Is your body lotion making you fat?

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is your body lotion making you fat

Does this body lotion make me look fat? 

That’s not a question you hear very often! But if your lotion contains fragrance or parabens (a family of preservatives commonly found in body lotions, makeup, shampoos, and a ton of other personal care products) it may very well actually be making you fat.

This is because these chemicals are obesogens.

What are obesogens?

Obesogens are endocrine disruptors – meaning they interfere with the body’s natural hormone production – that have been clinically shown to increase wight gain and promote obesity.

According to Dr. Oz, by interfering with our hormones, obesogens:

  • Encourage the body to store fat and re-program cells to become fat cells.
  • Prompt the liver to become insulin resistant, making the pancreas create more insulin which turns energy into fat all over the body.
  • Prevent leptin (a hormone that reduces appetite) from being released from fat cells to tell the body it’s are full, which causes overeating.

You should know that obesogens and endocrine disruptors ARE NOT limited to body lotion or even personal care and beauty products – that is just what I am focusing on here. For example, BPA, some pesticides, PVC shower curtains, and PFOA (a main ingredient in non-stick pots and pans) are known endocrine disruptors and obesogens.

You should also know that obesity is just another detrimental effect of these nasties. The World Health Organization and United Nations this year concluded: “Exposure to E.D.C.s [endocrine disrupting chemicals] during fetal development and puberty plays a role in the increased incidences of reproductive diseases, endocrine-related cancers, behavioral and learning problems, including A.D.H.D., infections, asthma.”

Obesogens in your personal care & beauty products:


Just think of everything that contains this mysterious ingredient. Most fragrance is synthetic and contains chemicals known as phthalates, plasticizers that may lower testosterone and metabolism levels, causing you to gain weight and lose muscle mass.


These preservatives mimic estrogen and have clinically shown to promote the growth of fat cells.

What can you do to limit your exposure to obesogens?

Detox your beauty routine! (Are you sick of hearing me say that yet?)

A number of brands carry safe, natural beauty and skincare products formulated without these chemicals. I’m personally a fan of 100% PureJuice Beauty, and Nourish Organic products. be sure to check their safety first in the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database.

And of course, there are many ways to create your own personal care and beauty products following all-natural and easy-peasy DIYs like those found on this site.


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  1. This is exactly the what I was trying to explain to my friends. I started using chemical free products 5 months ago and just last week was telling my friends that I am feeling so much better. My irritable bowels has greatly improved, but what I really noticed was that the cellulite on my legs was diminishing and I started thinking what I had changed. I hadn’t changed my eating and I am not exercising regularly and the only thing changed is my products. I am no longer using any bath, beauty products that are not natural. I tried to explain to my friends that I believe that the chemical filled products I used before had blocked my fat cells and instead of my body being able to work as its designed to all the chemicals that I was putting on my body everyday was working against my body, making me feel sick instead. I didn’t know how to explain it until I came across this article. I use Arbonne products. Arbonne products are pure, clean, and beneficial. I saw great results and am now an Independent Consultant feeling great about helping others also.