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detox clay foot mask

This simple detox clay foot mask gently draws toxins from the feet. It may sound strange but it’s considered one of the safest ways to detox the body! Let’s take a closer look at how this natural remedy works and how to use it…

Ah, there’s nothing like pampering yourself with a nice mask.

… on your feet.

Oh, you’ve never put a mask on your feet before!?

Well that’s weird.

Just kidding! I know I’m the weirdo for putting a mask on my feet.

But trust me, soon you’ll be doing the same… and your body will be thanking you for it.

Detoxing the body via the feet is considered to be one of the safest forms of detoxification.

This simple detox foot mask uses bentonite clay — one of the most powerful healing clays available — to gently draw toxins from the feet. Its strong negative charge bonds to the positive charge of toxins and heavy metals. So when it comes in contact with a toxin or heavy metal, the clay will actually absorb it and then release its minerals for the body to use. Pretty amazing, huh?

I always have bentonite clay on hand since I use it in my Blackhead Busting Blackout Mask (a real miracle worker!) and my DIY All-Natural Detoxifying Deodorant (it’s the anti-antiperspirant).

And more recently, I’ve been applying this detox clay foot mask about once a month…

Now you may be wondering: what’s the deal with detox?

And here’s the thing: the body is always detoxing. It knows how to do it, and it does it well.

BUT (big but here) we’re exposed to an absolute ton of toxins in this modern world of ours —hundreds if not thousands of unhealthy chemicals on a daily basis. This exposure isn’t just from the food we eat and the air we breathe, but our personal care products, home cleaning products, home furnishings… the list really goes on and on. Some come and go pretty quickly while others bioaccumulate in our fat cells.

Collectively, all of the chemicals on our bodies are known as our “body burden.” (Sound familiar? A whole lot like Body Unburdened, huh!?) The average adult’s body burden is made up of over 700 manmade, industrial chemicals. Yep, pretty darn crazy. And these 700 (give or take a few) chemicals make the body’s detox processes work extra hard. Sometimes, the body can’t handle this extra workload.

So this detox clay foot mask is just a little something extra to take the burden off your body’s detox pathways and amp up your health. Sort of like a daily matcha latte or smoothie: totally unnecessary for good health but very helpful!

Detox Clay Foot Mask with bentonite clay


  • 3 tablespoons bentonite clay
  • 2 tablespoons filtered water
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar


  • Decide where you want to apply your mask — not where on your body (we know it’s going on your feet!), but where in your home. Because unless you’re a gymnast and can walk on your hands, you’re not going to get very far. I usually apply the mask in the bathroom while sitting on the ledge of the tub or in the tub (if it’s dry). I’ll read a book, watch a movie on my laptop, or do some work. Being near or in the tub obviously makes cleaning up a whole lot easier!
  • Apply the mask to the bottom of the feet and around the ankles.
  • To aid your body’s detoxification pathways, drink lots of filtered water and munch on some foods that naturally detox and cleanse your body while you prop your feet!
  • Let the mask sit for 8-10 minutes (or until dry), then rinse off.

What do you think? Will you give it a try?

Or have you tried it yet? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. I love this idea, and the ingredients are great! But the ratio of ingredients is way off. If you use 3 T clay, 2 T water and 1 T acv, you’ll end up with a paste so thick you can barely smear it (and so dense it won’t dry out). In my experience it made way too much for one person with two feet lol! I will definitely do this again but will change the ratio of ingredients to create an appropriate amount that I can smear on my feet 🙂

  2. Yes I will I had thought about this last week and was looking to see if I was on the right rack these are the ingredients I thought I should use thanks for the validation!

  3. I did it with excess mask I had from masking my face. I looked up if it’s good and came across this article. I didn’t do around my ankles but I will next month:) yay I’m not the only weirdo out there:)
    Stay safe and thank you

  4. I just tried it tonight on my daughter. She has been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. I heard detoxing can help calm the body down and rid it of toxins. I’m not sure how to know if it did anything ‍♀️. She has calmed down though.

  5. Your content here is worthwhile and informative. I’ve incorporated some of your recommendations into my own lifestyle changes with good results…thank you!

  6. The best way to support their bodies during a cold is with immune support.

  7. Can I do it for my kids?
    They after telling to get over a cold and cough. I thought maybe a detox would help..

  8. Thank you for your post. Loved it. I did the foot mask, then put almond oil on my feet after I rinsed it off, then socks. I also did a face mack with the Benonite Clay and ACV. Loved how it made my face feel. My face was red for awhile afterwards, but it went away.

    I make my own Anti-aging cream and I put that on after the face mask. Love this stuff.

    Keep up the great work.

  9. Great idea. I’ve used clay for a variety of things and used detox foot pads, foot reflexology and detox foot baths, but somehow never thought about using a clay foot mask….seems like a no-brainer once I heard about it. Thanks for this post. I would like to include it in a post I’m putting together for my Self-help Health blog….would give credit, have link to the site, etc., but it says to check w/ you before copying or distributing, so wanted to check with you.

    Also, for the person (Lori) who was wondering about links to more info on clay, a great resource is….they also have regular webinars you can sign up for and live Q & A sessions.

  10. I like to mix it with vinager instead of water. I feel like it mixes smoother. Can I use that with the foot mask or is water better?

  11. Love using the clay for my face and the glow it gives. My feet could always use some pampering so will give this a try. (Good excuse to put my feet up.) Any links to more about clay and its benefits? Would love to read more about it. Thanks for the tip and enjoy your blog!