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  1. 3 reasons why counting calories in unhealthy

    3 Reasons Why Counting Calories is Unhealthy

    Much like slap bracelets and Tamagotchis, counting calories is so 1995. Calories ruled the nutrition and weight loss world back when it was believed calories in = calories out. But we now know this concept is incorrect — people do not become overweight simply by eating too much and moving too little. Our bodies, health, weight loss, weight gain, and nutrition…

  2. body-unburdened-my-super-simple-all-natural-skincare-and-beauty-routine

    My Super-Simple All-Natural Skincare & Beauty Routine

    A lot of readers ask me for all the deets on all the things I put on my face. If you’ve been around these parts before, you’ll know this is because I suffered from some serious adult acne in my early 20s. During this time, I spent a small fortune on dermo appointments and skincare products, wasted countless hours orchestrating…

  3. how to save money on organic food

    How to Save Over 50% On Organic Food (and More!)

    Does eating organic food have to break the bank? Heck no! Now I’m not going to deny it: generally speaking, eating real, organic food is more expensive because it costs more to produce and organic farmers don’t receive the generous subsidies granted to large agribusinesses. I started eating a real food, organic diet just after I graduated college. Bad timing,…

  4. 5 minute zoodles zucchini noodles recipe

    5-Minute Zoodles (a.k.a. Zucchini Noodles / Veggie Spaghetti)

    zoodles, zucchini noodles, what are zoodles, zoodles recipe, how to make zoodles, how to make zucchini noodles, veggie spaghetti, veggie pasta, veggie noodles, vegetable noodles, vegetable spaghetti, zucchini spaghetti, zucchini noodles recipe, homemade zoodles spiralizer, homemade succhini noodles spiralizer, spiralizer zoodles, spiralizer, zucchini noodles, spiralizer vegetable pasta, spiralizer veggie spaghettie Some words are just fun to say. Zoodles is without…

  5. 5 ways dandelion root naturally aids detox

    5 Ways Dandelion Root Naturally Aids Detox

    When you think of dandelions, you likely think of those straggly yellow flowers that speckle your lacky neighbors’ unkempt lawn. It certainly makes me think of my most hated summertime childhood chore: weeding. But it turns out one of the most common weeds, the bane of idyllic suburbia landscaping — the dandelion —  is actually an herb that greatly assists…