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After learning more about how to appropriately formulate skincare and beauty products, I no longer recommend this DIY all-natural eye-emphasizing mascara and have removed the recipe. My concern is with proper preservation of the formula to prevent bacteria growth.

As we live and learn, our thoughts, actions, and work evolve — I hope you understand! And I hope you will keep my concern in mind if you discover other DIY eye makeup recipes.

But don’t worry! I’ve tested A LOT of natural mascaras to find the very best for you.

Read more about my hunt for the best natural mascara, and which ones came out on top! I’m talking volume, definition, and long-lasting performance without any unhealthy chemicals adding to your body burden.


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  1. Jenna, I don’t know why it didn’t work for you. I just used charcoal, aloe vera gel, and betonite clay. I didn’t measure out 10 capsules because mine is in bulk, so I’m not sure how much I put in. The consistency was gooey perfect and it stuck to my eyelashes. Maybe try putting more charcoal in?
    BTW, this is a great DIY. I don’t wear mascara just because who-knows-what’s-in-it. But now I have my own! Thanks!

  2. I’m wondering why this did not work for me. I had all the ingredients on hand except the empty mascara tube. I do have a mascara wand so I tried to apply it directly from the shot glass that I mixed all the ingredients in. The black mixture does not get on my lashes. Mostly just splatters around my eye. It seems too liquidey. Oh well, on to the next experiment. Thanks for the recipe, though. Glad it works for you.

  3. I have bulk activated charcoal. Do you know what the measurement is of the powder in 10 capsules? Thanks!

    Also, like Bryanna, I’m curious if this would work as an eyeliner (before I buy the empty eyeliner bottle). Thank you! =]

  4. Hi, Hannah. Probably – and to be honest, I tried. But it was too much to heat the wax and try to mix in the aloe – I couldn’t get it to the right consistency and I think one time it may have burned! I see how adding wax would be easier for coconut oil based mascaras. If you give it a go and it works out, please let me know!

  5. Hmm unfortunately I don’t think it is. I always wash my face before working out but it washes of easily and is definitely not waterproof.

  6. DOH!!! Just went back and read article again and found the answer to my own question! 😛

  7. How do you get the old store bought mascara out of the tube? or can you buy clean empty tubes to use?

  8. Looks awesome! I have been wanting to make my own too, can you use this as liquid eyeliner too?

  9. Is there any way to make this waterproof? We live in Fl and everything runs here even without tears!

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