DIY All-Natural Dry Shampoo For Blondes & Brunettes

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Ladies, we’ve all been there…

You’re running late, your boyfriend/husband is nagging you, and as much as you want to wash and style your hair, there is just no time.

Or maybe you want to throw it up in a pony-tail to make an early-morning run to the grocery store without looking quite so slick.

Or maybe you just pressed the snooze button a few extra times than you should have.

Life happens. But bad hair days don’t have to when you have dry shampoo.

When aerosol dry shampoo came on the market, it was a life-changer for me (I was in college at the time, working and studying, and often running late to both). What an amazing invention! Until you look at the ingredient label…

Ruh roh. Lots of nasties in these babies.

The iconic Pssst Dry Shampoo, has a “6” ranking in EWG’s Skin Deep Database, which is the highest score in the “moderate hazard” range.  Its most offensive ingredients have been linked to cancer, developmental/reproductive harm and organ system toxicity.

Which is why an all-natural alternative for me was a must.

And who knew it would be SO simple and effective?

DIY All-Natural Dry Shampoo For Blondes & Brunettes

For blondes:

For brunettes:

Yes, that’s it!

I mixed mine (as I am a brunette) and put it in an old spice container with a shaker top (pictured above). That way I can easily just sprinkle a little on my roots (sounds a tad silly, I know) when needed. I simply shake my hair out to blend it in. Many others use on old make-up brush to apply the powder, simply buffing it in as you would with facial powder, until completely absorbed. This is a useful technique and guarantees you get right to the roots.

Some of you may be skeptical, but I assure you this is amazing.

Way more life-changing than I had once thought aerosol dry shampoo to be. The first and foremost reason obviously being that it is all-natural. The second being that it blends much more easily for me (I always seemed to have one large white patch with the aerosols that just could not be blended and had me rubbing my head for what seemed like minutes) yet absorbs the oil completely. To boot, my hair does not get the same stiff feeling as with the aerosols.


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  1. Hello. I will definitely try this, as i have problem with thinning hair for frequent shampooing (as in everyday shamppoing my hair) and having itchy scalp. I have reads in many books and magazine that sodium laureth is bad for dry hair but most of the shampoos here in the phils. contain that. Will give feedback after i try this! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  2. I made some of this today and added a few drops of geranium essential oil and a couple drops of lemon to the powders before blending it up in my little bullet. It seemed to work

  3. Chocolate stains badly and impossible to get out of clothing. I am very concerned about residual powder dropping on clothing or carpet. Would appreciate any feedback from long time users. Many years ago I used a dry shampoo when I had very oily hair. (White powder). Would love to find something that does not look like I have powder in my hair.

  4. Hello, does this dry shampoo treat itchy scalp or dandruff? Aside from using Head&Shoulder anybody have NY home remedy for that? Does arrowroot help and where can I get it? Much thanks:-)

  5. I have bad hair odor so I need to wash and condition my hair everyday. Will this help with the odor if I skip hair washes for a couple of days? Also does the cocoa powder make your hair sticky during hot days or would it start to drip of my hair if it comes in contact with rain?

  6. I haven’t noticed it myself but then, I also haven’t been using anything but arrowroot powder and water in my hair for the last 2 months. Because of this my scalp has felt better than ever.

  7. I have been using the cornstarch alone (I’m blonde) but notice my scalp to be increasingly dry and somewhat uncomfortable. Any thoughts? Does arrowroot lead to the same potential scalp drying side effect?

  8. LOL attract pests to your hair? I don’t think so. Just keep the jar closed like you would with any other beauty product.

  9. Cornstarch is great and all, but i’m fearful that it would attract mice and other pests. Unsweetened cocoa powder seems less likely to do so since in its unsweetened form, it is not sweet (or at least less so than the unsweetend cocoa powder), would it be as effective to use all cocoa powder? or is there an alternative powder that could be used as effective oil dry shampoo and would not attract pests?