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After learning more about how to appropriately formulate skincare and beauty products, I no longer recommend this DIY all-natural eye-emphasizing mascara and have removed the recipe. My concern is with proper preservation of the formula to prevent bacteria growth.

As we live and learn, our thoughts, actions, and work evolve — I hope you understand! And I hope you will keep my concern in mind if you discover other DIY eye makeup recipes.

But don’t worry! I’ve tested A LOT of natural mascaras to find the very best for you.

Read more about my hunt for the best natural mascara, and which ones came out on top! I’m talking volume, definition, and long-lasting performance without any unhealthy chemicals adding to your body burden.


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  1. Hello Nadia,
    Last months I spentots of time in research for healthy honemade mascara. Of which engredients were your concerns? Isn’t it enough to use shea butter, cocnut oil or the vitemin E in order to get an antimicrobical effect?
    Many thanks 🙂

  2. Hi Tiffany. May I ask specifically why you can’t read it? I’ve been having some technical issues and knowing exactly why you’re unable to read it would be very helpful to me so I can fix the problem! Thank you 🙂

  3. Very responsible of you to take it down! I never even saw it was just browsing curiously. But there are a lot of “Diy’s” and “beauty hacks” that are so harmful and toxic it kills me every time I see a new one pop up! Your integrity is greatly appreciated and admirable 🙂