As we were doing our holiday decorating last week, I got a crazy craving for eggnog.

The “OMG I NEED IT NOW OR I’M GOING TO LOSE MY SH*T” type of craving. You know you have them, too. Usually these can be blamed on blood sugar imbalances, but the snow globes and holiday tunes were totally to blame for this one.

The problem is: most of the common store-bought nogs contain some nasty ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and carrageenan. Crazy insulin spikes and inflammation just don’t quite get me in the holiday spirit. Also, I was super warm and cozy inside and had absolutely no desire to run to the store 🙂

So I took to the fridge to make my own.

Thanks to my recent homemade & healthy coconut milk kick, I had a great eggnog base to work with.

Homemade & Healthy Coconut Milk Eggnog


Makes about 3 cups


Add the egg yolks to a blender and blend on low for 60 seconds (could also use a hand mixer). Add the spices, vanilla extract, and coconut milk, and blend on medium for another minute. Finally, add the arrowroot and blend for another 30 seconds.

Put the eggnog in the fridge for at least an hour to chill and set. (You can also just pour it over some ice if you’re impatient like I was!)

Last but not least, enjoy!

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