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One of the most common questions I get from readers is: “Does natural skincare really work?”

Maybe this question has run through your own mind once or twice!

And I get it: they really want those pimples/wrinkles/dry patches to go away and think that perhaps the chemicals in conventional products are there for a reason and natural products just won’t deliver the same results without them.

But often, the unhealthy chemicals in conventional skincare products aren’t included as active ingredients — instead, they act as preservatives, emulsifiers, fillers, etc. More importantly, so many ingredients that tone, soothe, smooth, and perfect the skin — like antioxidants, peptides, vitamins, exfoliating acids — are found in nature and non-toxic!

Don’t just take it from me…

The effectiveness of Juice Beauty’s natural skincare products has been clinically validated.

That is, they’ve been tried, tested, and found to be true.

So if you’re a natural beauty skeptic, their products are definitely for you!

Even if you’re a true believer like myself, it’s nice to know the results you can expect before purchasing. (You can find these results of the clinical trials under each individual product’s description.)

I’ve recently kinda sorta (definitely) developed an obsession with Juice Beauty.

You see, I’ve been using the Stem Cellular CC Cream and Green Apple Peel for ages now and love them so much. But I suddenly found myself wanting to try something NEW. (I have mentioned once or twice that I’m a shameless natural beauty junkie, haven’t I?) And I’d had my eye on Juice Beauty’s anti-aging products because 1) time is a thing and 2) I knew their products were clinically validated and liked that reassurance. Well, I haven’t been disappointed AT ALL. In fact, there are a few products that I am verifiably, 100% obsessed with — like, I l never want to be without them for another day FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!

And if you’re wondering how these products fit in with my oils… I will tell you that I apply my oils last, on top of everything else. Yes, this means on top of the Brightening Essence which is applied the Stem Cellular Serum and the Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment. Is it a lot? Well it’s certainly a bit more involved than my old routine (which on most evenings was just washing with castile soap and applying some oil)! But so far I’ve really been loving the way my skin looks and feels and plan to keep it up.

Here are the products I’ve tried recently:

Green Apple Brightening Line

Brightening Essence — OMG. OMG! This has become everything to me! It’s not a toner and it’s not a serum. I’m not quite sure what it is exactly besides a straight-up blessing to my skin. I apply it right after washing. Since it mildly exfoliates with malic acid from organic green apples and alpha lipoic acid, it’s made my skin so unbelievably soft and reduce the dryness I usually get between exfoliating. It also has peptides, CoQ10, and DMAE to reduce discoloration and the appearance of fine lines.

Full Strength Peel — A cult classic! I’ve been using this peel for a couple years now and love it. I use it about every 1-2 months since it provides intense exfoliation. If you’re a fan of exfoliation and peels, you’ll love it. (Versions for sensitive skin and blemish-prone skin are available as well, though I haven’t tried them.)

Brightening Gel Cleanser — Like the brightening essence, this cleanser mildly exfoliates. Definitely a step up from my castile soap (though I’m not sure if I’ll be purchasing again just since the Brightening Essence does such a great job in and of itself!).

Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Line

CC Cream — Like I said, I’ve been using this baby for a couple years now. It provides medium coverage and SPF 30 protection, as well as a bunch of skin-loving goodies like antioxidants.

Exfoliating Peel Spray — OK OK, here we have another new obsession of mine! Because I love exfoliating. And this is just one of the most unique products I’ve ever tried. Here’s how it works: you spray it on your skin (with eyes closed), let it sit for a few seconds, then gently rub your skin using small, circular motions. As you rub, you’ll notice the dead skin cells starting to come off. Then simply wash the spray off with some warm water and voilà! Super smooth, radiant skin.

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment — This part of my face needs some extra TLC. Because when I smile, my eyes crinkle up up up, and these crinkles are starting to stick around even when my smile’s gone. They’re technically called “expression lines” but I lovingly refer to them as “scrunchy face curse” (there are far worse things to be cursed with, no doubt). I honestly haven’t been using it long enough to see obvious results, but I love the texture and applicator

Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum — I’ve been using this in the PM (since I use a vitamin C serum in the AM) and love it! It provides slight hydration and moisture as well as a concentrated dose of active ingredients.

Blemish Clearing Line

I actually haven’t tried anything from this line yet and probably won’t since big breakouts like I used to experience are a thing of the past for me now. BUT that being said, Juice Beauty’s Blemish Clearing line has rave reviews and so can’t be ignored!

Blemish Clearing Solutions Kit — This kit has RAVE reviews and comes with everything you need: a cleanser, exfoliating peel, serum, and moisturizer (and is priced about $40 less than if you were to purchase them all separately).

Right now, get $125 in FREE products when you spend $100!

Simply head over to Juice Beauty, add $100 worth of products to your cart and use coupon code SSBox17 at checkout to get the Summer Surprise Box, which includes over $125 worth of skincare and makeup products! Which products are in the box? Well it’s a surprise. But based off of my experience with the Juice Beauty products I’ve tried so far, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

This offer is only available until August 7th, 2017 but only while supplies last, so act fast if you want in!


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  1. Hi, Christine!

    Ohh my 2 favorites! I hope you LOVE them as much as I do. Please report back 🙂 And I should have mentioned in the post, if you don’t like the products for whatever reason, Juice Beauty has a 45 day money-back guarantee.

    And I’m SO happy to hear you’ve enjoyed the book and have shared it with your daughters! That really just made my day 🙂 I hope they enjoy it as well!!

  2. Hi Nadia,
    I love your book and have learned so much. Just ordered theJuice Beauty CC cream and the Green Apple Brightening essence. Excited for them to arrive. I also bought your book for my daughters just into their 30’s.

    Thank you for all your helpful info !

    Christine from Vermont

  3. Thanks for sharing this precious article. The way you describe all the points are really appreciable. I will wait for your next article.

  4. Hi, Bonnie! Thank you so much, that’s so nice to hear 🙂

    I make my own face oil blends with a mixture of carrier and essential oils. You can read more about it here: How to Make A Custom Face Oil Blend Let me know if you have any other questions! I LOVE face oils and love talking about them 🙂

  5. Hi Nadia, I just love your articles. I was just wondering what oils you put on your face after the Juice Beauty products. Essential oil blends? Just curious. Thanks.