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I’m something of a mason jar enthusiast.

Remember my DIY foaming mason jar soap dispenser?

I mean, mason jars are just so versatile! It’s a vase, it’s a drinking glass, it’s a leftover food container… no, it’s a mason jar! Plus they’ve got that whole classic-vintage-chic appeal going on which really no one can resist.

And of course, the best thing about mason jars is that they are glass. And not plastic. Which is just awful, in case you forgot — even BPA-free plastics are filled with hormone-disrupting chemicals, plastic production is a significant source of air pollution, and plastic pollution persists for centuries.

So needless to say, when I first learned about the Mason-re mason jar koozie, I was besides myself.

If you follow Body Unburdened on Facebook, you may remember that I posted about Mason-re when it was still seeking funding on Kickstarter. I thought the concept was just so cool and really wanted to help make it happen! The company philosophy sat especially well with me:

At Mason-re, we believe that true sustainability comes from using less items for more things. Regardless of how much recycled or post-consumer content a product has, it still takes ENERGY and resources to create it.

This is why we focus on the mason jar – one of the most versatile and reusable products out there. From canning, dry food storage, home decor, and drinkware, the mason jar has hundreds of uses.

So much YES!

Mason-re notes that silicone is the best material for an eco-conscious koozie — no animal hides or petroleum products, just a single natural and easily sourced material. Plus, silicone can withstand temperatures from below-zero to over 400ºF, is non-toxic, and can be microwaved, dishwashed, and dropped.

mason-re mason jar koozie

This silicone koozie thus instantly transforms your mason jar into a travel coffee (hot or iced!) mug or durable food container to be tossed in your bag without a care (mason jars are leak-proof and the koozie helps keep the glass safe). What more could we ask for!?

Mason-re is a start-up with an eco-conscious brother-sister duo behind it.

Eric and Nicole hail from Denver, CO. Eric is a law student and Nicole does marketing for a local music festival and hosts a bluegrass radio show. They created the Mason-re mason jar koozie as a side project to put their passions both sustainability and mason jars into practice.

Needless to say, I feel good supporting these two young visionaries and their awesome product.

Right now, Body Unburdened readers get 15% off Mason-re mason jar koozies!

Eric and Nicole are generously offering a discount to Body Unburdened readers from now until the end of the month (9/19/14 to 9/30/14). Simply enter coupon code “bodyunburdened” at checkout to receive 15% off your Mason-re order. They currently have green, black, and purple koozies in the store — check ’em out!

Remember, the holidays are but a few short months away. And a Mason-re mason jar koozie would make the perfect stocking stuffer or small gift for anyone on your list. Pair it with a reusable stainless steel mason jar lid, a set of reusable stainless steel straws, and a bag of fair-trade organic coffee and you’ll be the best gift-giver of the season, hands-down.


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  1. Hi I was wondering where one might buy a mason jar style mug or jar with silicone sleeve in various colours with a screw on lid?