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the greatest investment you will ever make is in your health
  1. the ugly side of the beauty industry

    The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry

    So you need a new mascara… You run to the local drugstore or big cosmetics store or department store beauty counter. You look for the product that will work the best because, well, no one wants mascara flaked under her eyes by noon! But most of us don’t ever consider the ingredients in our cosmetic products. I for one always thought that…

  2. DIY all-natural vanilla latte body scrub

    DIY All-Natural Vanilla Latte Body Scrub

    Mmm is there anything better than the smell of coffee in the morning? I’m not even a coffee drinker but that smell just perks me right on up. And it turns out coffee may also help perk up your derrière. Well kind of… Coffee helps decrease the appearance of cellulite when applied topically. Cellulite and I are old frenemies. We’re friends…

  3. my 2016 health resolutions

    My 2016 Health Resolutions

    Oh hey, 2016! I’m so glad you’re here. Because to be quite frank, I was good and ready for 2015 to go buh-bye. Now a lot of great things happened in 2015 — my sweetie and I got engaged, another happy little niece entered the world, I completed my training to become a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, we traveled to Colorado and fell absolutely…

  4. homemade and healthy coconut milk eggnog

    Homemade & Healthy Coconut Milk Eggnog

    As we were doing our holiday decorating last week, I got a crazy craving for eggnog. The “OMG I NEED IT NOW OR I’M GOING TO LOSE MY SH*T” type of craving. You know you have them, too. Usually these can be blamed on blood sugar imbalances, but the snow globes and holiday tunes were totally to blame for this one….

  5. DIY All-Natural Holiday Spiced Cookie Lip Scrub

    DIY All-Natural Holiday Spiced Cookie Lip Scrub

    Have I got the perfect last minute holiday present for all of you procrastinators… DIY all-natural spiced cookie lip scrub. Mmmm, right!? This seriously takes 2 minutes to make and is sure to please its recipient. After all, the winter air (let’s pretend for a second that we’re NOT currently experiencing a heatwave in December) can be really drying, and no…