I hate plastic. Oh do it hate it.

I don’t care if “hate” is a strong word; I feel very strongly about my feelings for plastic. It’s riddled with nasties and completely and totally ubiquitous. I just can’t get away from it!

(Deep breaths and back to the point…)

One of the dangers of plastic is its ability to leach chemicals into whatever it is that it’s containing.

For this reason, I like to use a glass spray bottle for all of my natural DIYs. The idea of putting an all-natural household cleaner or produce wash in a plastic spray-bottle where it could become infused with nasties just seems to defeat the purpose.

Now I looked and a glass spray-bottle is a tough find! That is until you look in your pantry.

Many glass liquid – water, vinegar, juice, etc. – bottles with a screw on plastic lid have the same sized mouth and groves as plastic spray bottles. Therefore, you can simply transplant your typical plastic spray-bottle nozzle onto your glass bottle and voilà! Instant glass spray bottle for all of your natural DIY needs!

DIY glass spray bottle 3

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