Don’t let the word “mineral” fool you!

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dont let the word mineral fool you

A couple of years ago, I discovered that one of my favorite mineral facial powders was chock-full o’ nasties.

Skin Deep gave it a “7” (how horrid!) rating, citing it as a moderate to high risk for cancer as well as developmental and reproductive toxicity.

Needless to say, I felt utterly betrayed. We had worked so well together! And I thought it was all-natural because it was mineral-based.

The word “mineral” had apparently blinded me to ingredient labels.

This particular mineral facial powder includes methylparaben and propylparaben amongst many more offenders.  So, just because a product may contain mineral pigments, it is by no means all the product contains. The term “mineral” is no substitute for “all-natural.” In most cases, mineral makeup contains the very same chemicals found in other cosmetics, chemicals that have been linked to an increase risk of cancer, hormone disruption, increased risk of Alzheimer’s, asthma, diabetes…

Mineral make-up has become very popular in recent years, and most brands, from high-end department store lines to drugstore brands, now carry mineral makeup. But do not be fooled – before investing any money in these products, do the proper research to make sure your makeup will not be subjecting you to unnecessary nasties and adding to your body burden.

Visit the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database to see how your makeup scores, and to see those brands with the lowest toxicity scores.

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  1. I use Lucy Minerals–LOVE. For a powder, it finishes so creamy. Ingredients: zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, mica, magnesium stearate, iron oxides

  2. I felt the same way! I absolutely recommend looking into Epic Mineral Beauty–it’s gunk-free and has a fantastic way of making you look polished without covering the beauty of your skin. Trust me, you won’t go back!