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  1. 5 reasons why mineral sunscreen is best for your health and the planet

    5 Reasons Why Mineral Sunscreen is Best for Your Health and the Planet

    Ah, that amazing feeling of sticking your toes in the sand for the first time in months! But nothing ruins a beautiful day at the beach like an uncomfortable sunburn. While I believe in the importance of adequate sun exposure for vitamin D production and use certain foods to protect my skin from sun damage from the inside out, long periods of…

  2. 6 effective and natural skin exfoliants for face and body

    6 Fantastic All-Natural Exfoliants for Face & Body

    Smooth like a baby’s bottom. #SkincareGoals Just after face oils, my skincare and beauty must-have is a great exfoliant. And it’s a very close second. Because gently and regularly exfoliating the skin not only prevents blemishes by getting rid of dead skin cells (after all, a zit is just oil and dead skin cells coupled together in one sticky, pore-clogging mess!) but…

  3. The Super Simple Stress Reduction Technique to try RIGHT NOW!

    I’m a Type A East Coaster. Thus, I am often stressed. (Even though I’ve recently become a West Coast transplant, the laid-back California vibe has yet to rub off on me!) But stress is no fun! And it wreaks havoc on your health. In fact, I’ve been having a hormonal issue in recent months that I know is a direct result of my higher-than-average stress…

  4. 6 foods that protect your skin from sun damage

    6 Foods That Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage

    There’s a lot more to safe sun exposure than just sunblock and shade. Nutrition plays a crucial role in protecting skin from the damaging effects of the sun. UV radiation causes free-radical activity in the skin cells, which triggers inflammation as well cellular DNA damage (which can lead to cancer). Luckily, certain foods have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects on the body, which help to…

  5. 6 Simple and Natural homemade Home Cleaning DIYs Made With Just 6 Ingredients

    6 Simple & Natural Home Cleaning DIYs Made With Just 6 Ingredients

    It’s ironic that home cleaning products are often a major source of indoor air pollution. After all, we buy them with the intention of making our homes healthier, safer places — not chemical dumping grounds! But many of the chemicals found in conventional cleaning products have health implications ranging from headaches and skin sensitivity to endocrine disruption and increased risk of…