Apple cider vinegar: the ultimate all-natural cold cure


Lately, my coworkers, family and friends have all had a case of the sniffles. And whether it’s a cold or allergies, I tell them all the same thing: apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar works for two reasons: 1) it helps neutralize the body which turns alkaline when sick and 2) it helps thin mucus.

I have been using apple cider vinegar as a cold and sinusitis remedy for years. I used to be extremely prone to sinus infections and was tired of having to take harsh antibiotics multiple times a year. Since starting to use apple cider vinegar, I have not had a single sinus infection! Hence my enthusiasm for the stuff…

Try this simple tried and true remedy that has worked for me and my loved ones for years: one large mug of echinacea tea (it’s known for its immune-boosting power plus tea will help soothe the throat if irritated and help to drain mucus) or mint tea + 4 tablespoons of honey (give or take a few depending on the patient) + 2 (or so) tablespoons apple cider vinegar (*organic and unfiltered*). Use this remedy 3 to five times a day and soon you’ll be saying so-long to the sniffles! Oh and for adults, feel free to add a shot of whiskey before bedtime.

Why might you want to consider adopting this natural remedy for your family? Over-the-counter cold and flu medicines mostly just cover up symptoms without attacking the cause, and therefore won’t help you recover any more quickly. So get better quickly and naturally with apple cider vinegar.


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