Bring your skin back into balance with Body Unburdened Beauty Blends!

Body Unburdened Beauty Blends nourish and protect your skin with nature’s best moisturizer: plant oils.

No, oil will not clog your pores like you’ve always been told! In fact, your skin loves oil (yes, even your already oily skin). The particular oils in the Beauty Blends keep pores clear while also feeding your skin cells with vitamins and essential fatty acids, keeping them healthy and resilient. Essential oils are added to provide additional benefits, like fighting bacteria, calming inflamed skin, or regenerating skin cells. These plant oils and essential oils have been used for their skin-healing properties in herbal medicine and traditional skincare for centuries.

I turned to face oils in an act of acne-induced desperation and have never turned back! I credit face oils (along with a nutrient-dense diet) with helping me overcome years of “troubled” skin. Now an oil-crazed Fan Girl, I am so happy to share my Beauty Blends with you!


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