Simple Swap for a Body Unburdened: Laundry Detergent

Healthy Home Simple Swap for a Body Unburdened

Ah, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a freshly-made bed with nice clean sheets…

(It’s the simple things in life.)

Unfortunately, most common, store-bought laundry detergents are chock-full-o’-nasties. We and our families are exposed to the chemicals in laundry detergents both when they are made airborne during the laundry process, and afterwards when wearing clothing, using towels, or sleeping in sheets “cleaned” with the detergent.

Adding insult to injury, these ingredients also contaminate waterways and are extremely detrimental to the environment and aquatic life (poor little fishies).

So ditch these nasties with a simple swap!

Molly’s Suds natural laundry detergent is “safe for people and the planet” which is really all we’re asking for, right!? Molly’s Suds is a small but growing company that I enjoy supporting. Monica, the company’s founder, started learning about our exposure to everyday chemicals after a personal tragedy. She’s a lady after my own heart…

As consumers, we think about what we eat, but not about what we allow to touch our skin and how the ingredients can and do leach into our bloodstream! For example, detergent ingredients like ionic surfactants, are the most persistent in the environment and change the sex of our fish and Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE’s), which have been banned in Canada and Europe, imitate the hormone estrogen in our bodies which affect our health and fetal development. These chemicals are found in our drinking water because they are not completely biodegradable. So the decision was made to create Laundry Powder and other household products that are truly safe for humans. Molly’s little footprints are on our website and all of our packaging to remind you that our products are safe for even your tiniest family member.


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  1. What do you say to people who say that toxic free laundry soap cannot replace detergent. That our laundry could get clean using soap if scrubbed the old way on a washing bored but in a machine using only water and gentle movement that soap can’t do the trick only detergent can? As only detergent traps the dirt and removes it from the material. That soap based Non toxic ones actually lock the dirt in. Also in the poduct you suggested above are Washing soda and baking soda really cleaning or are they only water softeners?

  2. I was curious how you feel about homemade detergents? I had been making my own powdered detergent for years, thinking it was much healthiers (and compared to most store brands I still think it is) and it doesn’t do terrible things to my skin like other cleaners do, but I decided to look further into it today and check out what’s in the stuff I am adding to my laundry soap. Even using it can still be confusing! Fels-neptha bars seem like they are full of not so great stuff and I couldn’t even find zote on their site which is what I usually use. I would really love your opinion. I would purchase better for me laundry soap if it truely is better (and also works!) but I do like to save a little if I can and make something at home. Thanks in advance for any input you may have.

  3. Hey, Audrey. GREAT question. I’ll do some recon for ya 🙂 if not Molly’s Suds, maybe another non-toxic alternative.

  4. Hi. I got a new “high efficiency” front-loading washer and had to give up my beloved soap nuts I used for washing (only 1 all-natural ingredient!) Do you know if Molly has any suds for use in HE machines?