DIY All-Natural Dry Shampoo For Blondes & Brunettes

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Ladies, we’ve all been there…

You’re running late, your boyfriend/husband is nagging you, and as much as you want to wash and style your hair, there is just no time.

Or maybe you want to throw it up in a pony-tail to make an early-morning run to the grocery store without looking quite so slick.

Or maybe you just pressed the snooze button a few extra times than you should have.

Life happens. But bad hair days don’t have to when you have dry shampoo.

When aerosol dry shampoo came on the market, it was a life-changer for me (I was in college at the time, working and studying, and often running late to both). What an amazing invention! Until you look at the ingredient label…

Ruh roh. Lots of nasties in these babies.

The iconic Pssst Dry Shampoo, has a “6” ranking in EWG’s Skin Deep Database, which is the highest score in the “moderate hazard” range.  Its most offensive ingredients have been linked to cancer, developmental/reproductive harm and organ system toxicity.

Which is why an all-natural alternative for me was a must.

And who knew it would be SO simple and effective?

DIY All-Natural Dry Shampoo For Blondes & Brunettes

For blondes:

For brunettes:

Yes, that’s it!

I mixed mine (as I am a brunette) and put it in an old spice container with a shaker top (pictured above). That way I can easily just sprinkle a little on my roots (sounds a tad silly, I know) when needed. I simply shake my hair out to blend it in. Many others use on old make-up brush to apply the powder, simply buffing it in as you would with facial powder, until completely absorbed. This is a useful technique and guarantees you get right to the roots.

Some of you may be skeptical, but I assure you this is amazing.

Way more life-changing than I had once thought aerosol dry shampoo to be. The first and foremost reason obviously being that it is all-natural. The second being that it blends much more easily for me (I always seemed to have one large white patch with the aerosols that just could not be blended and had me rubbing my head for what seemed like minutes) yet absorbs the oil completely. To boot, my hair does not get the same stiff feeling as with the aerosols.


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  1. Hi everyone! I recently started using dry shampoo. My first sample came from an Eco Emi subscription box and inside of it was a sample of a dry shampoo from Echo Friendly Living and they use the same ingredients – cornstarch and cocoa powder – only they add spearmint essential oil. I ♡ it! just gives you that extra subtle fresh smell and feeling that I’ve noticed a lot of you readers are looking for, so maybe somebody can try using a mint EO or different scent, since it seems like this company has pulled it off. Hope this helps!

  2. I’m wondering if highlighting powder (shimmery skin stuff) added to arrowroot powder would give you the shiny not oily look. I only have the cream kind at the moment but powder kind might work.

  3. For those of you with red hair, I’ve read that using the special dark cocoa powder is better because it has a reddish tint. If you try it, let us know!

  4. This is an Amazing idea!!! Simple and inexpensive! – along with the various tips & improvements!
    2 things that i’m hoping someone has addressed (before i become a regretful guinea pig)… 1, i’ve wondered if one could add scent, without resorting to the talc powder form that dry scents it usually come in…the spice idea someone mentioned is a good start.
    Also, i’ve messed around with using a few shine products, in really small amounts, to get rid of the powgered wig effect – after use. Some luck there, I got a little bit of shine – and not in the recognizable, greasy hair pattern – the heavy, oily look that’s intense at the roots, and diminishes towards the ends.
    It doesn’t seem like it would… but that, alone, makes hair appear, much less dirty. It would be great to use the cocoa/rice poder or dry clay mix, with a bit of some scent, of my choice I HATE the thick, cloying chemical fruity scents that dominate the hair/skin and room scents on the market now). But, i don’t know of any scent products that are not essential oils…and those don’t give, but the tiniest bit of shine. I’m guessing there’s some way of combining the dry mix with a scent, or a shine, that won’t
    And…after 4 kids, my hair got course and very not-shiny. As id it sucks in light, and refuses to bounce any of it back. Think brown cotton ball. Not pretty. Not soft silky soft either.
    I have to admit, the difference that the leave-in, after-shampoo shine products out there make a night and day difference for me. Almost unbelievable! While they don’t come with any warnings or insructions to dial a poison control center, i wouldn’t be shocked if they’re toxic. Does anyone know of any non toxic shine stuff ?
    If you want an interesting color shimmer in your hair, in sreaks or all over, i’ve put streaks of natural iridescent pigment powder, both mixed into shine serum and dry, in my hair with my fingers.
    It’s sold in art stores and catalogs. You get sreaks of color, like copper, vivid periwinke, aqua and other blues pinks, yellows
    Steely gray/black, silver, gold, greens… it’s fun.:^)

  5. Happy, as far as I know cornflour is the same as cornstarch (I always assumed that it was just a case of British vs. American English) but if they’re not the same I can vouch for cornflour
    A tip for those of us with rainbow coloured hair (mine is currently bubblegum pink): crush up an old or unwanted eyeshadow (as long as it vaguely matches the colour of your hair) and mix some in with the cornstarch, it blends much easier as long as you keep the colour subtle (i.e don’t use too much eyeshadow) and helps bled away growing out roots

  6. Can I use cornflour instead of cornstarch? and baking powder instead of baking soda. as I m not getting in the super stores. (I am from Bangladesh)

  7. I’m a redhead and I tried this with cinnamon…and also had to wash my hair….maybe if my hair was less oily at the time….but then….whats the point?

  8. Try putting it on overnight — it all absorbs by morning, and no grey hair!

  9. I have red hair, and today I used straight cinnamon (I use tons of cinnamon, so I get it at Costco for less than four bucks for a big shaker bottle). I sprinkled it directly onto my roots from the bottle, then just worked it in with my fingers and then brushed my hair. It worked FABULOUSLY! Even after a mid-day workout (I showered, but didn’t wash my hair) my hair STILL looks and smells great!

  10. I tried the cornstarch and cinnamon but it just looked like I had dusty hair. No matter how many times I brushed, it still looked like a powdered wig in my red hair =/ It did take the oils away but I still had to wash it to remove the cornstarch and I really didn’t use much. I am trying not to wash my hair every single day because of damage to my ends but I have an oily scalp so after one full day, I could lube an engine with it. Sadly, this didn’t work out for me as well as it has for others.

  11. I think someone above said they added cinnamon! Also, you can just do plain cornstarch. You’ll just need to blend it in very well, but it will work!