endless, but I’m new to the oil cleansing method and was wondering if you had some tips that may help me create an oil cleansing routine with the oils.

  229. I love the COM, but notice with the winter weather and heat…my skin is extremely dry. Also, I am in full menopause and have dry, sensitive skin, anyways? I did a search on your site and couldn’t find any OCM recipe for mature skin. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your site!!

  230. Well I don’t do OCM – I use oils as moisturizers. But apricot kernel oil is VERY moisturizing. And shea butter is amazing as well. Good luck!

  231. I love that coconut oil isn’t on your list! It breaks me out too, and doesn’t ever makes sense to put on acne prone skin. Since acne feeds off of fatty acids, and coconut oil is chalk full of it, its literally like you are feeding your acne… no good. (words form a licensed cosmetologist) not to say it doesn’t work for some people, but if you’re acne prone, stay away!

    Love the list!! Thanks for sharing (=

  232. Hi, Lauren. Good question – all of these oils are absorbed very nicely with the exception of castor oil, so should be fine under your makeup. The good news though is that castor oil is typically used in oil cleansing method blends! Have fun and good luck 🙂

  233. Hey, Raf! Sorry for the belated reply… LIFE! LOL well I suggest combining them in a dropper bottle like the ones pictured (I think I also link to them at the bottom) because 1) I think this tissue method sounds like you’ll wind up wasting a lot of the oil (which = wasted money) and 2) you can better control how much oil you apply. For daytime, I usually only apply 4-6 drops to my face which doesn’t make me look or feel oily. Hopefully you’ll get better results this way!

  234. Hello, Prathyusha. Yes, argan oil is wonderful! In fact, I’ve been wanting to write a new post with oil suggestions for all different skin types – argan oil would certainly be on that list!

  235. As I mention in the post, I do not like it for my face. I do prefer sweet almond oil or apricot kernel oil for my body (they absorb a little better), but it is a good body oil!

  236. I use mango butter under my eyes at night and am planning to soon make a DIY with mango butter and pomegranate seed oil – they’re both great at fighting wrinkles!

  237. For my oily/acne-prone and very sensitive skin, the very best oils to use as a moisturizer are Maracuja oil and Grapeseed oil (always go for organic) as they are both very high in linoleic acid (over 75%) and very low in oleic acid. For OCM, I use these two oils with organic Castor oil (equal parts). LOVE!

  238. Nadia if you do write a new post about oils for the body would you consider including emu oil? It’s not as well known as argan etc but is wonderful for relieving skin irritations, burns, and makes a great after shower oil on damp skin and facial moisturizer.

  239. Thanks for all of this info! Can’t wait to try some of the oils. I think I’ll start with jojoba and go from there 🙂

  240. It depends how deep your scars are. It can help fade minor scars but deep, pitted scars will likely never heal except perhaps with dermatological laser treatments.

  241. Hello,
    I have an indented scar on my face. Can you suggest me which oil will help to get rid of the pockmark.


  242. Nadia, I love your posts about essential oils for the face. If you were to create a formula for older 40 yr old skin (like you did for acne prone skin) what would you do? (i.e. what carrier oil would you use, etc?)

    Thank you!!!

  243. How about sweet almond oil? I had a very oily skin that shined. Due to acne, I used very bad treatments which has dried out my skin completely. I miss the glow. I do have acne but what about the glow? How do I get it back. I’m using olay as my night cream. I plan on adding a drop of almond oil to my regular moisturiser and try. Any suggestions?

  244. Sweet almond oil is very moisturizing. To get your “glow” back, exfoliating will likely be a huge help.

  245. What brand or type of hemp seed oil do you recommend? I purchased some today from Earth fare and I have a feeling it might be hempseed oil that you cook with and not to apply topically but I’m not sure.

  246. Hi! I love your site, it has been really helpful! Thank you!

    I have a question for you: My husband went to the groseries shopping today and I asked him to find out if in the organic store next door I could find jojoba oil. He did find it and bought a bottle of red jojoba oil. I thouth it was more goldish color. Do you know what the red color means? O googled it and did not find much info.

    Thnak you!

  247. What do you think about sunflower oil? I found a site that shares the comodogenic rating of oils, and sunflower oil was one of the 0’s on the list! (on a scale to 5, coconut was 3! Why are people using this on their face??). I noticed it wasn’t listed, but I wasn’t sure if you didn’t look into it or not. I have some, and would love to see if it does any good before I test it out. <3

  248. I have been using lytera for 6 months now because of my blemishes ang pigmentation. Now, I tried to alternate with rosehip seed oil and evening primrose oil. I felt a little burn sensation.is it normal or because the lytera has a retinol. Please I need your advice. Thanks

  249. Ive purchased and made these oile you recommended for my face. Ive been using for 2 weeks now and my is completely broken out like ive never ever experienced before!!!

    Not sure what to do now!!!!

  250. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that — that’s not fun.

    The bottom line is that everyone’s skin is different and what may work really well for one person may not work well for another. You may want to look into some of the other oils on the list — they may agree with you better. Best of luck!

  251. I am from india and i am having dusky complexion with oily and acne prone skin.
    I do following for improving the skin texture and to keep minimize the acne.
    I apply Neem oil before bath on my face as it is easily available here. I either use hand made herbal soap or ubtan powder (bath powder – which is self made with the available indian local herbs). That helped me to improve the skin texture and kept me away from outbreak of acne.
    Also, I used to take bittergourd juice with jaggery (similar to sugar) in the morning empty stomach.

    Apart from that, We use Castor oil as anti-inflammatory, cooling agent and apply on scalps before bath, sometimes instill one or two drops into eyes for cooling as we have hectic summer of nearly 40 degrees celcius.

    We use lots of Sesame oil for applying all over the body before bath once in a week to keep the body cool. People in the northen india use mustard oil to keep their body warm as the temperature in northern parts of india are chilly.

    For hair, we do apply pure coconut oil regularly for cooling effect. We dont much apply coconut oil on to our skin as moisturiser as it increases the growth of facial hair :). I used to apply turmeric during my weekends as it has antiseptic and anti-fungal characteristics.

    But, I am planning to use Grapeseed oil as moisturiser before to bed to maintain/enhance the skin texture. I have heard Grapeseed oil is a skin whitener as well. Any experiences of you using Grapeseed oil as a skin whitener??

  252. I’m just curious… You say that some are “too drying” on your skin? I’m just wondering if you know what causes the drying? I recently tried Moroccan oil and it completely dried out my skin.

  253. Can you dilute these essential oils in water? I just bought rose hip, jojoba, tea tree, & castor & I plan on mixing them all in one facial moisturizer. Is it okay to mix these all together?

  254. Olive oil is GREAT for your face. I dont use the food version because it stains pillows, but I do use the Made from Earth Olive Night Cream, which has the olive oil and olive butter on it. During the day, I use the Lady Soma Argan Oil on my face. I found that Argan Oil is fantastic at removing the flakes you get from the initial Retin-A “flash Burn”.

    One thing to remember is that if you are using a moisturizer, please apply the oil on top of your moisturizer. Moisturizers can’t penetrate oils, but the oils can penetrate the moisturizers.

  255. hi, thanks for a great blog. Try frankincense diluted oil. It’s great for acne, helped me A LOT! Good moisturizing as well, and non greasy.

  256. Thanks All. I will try Avacado oil or Frankincense oil as moisturizer based on the availability in my local store 🙂

    Mixing all the oils in moisturizer is not a good idea. Each oil has different property. As i am an indian origin, i know about castor oil bit. We dont use castor oil for face and body. As it is having high viscos and on wash the grease will not go away easily unless u remove it using hot wet cloth wipe. And it promotes hair growth, so, on applying over face, it promotes facial hair also.
    But, it is very good for hair, it reduces premature whitening of hair, reduces hair fall. it is applied over kids stomach and anus opening in order to reduce stomach pain due to body heat.

    Recently bought Lavender essential oil and Ylang Ylang essential oil. I bought it for diffusing it in the burner for aromatherapy.

    Any experiences of using these two oils, lavender and ylang ylang over skin. Any benefits of these over skin?

  257. Wow. Very useful article. Big thanks to the author.
    I wanted to let some of you girls and guys who are looking to use castor oil- it is wonderful for blood circulation, especially if you have lymph drainage problems. Just rub it in, apply heat to the area for 20 min. However, be careful with applying to your face, as castor oil causes water retention and hair growth. So unless you want to wake up with puffy face and a female moustage the next morning, be mindful.
    Also what do you think about shea butter?

  258. OMG, I can’t believe you didn’t mention Sea Buckthorne seed oil! I LOVE it!! A friend told me about it recently, she was having some major breakout issues and that oil plus a soap called SBT Seabuckthorne Berry Bar totally helped her. I’ve been using the oil and the soap occasionally and can’t believe how much nicer my skin looks. I told my sister about it and she’s really happy with the results as well. I put it on in the morning and it’s so light feeling… doesn’t make my face look oily at all.

  259. I also love putting oil on my face, my go to oil is avocado oil. I use it at night and am very pleased with my skin. I am very interested in trying the other oils that you have talked about.

  260. Hi Nadia,

    Question, I’ve made all your recipes for my daughter who has acne. My son-in-law hates the smell of the oils and has asked her to stop using them even though they are working to improve her acne. What scented oils can we add so that the smell is to his liking without it taking away from its useful purpose.

  261. Hi Nadia,
    I am new to this oil as well..I am 29 yrs old and nothing seems to be working for me…I wanna try this oils, I like the combo that u suggested about 2/3 of jojoba n 1/3 of dry oil…what about night time,how do u make combo with jojoba n castor oil…I want a clear n shiny skin..right now my skin tone is not even…

  262. You mentioned rosehip oil from Trilogy in your blog. Do you recommend the carrier oils from Mountain Rose Herbs?

  263. Yes, I love Mountain Rose Herbs! I haven’t use their rosehip oil specifically but they have great quality products and I trust their quality.

  264. Looking at difference in getting jojoba 9r rosehip. Did u find much difference between them?

  265. I personally prefer jojoba oil but it depends on what you’re looking for! I’d suggest you reread the differences I detail in this post and maybe do some other research as well. Best of luck!

  266. Hi! I’m really interested in giving this a try because I’m so sick of dealing with acne. I’ve tried everything and proactive seems to help when it wants but it doesn’t keep my face clear on a consistent basis. Besides for the oils you put on your face at night so you use any toners alongside of the oils? Befor you put the oils on your face what do you clean your face with? What do you do in the morning as a routine? Do you use the oils in the morning?? I’m really desperate for clear skin plz plz help! Thank you so much in advance!

  267. Do you have a recipe for mature skin – drying, fine lines, sagging etc. I am 52 years old.

  268. I started using your DIY oil for oily acne prone skin and I love it! It’s keeping my acne at bay for the most part (and I was able to stop using my antibiotic topical cremes!!!) but I can’t seem to get rid of the stuff on my chin grr I was gonna try to make a mix with jojoba, hemp seed and geranium oil to use during the day. Any thoughts on the ratio/amounts I should use?

  269. Okay, seriously I have been SO scared of using oils on my face. I’m slowly getting into essential oils and have heard some of them are good for skin. BUT I have SUPER oily skin already so my thought was “why in the world would I add oil to this oil slick” haha Thank you for this. I now want to go out and but all of these oils!! This was so educational and def made me open to trying oils on my face 🙂

  270. Since you like Rosehip Oil, I was looking at Mountain Rose Herbs “rosehip Oil” and it pulled up a “Rosehip Seed Oil”, is this the same?

  271. I love oil cleansing also, but you skipped one oil that is my personal favorite for my face- argan. Like hemp seed oil, argan oil rates a 0 on the comedogenic scale. It’s got a consistency similar to grape seed or almond oil and feels very smooth on your skin. Unlike hemp seed oil, though, you don’t have to refrigerate it. And it’s also fantastic for your hair & skin as well. It’s more pricey than some, but it’s worth it. You can find a 4oz bottle on Amazon for around $12-$17, depending on the bran..

  272. Hi Nadia

    I would like to use Hemp Oil for its ability not to clog pores. Should I use it neat or mix it with another oil ? If I mix, what oil should I mix with?

  273. I just discovered grapeseed oil and it is so amazing. Absorbs right away and feels like I’m not wearing anything on my face, doesn’t clog pores, and my skin never felt so balanced (I have crazy combination skin!). I didn’t believe all the oil hype but I have officially converted. I look forward to putting it on at bedtime too! 🙂

  274. Hi,
    Does the Rosehip Oil contain Vitamin C and is it as good as the Marula Oil for anti aging purposes?


  275. Hi I read your DIY oil for acne prone + oily skin article but I was wondering if you had a recommended combo of oils for dry+ acne prone skin?

  276. I over exfoliated the crap put of my skin and I have a ton of small red bumps I’m not sure if I should treat it like acne or just leave it alone and let it heal. I’m going to try out rosehip and hopefully my skin is better before I go off to college in 2 weeks 🙁

  277. Oh no! Yes, be very gentle with it and let it heal. Rosehip honestly may irritate it right now in this state since it’s a dry oil.

  278. what about apricot oil for face? I purchased a blend made w apricot and other essential oils for my face including rosehip geranium

  279. what would you say is the best oil for wrinkles? you seem like such an expert on this stuff so what would you recommend 🙂

  280. That’s awesome, Laura! I’ve also tried it since wiring this post and agree – it’s great!!

  281. I have been making bees wax lotion. I usually use coconut oil or almond oil. I was wondering if you thought these oils would mix well with the bees wax. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

  282. Hi Nadia!

    I’ve been struggling with my skin for what seems like… 6 months or more, severely!! But… It’s only in one or two spots, never anywhere else!

    So it’s like I continuously struggle on my jawline.. Bad. Really wanna replace moisturizer with oils! But I’m nervous.. My skin is dry mans sensitive.. You seem to be mixing a lot of oils. But as I was reading… I seem to really love the ROSEHIP and TAMANU oils.. But I need a little hydration too.. PLZ WHAT DO I DO HELP ME PLZ RESPOND

    Help me
    Ps. I still drink pop, trying to cut down to once a week, and I love chocolate lol but trying to be healthier

  283. Nadia,

    I’m sorry one last thing, not sure if you’re a dermotologist or anything but I’m so DESPERATE lol. I’ve been to my Dr. And nothing seems to be working…

    I also love makeup, have tons of it, and I only wear a full face really when I go out.. Trying to wear less makeup. And I take my makeup off with wipes.. What do you take your makeup off if you wear any??

    I use my fingers to wash my face too, I don’t have a face brush and don’t really wanna buy one, I had one and it was harsh on my skin…
    SO SORRY 4 so much reading… JUST WANT ADVICE HELP FROM ANYONE. There’s so many products out there and I just want one to work


  284. Hello Nadia…
    We just signed up for your newsletter and look forward to following your ideas on health in Body Unburdened.
    I have a question regarding your recommendation on a good ‘carrier oil’ that can be used with the essential oils on your list. I understand that essential oils must be combined with a carrier oil in a 1 to 20 ratio (5%)
    Is this what your research has also confirmed?
    Thanks in advance for your response and I hope this finds you well and enjoying these interesting times…
    Best regards,
    Jim Gray

  285. Acne around the jawline is typical of hormonal acne. You may wish to get this checked out and speak with a functional medicine practitioner about ways to support your liver for hormonal balance + other ways to naturally balance your hormones.

  286. Hello Nadia! How are you?
    How long did it take to you to clear your skin since you started to use oils?
    Kindest regards,

  287. I’ve been reading a bunch of your posts and I’m making the transition between a skincare routine with lots of chemicals (I’ve been to dermatologist plenty of times and it seems my skin clears for a bit but then things always come back) to an all-natural skincare regimen! I like your DIY all-natural face oil, however I do like some of the oils you mention in this post about 5 face oils. What would be the best way to start an all natural skincare regimen? I know you mentioned I can make different combinations, but I really have no idea how to do that.

    Your blog is great and I would greatly appreciate a little extra help! Thanks!

  288. I have a bottle (1.7 oz / 50 ml) of pure 100% argan oil light (Josie Maran) I want to add tea tree oil to it to help fight acne, how many drops should I use, I will be putting it all over my face at night.

  289. hi!!
    I agree about the jojoba oil.It does wonders to your skin.Is it better to use organic jojoba oil or 100% pure jojoba oil.cuz dessert essence has both.

    Thanks and regards.

  290. Hi Priscilla! Well you can really just mix any carrier oils you want. Essential oils, however, need to be diluted properly (see where I discuss this at the end of The top 10 essential oils for skincare).

    Honestly, if you’re just starting out making the switch to all-natural skincare and don’t want to make anything yourself, I suggest just buying some products to replace your old, chemical-filled products. I give my favorite recommendations here: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry

  291. Hi Nadia,
    I’d like to add citronella to an oil to act as an insect repellent.
    Which oil would you recommend?
    Many thanks for your thoughts and great suggestions.

  292. Hey, Jen. Probably grapeseed oil (not on this list) since it absorbs into skin very quickly and I’m assuming you don’t want a super greasy insect repellant!

  293. hey! what u share is beyond sweet becoz its helpful…i just have a question??? iam 20 yrs old and i had very good clear skin but suddenly since past 3 months iam suffering from severe acne on my cheeks … its soo frustrating coz i never felt this before i consulted doc but still cant get fast results …right now iam using tea tree oil with honey its working but its a bit taking time..when i get rid of this acne i would have some dark spots left by those acne…can u plz suggest me some essential oils to get rid of those acne and dark spots caused by them???? i am hoping u to help me out….

  294. I am interested in beginning with these products but am confused as to where to start. My skin is quite sensitive, with some breakouts, and becoming mature (I’m 44). It can be both oily and dry. Any input on a basic place to start for a face wash and moisturizer would be appreciated! I saw your recipes for facewash and face oil. Wondering if these need to be modified for my skin?

  295. Quick one… castor oil must be store bought one (the one we can drink?) Or black castor oil is fine?

  296. I’ve been using rosehip oil blended with sweet almond for months, but since autumn came to the UK my skin is sooooo dry and flaky. What oil do you recommend to blend with? What ratio? What about vit e oil? Sorry for all the questions!! Tia xx

  297. Hi Since oil norishes and promotesf ollicle and hair growth…will it increase facial hair? And also.body hair? Because thats what they do for scalp, brows and lashes

  298. hello Nadia , beautiful tips u have here, keep it up!pls i suffer from severe acne ,pimple spots + very blackheads . advice me on what to use and tips please.

  299. Hello, Nadia!

    I discovered Jojoba and Rosehip oil one week ago.
    1) I want to try the Rosehip oil, but I don’t know if it’s good for oily skin. What do you think about it?
    2) Do you use it like moisturizer (last step of your daily routine), don’t you?
    Thank you!

  300. I have sensitive skin. Lots of pores and fine lines. I am 63. I am allergic to any creams that have retinal . What oils can you suggest?

  301. Thank you. So glad you didn’t say cocunut oil, the Bain of Estheticians everywhere. One you might consider that I use is grapeseed oil lipophiillic (oil attracts oil) and there are skin care lines that use ol cleansers (Dermalogica preclease and Babor and more). Interesting about rosehip oil, I never knew it was like inevstop shopping with retinols and vitamin C. Perfect!!!

  302. Hi! I have loved reading your blog. I have recently tried moisturizing with oils. I suffer with problem skin, and am pretty much at the point of desperation where I will try anything. I do have a question though: is there an oil that can help mattify my skin alongside jojoba oil? I basically used your blend on another post with some added tea tree oil.

  303. It is a wonderful article, will definitely go for Rosehip oil.
    Thanks for sharing the information.
    Besides, coconut oil and almond oil also work great for the skin.

  304. Good day Nadia
    I had eczema but it was very bad it left very dark marks on my arms, legs and back can I use these oils and can I mix them all together and use them, I have tried everything for the marks to go away.

  305. I was wondering do you use these as an undereye “cream” too or do you use a separate one for that? Also during the day when you wear makeup what would be something you would use to not be a oily mess?

  306. Hey, I have acne scars all over my face. This is because I have PCOD. Which oil will you suggest me to get rid of these scars forever ? I’m so tired of seeing my face full of acnes and pathetic SCARS !!

  307. My problem my face i have dry face nit really dry at all and i have aging spot i am 47 years old so far and need idea about my problem to my aging spot …thank you…

  308. Could you please suggest an alternative oil for acne prone skin other than tamanu oil? I am very keen on trying your recipe for acne prone skin but I dont want to invest so much as a first timer.

  309. thanks, have tried all creams to no avail, just eager to try the oils. looking for them in our beauty shops when i will be free . thanks once more. am a Kenyan

  310. Thank you for the tips Nadia! Been falling in love with castor oil and will blend it with above mentioned to better suit my skin needs 🙂

  311. Hi Nadia!
    Have you ever used almond oil as well?
    My cheeks have recently become very dry, red, and hot (especially after washing my face) and I’m trying to figure out what combination of oils would work best to treat my skin condition. I heard almond oil is great but I also want to try out those oils you’ve suggested. Any advice? Thanks in advance 🙂

  312. i have very dry sensitive fair skin. i have tried tea tree oil before and it made my skin terrible. it broke me out even more all over my face. ive heard about all these oils but im still skeptical…oh and what about Almond Oil??

  313. I love your article! I have bought the jajoba oil and the hemp seed oil to balance out each other in hope of something more natural to take care of my skin. When you mix the two, what is the best method? Apply one then the other? Or at the same time? Thank you!

  314. Am just getting started with the facial oils, organic coconut oil, and Apple cider vinegar as an astringent. Only one week in and I’m overwhelmed with the results. At age 59 and suffered from acne since age 16, this means a LOT!

  315. Can I mix coconut oil and sweet almond oil? My coconut oil is maybe one month old , but since I never knew the benefits of sweet almond oil , it has been down in my cabinet for a while.

    I am so stupid…..for years…( I am 50 now. )…I thought I HAD to have my Dove soap , and Olay moisturizer. Plus , I have spent hundreds on expensive anti aging creams and eye serums.
    Then , I started reading about 6 months ago how good natural oils are. I was just looking for inexpensive ways to make homemade stuff when I saw the article.

    Thank you for posting this.

  316. I love neutrogena sun block [shear] i used organic turmeric and a pitch of oil to make a face mask it works wonders. I always moisturize my face after TRY IT and especially who suffers with acne, pimple etc.

  317. Nice article, but don’t forget grapeseed oil. It’s by far one of the best natural oils for clear skin. Grapeseed oil is one of richest in vitamin E (7% of daily allowance per tablepoon), and 70% of its fat are in the form of linoleic acid. Studies have shown that acne patients have lower levels of linoleic acid in their skin than average. Specifically, it is naturally antimicrobial and keeps p.acnes bacteria suppressed, and it might defend your cells from UV radiation irritation as well.

    Jojoba oil is pretty great as well, since it moisturises superbly yet has a comedogenic rating (pore-clogging) of only two out of 5. Both are among the top natural moisturisers for acne. Good article overall!

  318. Hi and Help! I’m desperate! Last November I used a Neutrogena toner and caused my face to get itchy,swollen red areas all over ; ever since then my skin hasn’t really recuperated; every time I use sunscreen the same thing happens but I must use sunscreen because I have many ugly dark spots all over my face. Today I tried putting castor oil with hemp seed oil on and the itchy painful redness started again. I tried this combination because all my life I suffered from severe acne. I am 55now so it has somewhat healed but I still breakout.
    I had to rinse it off because it was getting worse. Please help me, I’m desperate!

  319. I’m ordering the oils for the acne prone face oil…but you also mention that you like rosehip oil mixed with jojoba oil for less sheen. This is not added to your face oil recipe, so I wondered how much rosehip oil you use in your face oil recipe. Thanks!

  320. I have just chanced on your blog today, and can I just say that I LOVE It! There are so many things that I want to read on. Your content is amazing and I love the topics. I will be here for regular visits to read up!.Thanks for sharing such insightful information!

  321. When hemp seed oi is mixed with jajoba oil, does it still need to be refrigerated? Would I need to refrigerate the mix?

  322. Just mix them together in a dropper bottle, shake, and then apply the mixture to your skin! It’s much easier than applying them separately.

  323. Hi Nadia
    I came across this article couple weeks ago while Googling the use of oils for face care, some thing I have been curious about for a long time. I have struggled with my skin for all of my adult life. I wash it, it feels dry and tight and like it’s about to crack off my face. I put on a light moisturizer and within a couple minutes my face would feel dry and cracking again. Couple hours later, even when using super light gel moisturizers, my skin would begin to feel oily. Often, if I could, I would wash my face mid day and repeat the process. If I tried any thing that even remotely felt oily, my face would instead feel itchy and oily and caked up. I have been fighting breakouts constantly. I can’t remember a single day when I wouldn’t have irritating break outs of one sort or another. It’s been a vicious circle, from too dry to too oily in a heart beat no matter what I tried. Your article inspired me, I could relate to what you were saying and the same night I placed an order for some oils to try: Jajoba, Rosehip, and Tamanu. The first two arrived the next day and I was excited to try them.
    What happened next completely blew any expectations I had out of the water.
    With first use on the first day, my skin felt great as soon as I applied the oil. It felt so comfortable. It didn’t feel irritated and dry at any point and it remained feeling great and never got oily throughout the entire day. And it gets better, by the end of the evening my skin still didn’t feel like it was getting clogged up and ready to break out. Mind.. BLOWN! It has been a little under 2 weeks and I simply had to reach out and say THANK YOU! Unless I wake up and this changes, I think you quite possibly have changed my life! <3

  324. Nadia,

    How about any suggestions for carrier/essential oils that would be healing to chest and underarms for (breast cancer) radiation burns? There are various creams and ointments that are suggested but they are loaded with chemicals! I’d rather use something that is organic and with as few ingredients as possible.

  325. I recently saw a recipe for a face moisturizer on your blog but now I can’t find it! It was a blog about a moisturizer you made with aloe Vera. (and the importance of moisturizing with water then sealing it with oil) you also talked about adding niacinamide and MSM… ??

  326. An excellent and well considered blog. As a formulator of a waterless natural skin care company, it’s great to see other people have ‘got it’. It’s an ongoing uphill struggle explaining to customers that their nice fluffy creme still has oil in alongside water, emulsifiers and preservatives. The key is blending correctly to obtain the best outcome for the skin considering vitamins, nutrients, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants.

    Enjoy oil.

  327. Someone asked about rosacea and what helped me was tea tree oil. I love it! Be careful to keep it away from your eyes. My redness and bumps that itch are gone. Occasionally I will have a flare up but using tea tree oil has changed my life with my rosacea! So thankful!!!

  328. Hello am using extra virgin coconut oil,extra virgin olive oil and almond oil for face all mixed up.Are these oils good or I shouldn’t mix them?

  329. Hi mam,
    I’m pooja from India, I’m having oily acne prone sensitive skin, for 3 months my face have new acne. It’s like red puss filled also red scar. One of my aunty told me use Tamanu oil in face it will slowly makes skin regenerate and acne free. But should be consistent. Now I started it, it’s being 2 weeks. First use few pimples came. She told me there will be pimples coming but it will go using it consistent. So I would like to know will this oil help me??? Or any other oil to be used. Because I’m having red big scars also pimples. Please do reply… Help me. Hope you will reply.. thanks.

  330. My issue is that the rosehip oil is breaking my face out and it does make it feel a bit oily. Am I using it wrong? I am getting more acne than I was before, and yet my skin also looks glowing and hydrated… I want to control my oily skin and acne D: Please help.

  331. I started having acne breakouts when I was 31 which was really frustrating, I tried a lot of products but didn’t see any results till I read about EO.I use almond oil(carrier oil) and lavender oil(EO)and it has really helped with my breakouts. it dried out my acne in less than 4 weeks. The only thing left now is just black spots which I believe will clear out on its own soon.

  332. Hi, i read your article and its good. How about argan oil? I’ve been using it for one month now, I’ve been using it as moisturizer morning and evening

  333. Hi Nadia I just came accross your site and i thisnk its amazing. I am also interested in healthy life style and reading about the best iols for your skin i guess it made ne contact you. I dont have big issues with my skin, maybe a pimple ones in a while. nI pay attention of nwhat i am eating. I want to improve my rutine for my skin, in a sense that a colagen bust or minimizing wrinckles will do the trick. I have a combination type nskin with a tendancy for oily so how should i use the rose hip oil? In what king of combination in order to maximize the effects? thank you for your answer in advance.

  334. I also have an obsession with putting oil on my skin!
    I did this since I was a teenager,oils completely replaced my moisturizers. I put them all over my body. Saves my super dry skin.
    If you have oily skin or acne prone skin it’s very important to choose an oil that is not comedogenic though.

  335. I think Rosehip Oil is best one for the skin. It is one of the top anti-aging oils for the skin and immune system.

    Thanks for sharing!

  336. Sorry if you have already answered this! Are there any contraindications for mixing any of the oils together that you have listed in skin care?

    So if I choose whichever ones I feel like I want to try, it won’t cause some crazy side effect if one is mixed with another?

  337. Hi Nadia! I wonder if you have heard about The Ordinary skin care line? They have a couple of oils that are inexpensive and I was wondering what you thought about them. I am interested in their Rosehip seed oil. Thanks!

  338. I just found your blog while searching for ways to use essential oils on skin. I am obsessed with Castor oil and Coconut oil. I use both every day. I have found tons of information for how to add essential oils now thanks to you. I just wanted to add, I use Castor oil directly to my eyebrows (I have sparse hair there do to over waxing and scars) and it works AMAZING to thicken my brows. I also use it directly to my elbows and other small spot treating areas that I suffer from severe psoriasis at. It practically makes my areas of discomfort disappear (only until my next shower however. This is something I have to do after every shower to keep results)… I was searching for ways to combine my carrier oils with essential oils to use all over that would leave me smelling good and wouldn’t leave that icky feeling that lotion or Castor oil alone leave… Thank you!

  339. Can’t believe you have not included coconut oil. It’s one of the best out there ive used it for years as a mosituriser and results are great.

  340. I specifically mention why I didn’t include it in the post! It really breaks a lot of people out – not good for acne-prone skin.

  341. Hello! I love this article! I was just wondering if you use other products too in your routines. If so can you list them? I’m trying to find a more natural morning and night routine and I would love your opinions on what products I should use. I have a combination skin type, if that’s helpful in anyway. Thank you so much and have a great day!

  342. Hello
    I completely agree with your selection ans suggestions. Do you have a few extra suggestions for anti-aging benefits, maybe helping with fines lines and « sagging » skin for mature women ?

  343. I have both rosehip and jojoba oils. Do I have to mix them together or just apply seperatly?

  344. Hi,
    What oil is best mixed with Rosehip Oil so it won’t be as dry on the face?


  345. hai mam, but i very new in this topic. and thanks for ur posting. i have combination skin type breakouts and small bumps on my nose side areas and chin area. u mentioned only oily and dry skin essential oils. but what about combination skin holders. would u pls suggest any useful oils for my skin type?? it means a lot. because i m looking forwrd organic skin care.

  346. Thank you for this post! It’s really helpful because I have been wanting to learn more about how to use oils on my skin and which ones are best to use.

    Are there any face oils that you would recommend using on the eye area to make the eyes less hooded?

  347. I am a HUGE fan of rose hip oil, too. I got a sample of this kind, and it made my skin just glow! I have acne prone, acne scarred skin. I’ve tried EVERYTHING, even prescription strength solutions, but nothing worked until I found rose hip oil. I only use 2 DROPS, that’s all it takes, at night, and I wake up with the best looking skin! it has even helped fade my dark spots and acne scars. I use Pai Rosehip Oil, and it’s only 40 bucks. That’s NOTHING compared to all the money I’ve wasted on other products. The best part is that once u apply it at night, that’s all! Nothing else is needed! I do still apply some eye cream, but it’s really just out of habit. Rosehip oil has reduced my nightly beauty routine from 30 to 40 minutes to 5! I have nothing but amazing things to say about this product! Love it!

  348. Hi!! I wanted to try the pumpkin oil on my face, but the only natural oil I could find from my local organic supermarket was Roasted pumpkin seed oil. I’m trying it out but wanted to know if the qualities and benefits were the same when roasted. It states the vitamins on the back of the bottle so I could imagine it’s not harming, but I wanted a second opinion.
    Thank you!

  349. I am so glad to have come across your blog and I purchased immediately all the oils which I would mix with my “raw shea butter” and “wheatgerm oil”.
    I have been suffering with a skin condition for nearly 20 yrs which flares up badly if I don’t apply hydrocortisone ointment at least three times a week at bedtime. Shea butter and wheatgerm oil has work wonder onto my skin! it has the same effect as the hydrocortisone oitment and my skin remains clear of blemishes. Cant wait for the result if I combine it with the rest of the oils.

  350. what about Marula oil? I’ve heard mixed results and was curious if you’ve tried it..

  351. hi im a newbie on facial oil and i just really want to try it! just want to know if I can mix jojoba oil, grape seed oil and tamanu oil? how can I mix it? I have lagre pores and some acne and oily skin hope this can help me

  352. hi,came across your site whilst browsing for natural skin products i adore oils lotions and portions fab cannot wait to start browsing