DIY Glass Spray Bottle (perfect for your DIY home cleaning products!)

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DIY Glass spray bottle || How to make your own glass spray bottle for natural homemade cleaning products

Making your own glass spray bottle with up-cycled materials is so easy! And a great option to store your DIY cleaning recipes with essential oils.

So if you’re here right now…

I’m going to assume you’re a crunchy little modern hippie like myself.

You wear natural beauty and skincare products, prefer glass over plastic, and make a lot of your own homemade cleaning products.

Welcome, my sister!

You’re in the right place ๐Ÿ™‚

Glass spray bottles are definitely the best option for storing your natural homemade cleaning products.

Because one of the dangers of plastic is its ability to leach chemicals into whatever it is that it’s containing.

And so the idea of putting an all-natural household cleaner or produce wash in a plastic spray-bottle where it could become infused with unhealthy chemicals just seems to defeat the purpose.

Plus, we know that essential oils (even when properly diluted) can eat away at plastic. Since so many natural homemade cleaning recipes call for essential oils, this is another big reason to go glass.

Now I looked around, and a large glass spray-bottle is a tough find!

(Sure you can find a lot of 1 and 2 ounce bottles, but these are best for natural skincare DIYs rather than for cleaning productsย โ€” just too small.)

That is until you look in your pantry…

All you need to make your own glass spray bottle is:

  • The spray nozzle and tubing from an old cleaning product
  • A glass bottle with a grooved mouth (as is typical of bottles that come with a screw-on plastic lid)

Yes, it’s really as simple as that!

Many waters, vinegars, and juices sold in glass bottle have a screw-on plastic lid have the same sized mouth and groves as plastic spray bottles. So you can simply transplant your typical plastic spray-bottle nozzle onto your glass bottle andย voilร ! Instant glass spray bottle for all of your natural DIY needs!

how to make your own glass spray bottle || DIY glass spray bottle || glass spray bottle for DIY natural cleaning products


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  1. This is absolutely awesome!! I have several glass bottles that I have been waiting to discard… oh but now…they will be going on my glass DIY storage shelf.

  2. Hi. Do you have trouble with the spray nozzle plugging? I had a misto and the “push down” spray button was always clogging. I realize that hot water might help, I was just wondering if you had the problem and if so how you solve it:)

  3. I wonder if the steel or glass drinking straws would fit into the sprayer handle? If they are larger, maybe heating them a bit and forcing them into the sprayer? Maybe a bit of epoxy or Superglue to hold them? A rubber gasket/o-ring instead of the glue?

    Anyone remember the sprinklers for ironing? They were just a glass bottle and a metal stopper w/rubber gasket and holes. Maybe we should go back to that idea and shake the cleaning fluid out instead of spraying it?

  4. I also reuse glass bottles for sprayers. You can also use small ginger ale and 7up empty bottles for sprays also and you can cut he sprayers to the length of those bottles. You can also keep the lids and use for mixing sauces spices etc. just be sure to label what they are inside.

  5. I never would have thought to use my empty small ginger ale bottles that I have saved for some use????? AWESOME IDEA GIRL and I’M GOING TO CHECK THEM OUT RIGHT NOW TO REUSE FOR HOME MADE PRODUCT SPRYS ETC. GLADI FOUND YOU. I have used an empty wine bottle already and IT WORKED.(small ones lol) I save all my colored glass bottles and now know what to do with them. YEAH

  6. Yes, it’s plastic. But all in all there is much less plastic here than with a normal plastic spray bottle.