Move it on over, hemp and chia. There’s a new seed on the block: red raspberry seed.

I admit that I used to think of these little buggers as a real nuisance — they’re so darn hard to get out of your teeth!

But I’ve recently discovered a new-found appreciation for red raspberry seeds and it’s all in the oil, baby.

Red raspberry seed oil is jam-packed with skin-loving goodies.

I really don’t need to remind you again that I’m obsessed with face oils… but I will because, hey, it’s one of my favorite topics of discussion. I’m convinced that oils are the perfect, single-ingredient, all-natural moisturizers for your face.

Oil on your face!? HECK YES! Not only was I finally (FIN-AL-Y!) able to beat my adult acne with face oils, but they have also helped fade acne scars and even my skin-tone, all without adding to my body burden. Click here to read more.

Back to red raspberry seed oil. This liquid gold is filled with…


Red raspberry seed oil contains 83% essential fatty acids (EFAs). According to Naturopathica,

“EFAs are necessary for proper skin function… Increasing the levels of key EFAs increases call membrane fluidity, enhances barrier function and repair, decreases trans-epidermal water loss, improves moisturization, cell signaling, cell immunity, and anti-inflammatory activity.”

For these reasons, EFAs greatly soothe and remedy skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.


Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin and potent antioxidant that protects cells from free radical damage. Free radicals affect the skin cells by causing wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and age spots. Vitamin E therefore protects the skin from these common signs of aging.


Polyphenols are potent antioxidants. You may have heard of these before since green tea, red wine, and olives are also rich in polyphenols — one of the main reasons they are so healthy! Studies have shown that when applied to the skin, polyphenols protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and enhance skin cell regeneration, improving tone and elasticity.


A 2000 study found that the UVA and UVB protection afforded by raspberry seed oil is reportedly similar to titanium dioxide with an SPF protection factor against UVB rays of 28-50, and an SPF protection factor against UVA rays of around 8.

I’m happy to report…

That I’ve been using red raspberry seed oil daily for the past few weeks with great results! It does not clog my pores whatsoever and leaves my skin super smooth. It also is very quickly absorbed — I’d say it falls in between a dry oil like rosehip or tamanu and a slightly heavier oil like jojoba, which is perfect since I personally blend the two, and advise others to do the same to get the perfect consistency.

As far as sun protection, I have been using it daily on my face but will not be using it for a full day in the sun or as a full-body sunscreen due to the low UVA coverage. However, I feel that it suits my day-to-day sun protection needs just perfectly (I walk to and from work and during my lunch break, but am otherwise in the office). I will continue to use my DIY all-natural sunscreen lotion when spending an extended period in the sun since it provides far greater UVA protection.

I have been using Berry Beautiful red raspberry seed oil. I really like the company for a number of reasons:


The Kommer family produces their red raspberry seed products in Whatcom County — dubbed “Berry County” — in the northwestern-most corner of Washington state.


Each year, the raspberry crop in Whatcom County is harvested during a few short weeks in the summer. The seeds are processed alongside the berry packing houses, dried at low temperatures (below 120°F) so as not to damage the aforementioned skin-loving goodies, and then cold-pressed using a food-grade process. Nothing is added throughout the production process, meaning the final product is as pure as nature intended.


Berry Beautiful doesn’t use just any old raspberries — they use the Meeker variety of red raspberry which have the highest content of polyphenols of all red raspberry varieties.

body unburdened red raspberry seed oil

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