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You may recall me gushing about Branch Basics — both the product and company — to you before.

I actually developed a girl crush/deep appreciation for the ladies behind the product before I ever even tried it: I heard them speak about their motivation to create a “human safe” cleaning product… they talked a bit about body burden (the whole purpose of this here blog!)… the rest was history.

But I really fell for Branch Basics when I saw just how effective this product was. When I finally got my hands on it, I used it to clean ALL THE THINGS — you simply adjust the concentration based on the purpose (so handsoap has a different dilution ratio than laundry detergent, for example) — starting with a grease-stained sweatshirt (aren’t grease stains just the worst!?). The results were amazing (grease stain gone!) and I maintain to this day that word “soap” doesn’t really do it justice (it’s just too plebeian).

Now Branch Basics is even more powerful — 2× as strong, to be exact.

This baby was impressive before, but it seems downright unstoppable now. So much so, in fact, that my boyfriend could not believe it was natural.

You see, I’m a very lucky gal who landed herself a sweetie who actually enjoys cleaning (who knew people like that existed!?). One day a few weeks ago he grabbed the new Branch Basics from under the kitchen sink and put it to use. Well afterwards, the bathroom was literally *sparkling* and he was even able to get this obnoxious sticky residue off of the baseboards that had been bothering us since we moved in nearly 2 years ago.

He literally came running over to me and screamed “WHAT IS THIS STUFF!? IS IT NATURAL??”

I looked up and realized he had the new Branch Basics (which at this point I had not yet used) and said “Yes” (uh, duh). Well he flat-out refused to believe it. He then dragged me up off the sofa and proceeded to give me a tour of everything he cleaned. We gawked at the baseboards for at least a couple of minutes…

Eventually I convinced him this miracle soap was in fact natural by telling him to “SMELL IT!” — there is no harsh chemically smell like with conventional chemical-laden products. I also told him he could drink it, but he assured me he was already convinced and that wouldn’t be necessary 🙂


You know I love a great DIY, but I’m not going to lie…

No natural DIY I’ve ever concocted has been this effective. And because life can get pretty messy sometimes, I will always have a bottle of Branch Basics in my house. Always.

Body Unburdened readers save 25% on Branch Basics!

Woo hoo! The ladies behind Branch Basics are offering a special discount just for you! Simply head on over to the Branch Basics website, add the items you’d like to try to your cart, then use coupon code Pure25 at checkout.

If you’d like to get a few spray bottles and foaming hand soap dispenser, the sample kits are a great way to go. They come with 3 empty spray bottles (so you can make 3 different concentrations for different purposes), and an 18.5oz foaming hand soap dispenser. The small starter kit includes a 12oz concentrate, the medium starter kit includes a 32 oz concentrate, and the large starter kit includes a 64oz concentrate.

Or if you have your own foaming soap dispenser and glass spray bottle, you can get the soap concentrate solo. It comes in 12oz, 32oz, 64oz…. or 2.5 gallons for those who really mean business!


Be sure to come back and share your Branch Basics miracle stories below!

We can be groupies together 🙂


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  1. Fantastic! I just found your site and have been reading around and have already ordered my large kit! This is exactly what I have been looking for!

  2. Nadia!!! What an incredible post…we’re just now seeing it. Thank you so much for your awesome words and testimony about BB. This means a ton to us!

    (And what an awesome comment by Christy. Such fun things to read!!)

  3. Oh my goodness, Branch Basics totally changed our lives!!! Seriously the stuff is unequaled…I use it for nearly everything, every day, all the time! It simply cannot be gushed over enough, anyone who asks (and many who don’t 😉 hear about this stuff from me. Life. Changing. Awesome. Stuff