Liver-Loving Antioxidant Dandelion Mocha Latte

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There’s just something about a deliciously decadent coffeeshop creation…

It’s probably all of the sugar!

But if you’re wanting to treat yourself while also treating your body well, this Liver-Loving Antioxidant Dandelion Mocha Latte is where it’s at. It tastes like a fancy-in-the-pantsy coffeeshop creation while being filled with healthy ingredients. Yes, quite the trickster.

I’ve actually been making this yummy drink almost daily for probably over a year now. Gasp! I know I know, what took me so long to share it with you!? Well in my defense I have shared it on Instagram a few times. But it’s one of those things that I just sort of threw together one day and didn’t think much of it. But it’s about time I finally write the recipe down here on the blog so you can share in the goodness with me.

As its super duper long name suggests, this Liver-Loving Antioxidant Dandelion Mocha Latte…

  • Is made with liver-loving dandelion root
  • Is packed with antioxidants from chocolate (hence the mocha)
  • Is creamy like a latte
  • Tastes like a fancy coffee

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BUT it doesn’t contain any coffee. Nope. The flavor actually comes from the herbal dandelion blend. (I will say though, that the cacao does lend a little caffeine kick.)

Liver-Loving Antioxidant Dandelion Mocha Latte:



Heat water until it’s almost boiling.

Add all ingredients to a mug.

Stir, sip, and enjoy!


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  1. Wow that’s crazy!! Glad you were able to find an alternative 🙂

    And thank you so much! That really makes me so happy to hear!!

  2. I just got my Dandelion coffee alternative and made this drink this morning. I’m in the UK and the only one I found of your blend was £48!!!

    I bought a different one but it’s so yummy! Thank you for sharing.

    Keep all the good work that you do. I love it! x

  3. Hey, Anna! It’s generally not recommended to do any sort of “detox” while breastfeeding, though I don’t think the Dandy Blend is really going to mobilize any toxins – it’s not nearly as concentrated as a dandelion root supplement or even straight dandelion root tea. Plus, dandelion works by stimulating bile flow (which is how the liver releases toxins) – so just helping the liver do something it does naturally anyways. I would think it’s perfectly fine but it’s up to your discretion.

  4. Is the dandy blend organic? Otherwise, I know conventional herbs hit us like ‘a cup of pesticides,’ my mother always said 😉 Please let me know. Thank you, Nadia! Your recipes never fail to delight me. I’m sure this is amazing.

  5. I am so disappointed that the coffee alternative that you use doesn’t ship where I live. I was really looking forward to try this! I might need to do more research…