Homemade & Healthy Vanilla Bean Coffee Creamer

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I’m not a coffee drinker but someone who I love very much and live with is.

Big time. One of those “I DESPERATELY NEED THIS BROWN LIQUID, GIVE IT TO ME NOW” types, in fact.

Now for a while, I was able to turn a blind eye to the coffee creamer housed in our fridge (after all, I don’t use it). Until one day my health-nuttiness finally overcame me and I snuck a peek at the ingredients label.

Partially hydrogenated soybean oil? Corn syrup solids? Carrageenan!? Oh, heck no.

Friends don’t let friends slowly kill themselves with crappy food.

So I did what any good friend would do: dumped it down the sink.

And of course I couldn’t leave the poor thing high and dry so I looked for a healthier version at the store. But they either still had mystery ingredients or a hefty price tag.

So I decided to make a homemade & healthy vanilla bean coffee creamer.

Just three ingredients and oh so yummy (I taste-tested, of course) — organic or raw half-and-half from grass-fed cows (in case you haven’t heard, ain’t nothin’ wrong with cholesterol!) or a non-dairy milk substitute*, vanilla extract, and liquid stevia extract.

Need a refresher on stevia?

Stevia is probably one of the most well-known and popular natural sweeteners. The sweet leaves have been used by humans for hundreds of years and by diabetic patients in Asia for decades.

While it is not a significant source of nutrition, the great thing about stevia is that it will not affect blood sugar levels at all, making it a great all-natural sugar alternative for diabetics. It is also calorie-free.

Homemade & Healthy Vanilla Bean Coffee Creamer


*If you don’t consume dairy, certainly feel free to use a non-dairy milk substitute instead. Just remember to look for one that’s organic and made without carrageenan.


Add all ingredients in a mason jar. Shake it on up, and enjoy!

homemade and healthy vanilla bean coffee creamer 2


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  1. 5 tablespoons of vanilla? The brand pictured is $14.99 for 4 oz. Talk about a hefty price tag.

  2. I have the same vanilla. Dumb question, what about the alcohol in it?

  3. Oh my… I did not have a good turn out. If you make this start out with less of the Stevia. I thought I guesstimated correctly but apparently not. It had a strong strong taste and I’m throwing it away unfortunately. I will try to again though.

  4. He loves it! You probably already have the ingredients – why not just try it yourself??

  5. I would like to hear how it rates by people who have tried this recipe for creamer. Please some of you let me know. You never mentioned how your partner rates it? Thanks

  6. No but you can always experiement a bit yourself to find how many dropper-fulls tastes best to you!

  7. As far as the 90 drops of Stevia – do you know how many full droppers that would be? Thanks.

  8. This recipe sounds tasty! Would it still come together smoothly with powdered stevia? (It’s what I have in the cupboard).

  9. I’m definitely a Tea drinker (and a dedicated one). I use Coffee for body scrubs and air fresheners after cooking fish but I’d love to make this for my Java drinking brother. I actually think he takes his coffee black but perhaps as a treat? Oh heck, I just want to try this!