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  1. packing a non-toxic and eco-friendly lunchbox

    Packing a Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly Lunchbox

    “I would send you a bouquet of newly-sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.” (You’ve Got Mail, anyone?) Well, it’s upon us yet again: a new school year. I don’t know about you, but summer totally flew by. I literally had to do a double-take when I saw Thanksgiving decorations for sale at the mall last weekend. (Should we start a…

  2. why most salad dressing is unhealthy

    Why Most Salad Dressing Is Unhealthy + How to Make Your Own

    Salad Dressing: it’s probably the last thing you’d suspect to have all sorts of nasty ingredients in it. I mean after all, it’s just salad dressing. If this is what you’re thinking, then keep reading! While it doesn’t really seem like it at first, salad dressing is actually a processed food-like product. If you’re going to be eating a bowl…

  3. is your breakfast actually dessert

    Is Your Breakfast Actually Dessert?

    There’s a major problem with most typical American breakfasts. They’re absolutely loaded with sugar. Often times, more sugar than found in dessert! Now of course, this is probably obvious for certain breakfast options like pancakes and waffles. But what about the seemingly “healthier” options like yogurt and granola bars? Certainly those are healthy, right? Not necessarily… Even many breakfast foods marketed as “healthy” are packed…

  4. 6 Simple and Natural homemade Home Cleaning DIYs Made With Just 6 Ingredients

    6 Simple & Natural Home Cleaning DIYs Made With Just 6 Ingredients

    It’s ironic that home cleaning products are often a major source of indoor air pollution. After all, we buy them with the intention of making our homes healthier, safer places — not chemical dumping grounds! But many of the chemicals found in conventional cleaning products have health implications ranging from headaches and skin sensitivity to endocrine disruption and increased risk of…

  5. 5 reasons why mineral sunscreen is best for your health and the planet

    5 Reasons Why Mineral Sunscreen is Best for Your Health and the Planet

    Ah, that amazing feeling of sticking your toes in the sand for the first time in months! But nothing ruins a beautiful day at the beach like an uncomfortable sunburn. While I believe in the importance of adequate sun exposure for vitamin D production and use certain foods to protect my skin from sun damage from the inside out, long periods of…