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  1. 6 Simple and Natural homemade Home Cleaning DIYs Made With Just 6 Ingredients

    6 Simple & Natural Home Cleaning DIYs Made With Just 6 Ingredients

    It’s ironic that home cleaning products are often a major source of indoor air pollution. After all, we buy them with the intention of making our homes healthier, safer places — not chemical dumping grounds! But many of the chemicals found in conventional cleaning products have health implications ranging from headaches and skin sensitivity to endocrine disruption and increased risk of…

  2. 7 plants that improve indoor air quality by removing chemicals

    7 Plants that Improve Indoor Air Quality by Removing Chemicals

    Indoor air quality can be up to seven times more polluted than outdoor air! This is due to toxic chemicals in household cleaning products, air “fresheners” (a very ironic misnomer since they do nothing but pollute the air!), carpeting, furniture varnishes and glues, products treated with fire retardants, and personal care products. Since we spend most of our time indoors,…

  3. do you need to detox 15 signs your liver needs support

    Do You Need to Detox? 15 Signs Your Liver Needs Support

    Your liver does SO MUCH. It is responsible for over 500 functions, including fighting off infection, manufacturing hormones, controlling blood sugar, helping blood to clot, and neutralizing toxins. (No biggie.) Some other fun facts: The liver is the human body’s second largest organ after the skin The liver is the only organ that can regenerate itself (this is why it’s possible for…

  4. 10 ways to give your liver some extra love

    10 Ways to Give Your Liver Some Extra Love

    Your liver is one hardworking hustler of an organ. It filters 1.4 liters of blood a minute, removing potentially toxic substances and pathogens It creates bile to break down fats, allowing the body to assimilate the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K It manages day-to-day blood sugar regulation It produces hormones and has the job of conjugating or deconjugating hormones…

  5. 5 critical health benefits of fiber beyond regularity

    5 Critical Health Benefits of Fiber (Beyond Regularity)

    When you think of dietary fiber… I bet you think of two things: #1: processed diet and “health” food products like breakfast bars and cereals that scream “LOADED WITH FIBER” on the box (and typically aren’t very tasty) #2: yes, just that — a satisfying, solid, dependable number #2 And while fiber certainly does keep us regular and feeling full (which is why it’s…