DIY all-natural lavender & lemon sugar scrub

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My skin does not like the changing seasons.

Uh uh, no way. It gets all irritable and cranky and begs for me to scratch it furiously.

So I need to give it a little extra attention to calm it down.

This DIY all-natural lavender and lemon sugar scrub is the perfect antidote.

The sugar exfoliates the skin, sloughing off dead cells (sugar contains naturally occurring glycolic acid which dissolves old dead skin) while the sweet almond oil moisturizes. Plus lavender helps soothe chapped skin.

diy all-natural sugar body scrub



Stir together all ingredients. Ta-da! That’s it.

I suggest scooping out a bit of the scrub prior to hopping in the shower — getting water in the scrub could cause mold growth.

homemade all-natural lavender and lemon sugar scrub


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  1. Hey! Your skin sounds like mine – I have the skin-type version of hayfever so to speak, so whenever there’s pollen in the air my legs get super itchy. Do you think this scrub would help for that as well? I’m not that afraid of using corticosteroid ointments (it would be a different matter if I had to eat it hehe) but the problem is you have to use it religiously once you get symptoms which I am not good at.

  2. Great question! I likely wouldn’t use this in the morning in the summer. But it’s winter and since my body’s covered I’m not concerned.

    Of course, you can sub any preferred EO for lemon – or just leave it out all together!

  3. This sounds amazing! How long do you think the mixture will last for, before going off?