8 Simple Daily Detox Habits for Gentle Cleansing

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Detoxification is absolutely critical for good health.

Fortunately, our bodies know how to detox. They were built to detox just like they were built to breathe and eat.

But there’s no doubt about it: we’re exposed to more toxins now than ever before thanks to modern industry and pollution. And so it’s pretty darn easy for our body’s natural detoxification pathways to get backed up and sluggish from the extra workload. Plus, the modern diet or Standard American Diet (SAD) is deficient in a number of key nutrients that are necessary for detoxification. So not only has our toxic load increased, but the body has fewer of the tools it needs to detoxify properly.

When our bodies can’t detoxify properly and toxins accumulate, it can have a domino affect on other parts of the body. Hormonal imbalance, for example, is common since excess and used hormones must be detoxed by the liver — if they’re not, they’re put back into circulation, resulting in hormonal excess. Similarly, a lot of modern toxins are endocrine disruptors, which means they mimic or interfere with our natural hormones, and so need to be detoxed quickly and effectively to maintain hormonal balance. Toxic build up also inflames the body and can cause skin issues, disrupt the metabolism, cause headaches, impair memory, cause brain fog, and even increase the risk of cancer.

Luckily, there are some super simple ways to aid your body’s natural detox processes.

And no, it doesn’t involve anything drastic! Because you don’t necessarily need to do some 2-week program to keep your body healthy and free from damaging toxins.

There are a number of little things you can do every single day to support your liver, lymphatic system, and digestion to ensure your body is detoxing like a boss.

[Note: I didn’t include eating a nutrient-dense real food diet on this list since it’s a given! The liver requires a host of vitamins and minerals to adequately carry out phase 1 and 2 detoxification, and so a healthy diet is key for proper detoxification, as it is key for every other aspect of health.]

8 Simple Daily Detox Habits for Gentle Cleansing

1. Drink warm water with lemon and sea salt first thing in the morning

Why: Liver support

How: The vitamin C in lemon transforms toxins into digestible material. Lemons are also packed with antioxidants and electrolytes that stimulate the liver’s natural enzymes, and help to neutralize the body’s pH. Mineral-rich sea salt also provides electrolytes, helping to hydrate the body — hydration is necessary to help flush toxins from the body. (And of course, be sure to use water that has been filtered. Check out some of my water filter suggestions here.)

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2. Dry body brush before hopping in the shower

Why: Lymphatic flow

How: The lymphatic system runs all throughout the body like the vascular system — but unlike the vascular system, it does not have a pump (the heart). Fortunately, lymph is easily stimulated by light touch and massage, which is why dry body brushing is such an effective technique to get things flowing.

Dry body brushing basics:

  • A natural-bristled brush is best for dry body brushing
  • Always brush towards your heart (the direction the lymphatic fluid flows), lightly moving the brush in a in long strokes from your hands and feet in towards your torso
  • Avoid any cuts, scrapes, or rashes as the brush will irritate them
  • Dry brush before showering to wash off any impurities
  • After showering, moisturize (otherwise your skin will be very dry and tight). Remember to use an all-natural moisturizer, since it will be able to penetrate more deeply now that your skin is exfoliated! Coconut oil is my personal go-to body moisturizer
  • Wash your brush ever 1-2 weeks with warm soap and some castile soap

3. Amp up the fiber

Why: Digestive support

How: The liver dumps toxins into the bile, which is then excreted into the small intestine where it helps to emulsify and absorb fat. This is just another reason why regular bowel movements are so important — when things are backed up, the body can reabsorb the toxins that have been shuttled to the intestines to be removed. Fiber not only keeps things moving along as they should be, but also binds to some of these toxins, preventing them from being reabsorbed into the body even if transit time is slower. Extra credit if you add beets to your diet — not only are they high in fiber, but they’re a potent source of betaine, which aids liver detoxification and protects the liver!

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4. Make jumping part of your exercise routine

Why: Lymphatic flow

How: Jumping is an effective way to help mobilize lymph, which doesn’t have a pump and so can become sluggish. Many people use a mini trampoline or rebounder to stimulate lymphatic flow, though doing jumping jacks and jumping rope are also effective.

5. Sip on some dandelion root tea

Why: Liver support

How: Dandelion root stimulates the liver and gallbladder, promoting the release of bile, which carries toxins out of the body. Stagnant bile can cause the liver to become congested, impairing its overall functioning, as well as painful gallstones (no fun). I drink dandelion root tea almost daily (you can also buy it loose and in bulk to save some money, or take it in capsule form if you don’t like the taste of the tea).

6. Strike a (yoga) pose

Why: Liver support + Lymphatic flow

How: Yoga twists and inversions stimulate lymphatic flow and the liver. Ages ago, I put on my stretchy pants to show you these 10 poses that promote cleansing. No, they don’t require you to be able to fold like a pretzel (you can probably tell I’m not the most flexible yogi in the studio)! Try to take just 5-10 minutes at the end of the day — I usually do these while I’m watching TV or listening to a podcast — to get on the floor and practice some of these poses. And if nothing else, try the Legs Up The Wall pose (the easy version of the Shoulder Stand), which not only gets lymph flowing but pushes your body into its parasympathetic (rest and digest) state, perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day.

7. Give yourself a little neck massage

Why: Lymphatic flow

How: Lymph nodes are located all throughout the body, including the neck. It’s especially easy to gently massage the lymph nodes located here — something I try to do periodically throughout the day when I’m taking a little break. Check out this great YouTube video to learn how to do a lymphatic drainage massage on your neck. And if you’re interested, this article further explains lymphatic massage and shows how to do it on other parts of the body.

8. Stop eating 3 hours before going to bed

Why: Liver support

How: The liver is most active at night when the body is at rest. But if you have a belly full of food, the body will prioritize digestion over detoxification. So by allowing your food to digest before hitting the sack, your liver will have the time it needs to do its work.

Do you have any other daily detox habits?

Please share with us below!


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  1. These are all great detox ideas! I’m silently doing a happy dance since I’m already doing 7 out of 8 of these. The lonesome habit that I *should* be doing but not is the yoga!

  2. I love dry brushing!!! I need to get back into a routine of lemon water every morning to help cleanse the liver. Thank you for these great suggestions!

  3. Hi, Patti 🙂 I do just a sprinkle of sea salt and 2-3 sprinkles of cayenne. I don’t recommend mixing it the night before since juice starts to lose its nutritional value fairly soon after juicing. Also, microwaves do reduce nutrients so I don’t suggest putting it in the microwave – you can microwave your water if you’d like, but then add the lemon, salt, and spices after it’s out.

  4. Good tips! Although, great as it is, coconut oil is highly comodogenic (clogs pores) use argon or jojoba oil instead.

  5. Love your posts, Nadia, thank you for sharing your knowledge! Would you suggest a pint of filtered water, 1/2 lemon juiced? How much sea salt? Would a few shakes of cayenne pepper be good to add? Would it be okay to mix the night before and pop in the microwave for a bit in the morning? I’m a nurse and have to be at work early; any time saving moments help!

  6. Just a correction for number 6…the relaxed state is “parasympathetic”. Sympathetic is the stressed state.

  7. I like to take a shot of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice in the mornings after a glass of salt water to flush things out and alkalize my blood.