Is it time to push the reset button on your health?

Are you tired of always being tired and relying on caffeine?

Sick of wondering which foods you should and shouldn’t be eating?

Had enough of the belly bloat and discomfort?

Ready to get those crazy cravings under control?

Real Food Reset is a 4-week, 1-on-1 nutritional counseling program where we work together to pin point your body’s specific needs and create an achievable plan to reach your health goals.

Nothing crazy. Nothing unrealistic.

With Real Food Reset, you’ll get the…

Nutrition Knowledge

you need to make healthier choices today, tomorrow, and long after we’re done working together.

Personalized Nutrition Plan

you need to make healthy eating fit with your unique needs and lifestyle.

Support & Guidance

that makes the transition to healthy eating so much simpler (if not surprisingly easy!).

In just 1 month, you’ll learn…

  • How to kick pesky sugar cravings to the curb
  • The key to sustained, all day energy (without caffeine!)
  • Which foods promote the inflammation that’s aging you, inside and out
  • The importance of digestion and simple tips to keep your gutty-works happy
  • How save time and money grocery shopping and preparing meals

… and so much more!

My approach to nutrition is all about…


Healthy eating doesn’t require spending hours slaving away in the kitchen! With Real Food Reset, you’ll learn how to meal plan and prep to save you tons of time.


Food is a simple pleasure! It shouldn’t be surrounded by guilt, shame, or stress—that takes all the fun out of it! By shifting the way you think about healthy eating and creating a plan that’s right for you, Real Food Reset brings pleasure back to your dinner plate.


By making healthy eating part of your lifestyle, it becomes effortless. Because nothing’s worse than feeling like you “need” to stick to some diet plan (and feeling guilty when you don’t).

Real Food Reset is perfect for people who…

feel overwhelmed by nutrition

There is SO MUCH information out there about nutrition—figuring out where to start can be overwhelming! With Real Food Reset, I’ll walk you though some of the most important aspects of proper nutrition, and we’ll figure out how to seamlessly fit them into your life.

are ready to quit yo-yo dieting

Had enough bouncing from one diet to the next? Tired of losing weight only for it to come right back on again? Real Food Reset takes a lifestyle approach to healthy eating. This is a critically important aspect of health, and infinitely more effective than any short-term solution.

struggle with motivation and consistency

I get it: diets are no fun. But with Real Food Reset, we’ll work together to create an attainable and sustainable plan just for you. Plus, we’ll tap into the true motivations behind your health goals—a powerful exercise that will drive your new lifestyle.

Let’s discuss the details…

Before we get started, I’ll send you a questionnaire and 3-day food journal to complete. These will give us a picture of where you currently are, where you want to be, and what we need to do to get you there.

Then each week for 4 weeks, we’ll “meet” via phone or Skype for 45 minutes. We’ll work on making a nutrition plan that’s just right for you. We’ll also discuss…

Week 1

  • Food journal feedback and initial recommendations
  • Your personal struggles for sticking with healthy eating and solutions for overcoming them
  • The roles of fat, protein, and carbohydrates, and how much we need of each
  • How to plan your meals for all-day energy, weight maintenance, and more
  • The key to kicking sugar cravings

Week 3

  • Update on progress and recommendations

Week 2

  • The top inflammatory foods + healthier alternatives
  • The importance of proper digestion + practical ways to keep your gutty works happy
  • Ways to save time and money on grocery shopping and meal prep

Week 4

  • Practical solutions to get your family on board with your real food lifestyle
  • How to eat well in the office, on vacation, and everywhere else you may go
You’ll also receive email support from me during this time to answer any questions that may pop up between sessions.