Anti-antiperspirants and proud of it!


anti antiperspirant deodorant and proud of itI have a confession to make:

At one point in my life, I used clinical-strength antiperspirant deodorant.  Oh, the horror. I look back on those days and cringe, asking “Why, why did you do this to yourself!?”

But the answer is simple: I didn’t know any better.

Antiperspirants work by blocking the pores that release sweat. Not only does this block one of your body’s primary routes of detoxification (underarm sweat), but there is great concern with the active ingredient used in most antiperspirant deodorants, aluminum (often in the compound form “aluminum chlorohdrate” or “aluminum zirconium”).  This ingredient is responsible for antiperspirants’ wetness fighting ability, and as a result, most deodorants on the market contain up to 25 percent aluminum by weight.

Strong evidence links aluminum to Alzheimer’s Disease, a terrible illness that severely impacts memory. Though many experiments analyzing the connection between Alzheimer’s and alluminum have been conducted, “of more practical importance is a case-control study which looked at the association of [Alzheimer’s Disease] and lifetime exposure to aluminum in antiperspirants and antacids. Scientists found a direct correlation. The more antiperspirant that was used, the more likely the person would develop [Alzheimer’s Disease]… The risk in high users was as high as 300%” (read more on the connection between aluminum and Alzheimer’s on Mercola).

Furthermore, some research suggests that aluminum compounds found in deodorant, which are applied frequently to the underarms near the breasts, are absorbed by the skin and cause estrogen-like (hormonal) effects. Because high estrogen levels have been linked to the formation of breast cancer cells, there is a chance that the aluminum-based compounds in antiperspirants may contribute to the development of breast cancer (read more on the connection between aluminum and breast cancer on Mercola).

For these reasons, I’ve been anti-antiperspirants for awhile now.

Now I know what you’re thinking… and the answer is no! I am in a happy relationship with a fabulous man and have friends and function in the workplace and don’t get dirty looks from random passerbys (i.e. I do not have horrible BO).

The reason: natural deodorant works!

I whip up my DIY all-natural detoxifying deodorant in my kitchen.

A twist on the classic DIY deodorant recipes, this deodorant contains a powerful detoxifying ingredient that pulls toxins from the skin. It’s the anti-antiperspirant. With just 5 ingredients, most of which can be purchased at your local grocery store, this DIY is a must try! Find all of the details here. 

If DIY isn’t your thing, not to fret.

There are plenty of natural deodorants available for you to purchase. Visit the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database to see those with the lowest toxicity scores.

Remember that what may work for one body may not work for another. But do not give up! It is possible to smell great and be non-toxic, and you are bound to eventually find an all-natural deodorant that works with your bod.


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  1. I take antidepressants and a side effect of all of them is sweating. I sweat from my neck to my head, excessively. I need something that will stop the wetness.

  2. Hey, Sam. Yes, that’s correct – natural deodorants are about preventing body odor, not perspiration.

    That’s going to be hard to find and honestly I’m not sure it exists. I have heard that the rock salt deodorants like Crystal do help to lessen perspiration to some extent, but I can’t speak to it myself since I’ve never tried them.

    But just a small reminder: perspiration is a natural and necessary process that we really don’t want to be stopping! (Then again, I know we don’t want huge sweat marks on our clothes in a middle of an important meeting or event, so it can be a hard balance to strike…)

  3. Hello Nadia.

    Among all of the Aluminium, Alcohol, Paraben free Deodorants, none of them seem to be good at preventing Perspiration.

    I have been researching a great deal into this and essentially all these Natural alternatives do is prevent the odor and not tackle sweat.

    So my question to you – What can you advise for an natural Anti-Perspirant solution.

  4. I agree with you about the aluminum. On the other side the natural solutions do not work properly and are always softer if you don’t keep them in the fridge. I am still looking for a good recipe that will make an antiperspirant stick with the feel of the commercial but without the aluminum and with natural ingredients.

  5. I have always considered making my own deodorant, but ultimately I am too lazy. Lavilin works really well for me, so I’ve been sticking with that.

  6. I made this as per the recipe, and it’s fantastic! I used regular store-bought for most of my life and after years of memory problems and foggy headedness, I discovered the aluminum in the deodorants. I don’t know if it was a contributor to my problems, but I immediately stopped using it. I tried an all-natural store bought, Toms. But at least in my case it was very short-lasting. Thought I would give this a shot, and I’m glad I did. The consistency is perfect, I took your suggestion and mixed it by hand and it almost seemed too viscous, but after leaving it out at room temp for a bit, it firmed right up. The anti-antiperspirant works very well, and the deodorant works all day. And it’s cheaper! Thanks so much for posting!

  7. I was having some swollen glands and some pain so I decided to give natural a try. I work in food service as a hostess/bartender/food runner. I tried tom’s first. had a little luck with it.but, really didn’t care for it. Now I use primal pit paste and love it.

  8. Lavilin is the BEST aluminum-free deodorant out there! I have experimented with all the brands out there (I’m obsessive about this stuff), and Lavilin is far and away the best! Just buy it on Amazon and you’ll have it a couple days later.