Gift-giving can be difficult!

And stressful… which we really don’t need around the holidays. Or anytime of year (stress is pretty darn unhealthy in case ya haven’t heard).

My family has some very difficult-to-buy-for people so I know the struggle is real.

Plus, I also like to spend my money on companies and products that are aligned with my personal views and opinions. After all, how we spend our money has a tremendous impact! But this doesn’t exactly make the whole gift-giving process any easier.

Healthy Holidays Gift Guide to the rescue!

Give thoughtful gifts to everyone on your lists that are also in line with your personal values.

For the Ladies

100-pure-lip-and-cheek-tintsOn the average day, the average woman wears 515 chemicals. 100% Pure, Nourish Organic, and Juice Beauty all carry luxurious, effective skincare products that are also all-natural. I’m an especially big fan of 100% Pure’s fruit pigmented cosmetics, particularly the lip/cheek stain and mascara. Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Peel is also a cult classic and one of my personal favorites.

For the Manly-Man

herban-cowboy-cologneI’ve got one of these in my life. He’s big and sweaty and likes to pump iron and LOVES Old Spice. This latter fact troubles me knowing what’s in their products! Nasties galore. These Herban Cowboy products (great name, right?) are the perfect alternative — man-scented yet all-natural. The line carries deodorant, bar soap, aftershave, and cologne.


For the Workaholic

ball chair

Sitting for long periods of time at your desk is not healthy, regardless of whether you get your sweat on at the gym for an hour each day or not. The Balance Ball Chair from Gaiam was developed as an effective tool for strengthening core muscles and improving spinal alignment. Plus, the 52cm Balance Ball can be removed and used for exercises on or off the chair.

For the Yogi

gaiam no slip yoga socks

Some new digs! This “Everything fits” gym bag will (as promised) fit everything you need to carry to the gym, including your yoga mat. I’m totally loving the subtle pattern on this no-slip mat, which wicks away moisture and claims to provide a better grip the hotter you get (hmm), and is also constructed from a “closed-cell” material that seals out germs and odors.


For the Cook/Foodie

LeCreuset2You really can’t go wrong with any piece of Le Creuset cookware — big or small. This rectangular baker set is a steal particularly for two pieces (double the fun!) and sure to please. And of course, the iconic dutch oven will light up any foodie’s face brighter than Rudolf’s nose (sorry, I couldn’t resist!). As for me, this tea kettle tops my list this year.

For the New Home-Owners

aquasanaA water filter. Now hear me out… there’s no bells and whistles with this one and it’s pretty utilitarian, but whether they know it or not, everyone needs a water filter, and you can be the cool cat who gets it for them. Aquasana sells quality drinking water filters as well as showerhead water filters, both of which make great gifts. And if you’re reading this and don’t yet have one, I suggest you buy one as a gift to yourself!


For the Tea-Lover

teapotBreak away from bagged tea (which can contain some pretty nasty chemicals) with this stainless steel twisting tea ball, which is great for individual cups of tea. For bigger brews, this glass teapot with built-in stainless steel diffuser is lovely, and has a shut-off infuser feature which will help make the most of loose tea. As for the tea itself, I love Numi organic loose tea as well as Mountain Rose Herb’s selection of teas.

For the Coffee-Lover

french pressDitch the little plastic cups (typically made with number 7 plastic) or coffee pot with plastic filtration system, and give the coffee-lover in your life a chic 8-cup stainless steel and glass French press. Absolutely no plastic touches the coffee — just glass and stainless steel. Pair it with a couple bags of organic coffee for a complete gift just around $50. And of course, the coffee alone makes for a wonderful small gift for anyone on your list.


For Coworkers, People-Who-Already-Have-Everything, or People-You-Barely-Know

natural beeswax candlesCandles. You can never go wrong with candles. Well, non-toxic candles, that is. These Bluecorn Naturals 100% pure beeswax holiday candles are lovely and oh so festive. Beeswax burns cleanly and since they are scented only with essential oils, you don’t get any of those nasties used to create artificial fragrance, many of which are known carcinogens or neurotoxins (true story).

For the Baby

Sophie the giraffeCan’t forget the new addition to the family! Sophie the Giraffe has come to be an iconic must-have for all little ones. It is made of 100% natural rubber (phthalate-free) and food paint, making it safe for little ones to use as a teether. These organic cotton onesies with their adorable embroidery (“I yam cute” — OMG, my new niece NEEDS these!) are also so fun and practical. These gifts are sure to make the new baby and her parents happy!

For the Little Ones

usa kids mapMany plastic kids’ toys are made from PVC which contains endocrine-disrupting phthalates, which have been linked to reproductive problems and birth defects (yikes). Green Toys are made without these harmful plasticizers (and are made in the US to boot). And to keep young minds active, Melissa & Doug’s puzzles are a particularly great option.

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