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After learning more about how to appropriately formulate skincare and beauty products, I no longer recommend this DIY all-natural eye-emphasizing mascara and have removed the recipe. My concern is with proper preservation of the formula to prevent bacteria growth.

As we live and learn, our thoughts, actions, and work evolve — I hope you understand! And I hope you will keep my concern in mind if you discover other DIY eye makeup recipes.

But don’t worry! I’ve tested A LOT of natural mascaras to find the very best for you.

Read more about my hunt for the best natural mascara, and which ones came out on top! I’m talking volume, definition, and long-lasting performance without any unhealthy chemicals adding to your body burden.


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  1. Aloe Vera Gel actually is a very good clear mascara. Even though it has a sort of greenish tint, it is very good for dark lashes. I’m not sure about blonde lashes, or dirty blonde, because I have dark brown hair, but I think it might work. All you have to do is purchase or clean out a mascara container. Then add castor oil( it adds more volume to your eyelashes) and aloe vera gel. The castor oil helps you achieve a more voluminous look and the aloe vera gel helps your lashes grow longer. This is very very healthy, and I strongly approve it. This is also great for a natural kind of look and for tweens (10-12) who want to have beautiful healthy lashes. 🙂

  2. We in India make mascara by lighting a small earthenware bowl filled with either mustard oil or gingelly oil using a cotton wick. Another slightly bigger earthenware bowl is kept inverted on top of the flame to enable the soot to deposit .The soot is gently collected on a sheet of paper and transferred into a tiny sliver box . Then a small amount of clarified butter ( and a tiny bit of camphor which is optional ) is added and properly mixed and then lighted . When the flame has nearly but not totally died down this silver container is plunged in cool water and immediately removed and the excess water shaken out. Now the mascara is ready for use.

  3. I tried to make this mascara and I really like it 🙂 of course it is not as good looking as mascara from shop, but it is natural and safe. My eyes dont get red and not paining! I am so happy 🙂

  4. thanks so much for this awesome idea! i tried several different variations of the coconut oil based recipe and never had much luck. excited to try this one soon 🙂

  5. well, this didn’t work for me. I have naturally curled eye lashes and blond hair. I tried (oh I tried, some 45 minutes!) to apply this mixture to my eyelashes and it just wouldn’t stick to the hair! At all! Forget “clumping”, “falling off” or “smearing” – it just didn’t color my hair.
    Eventually I started over and applied literally chunks of the mass on my eyelashes and the brushed through, then did it two more times – now I got it lightly shaded a shade darker and it covers 1/3rd of my eyelashes…

  6. I wonder if you can thin the mixture with contact solution the way you can thin (revive) commercial mascara. Maybe this might help those having thickness issues…

  7. I made your mascara I like it real well I use the only thing with it is sometimes I get coon eyes from using ,do u have any sugeastion on this .thank u for sharing this with me .

  8. Made it for the 2nd time yesterday. Used Fruit of the Earth gel from amazon. Used 4t aloe, 6 charcoal caps & a scant 1/4 t bentonite, & a few drops of Vitamin E. Used a little 5 oz Anchor Hocking glass which made mixing easier. Also used a 1ml syringe (from the vet). It is tiny, but fits all the way down into the tube enabling filling at the bottom first, which is a problem for me. Using a narrow glass also makes it easier to fill the syringe. It might could have been a bit thinner, but works great.
    And ladies, check out the eyelash serum recipes…..they really DO work. Be patient, takes a few months.
    I also use the castor oil to remove eye makeup.

  9. I’m giving this one a try I made one mascara and its to oily I get oil all over my eye area so wish me good luck

  10. When you add the clay, do you add the powder directly or mix it with water to make clay first? Thanks x

  11. Thanks for sharing your advice and experience with us! So glad you’re enjoying the DIY!!

  12. For everyone getting clumps, try to just make sure you add the bentonite clay AFTER mixing the aloe and charcoal a bit, it really helps. I also added a capsule of vitamin E as a preservative and some Rosehip essential oil for…my love of Rosehip oil. ;p The addition of a little oil seemed to kind of smooth everyone out a little better without compromising the staying power. Another pro-tip: DEFINITELY get a syringe. I tried lots of silly experiments to almost no avail, a syringe definitely necessity to get your mascara in the tube, like, at all. However, the tiny bit I was able to get into my tube is great, I’m in love! This is an awesome recipe, thank you for saving my irritated eyes (and wallet)!

  13. Well I haven’t tried anything else so I’m not sure if it would work but perhaps vegetable glycerine…?

  14. I cant use aloe -allergic to everything….nothing nut based or coconut oil and vitamin E wouldn’t be an option since most of it is derived from soy another allergy-I was just wondering if you had any other suggestions for what I could replace the aloe with?

  15. Thanks Nadia! I just made this mascara and am so pleased to have a nontoxic alternative that looks natural and great! From the posts I read above I get the feeling the type of aloe vera might make a difference-I used ‘Lily of the Desert aloe vera gel-inner filet dietary supplement’ from my natural food store and the consistency was perfect when following your recipe. I made sure to shake the bottle really well first because otherwise mostly liquid pours out and wouldn’t give the right consistency. Thanks again for sharing this wonderful diy mascara recipe!