Dry winter air got your skin calling for HELP?

DIY All-Natural Hydrating Face Toner to the rescue!

The star of this toner contains is an ultra-hydrating ingredient and one of my wintertime skincare must-haves: vegetable glycerine.

Did you know that skin hydration and moisture are actually 2 different things?

I know I know, they sound like they’d be the same thing. But their difference is really important to understand.

Hydration has to do with water while skin moisture has to do with oil. Skin hydration comes from both inside our bodies (via the water we drink) and outside from the air. So when the air is dry and lacking moisture as happens in the wintertime, the skin no longer has a primary source of hydration.

When skin is dehydrated, moisturizing face oils can only do so much. Because while the oil helps lock in hydration, it can only do so if there is hydration there to be locked in! So in addition to hydrating our bodies properly (i.e. drinking enough water), it’s important to add a hydrating component to our skincare routines when the air is dry.

Humectants are AMAZING when it comes to hydrating the skin. They actually draw moisture from the air and pull it into your skin (I know, it sounds like some sort of impossible magic and it IS magic but it’s also totally possible). And of all the humectants, vegetable glycerin reigns supreme.

Including vegetable glycerine in a toner is a great way to provide your skin with hydration before locking it in with moisture.

DIY All-Natural Hydrating Face Toner



Simply add both ingredients to a 2 oz glass bottle. (I prefer a spray bottle.)

Screw the lid on the bottle and give it a good shake to combine the ingredients.

Wash face and gently pat dry so skin is damp. Spray the hydrating toner 3-4 times over entire face or apply to skin using a cotton ball. Follow with face oil or other moisturizer of choice to seal in hydration.

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