About Body Unburdened

What is “body burden”?

Body burden is the chemical load we each carry in our bodies as a result of the chemicals we come into contact with daily, whether indirectly from the environment or directly through the products we choose to use on our bodies and in our surroundings, and the foods and drinks we choose to consume. Scientists estimate that every human body contains at least 700 chemical contaminants. The scariest part? Most of these chemicals have not been well-studied. That is, we do not exactly know the effects these chemicals are having on our health. While some chemicals leave our bodies quickly, others bioaccumulate and will stay in our fat for years if not for the entirety of our lives.

What is “body unburdened”?

The website or the thing? Let’s start with the thing. A body unburdened is a body free of toxic chemicals: a healthy, all-natural body the way nature intended. Oh to dream… let’s be clear here and now: a body unburdened is virtually unobtainable as babies nowadays are born with more than 200 man-made industrial chemicals in their blood. So we start life at a disadvantage. Plus, the modern lifestyle pretty much guarantees that we will come into contact with chemicals (every time you get into your car or on your computer, for example). That’s where Body Unburdened (this website) comes in: the goal is to help you reduce the amount of chemicals piling onto your body burden. It’s not easy, but it’s not all that hard either. It’s about small steps everyday to living a healthier lifestyle.

Isn’t this just a bunch of bougie malarkey?

Heck no! Healthy living does not exist for elitist snobs to flash their Whole Foods shopping bags while stepping into their hybrid Lexuses. It’s about our health and the health of our families, plain and simple.

So you’re paranoid?

Maybe a little, but for good reason (see: Quick Facts).

And you’re a hippie?

No. Or at least not in the stereotypical sense. I look perfectly normal and probably smell better than average. Need proof? That’s me! I look pretty normal, right? Actually… don’t answer that.

Picture 8So what are you?

What’s with all the labels, huh? Geesh. But OK, if I had to choose a label, I’d pick “information gatherer.” How’s that? Body Unburdened is a space where I share my findings as I continue to work towards health; my personal journey to health is constantly evolving, though I can say that I finally like where it currently stands. I feel good. Really good. You will see that I do not have any fancy titles associated with my name. I’m not a scientist, a doctor or a nutritionist (though I play these roles in my own life) and do not provide medical advice. Rather, I research and write about what scientists, doctors and nutritionists have to say about everyday chemicals and how they affect our health, as well as the best way to rid our bodies of these chemicals and generally maintain a healthy lifestyle. I already do A TON of research for basically every decision I EVER make about my personal health, so why not post my findings somewhere so that other paranoid, bougie hippies (oops, I confess!) can read about them? I will always include sources and links to further information so readers can gather information to make informed decisions for themselves about their own health, as I do for myself.

Are you asking yourself all of these questions?

Yes, yes I am. But if anyone out there reading this (hello, you!) has any other questions, I would love to hear from you and am so happy you are here! Please feel free to comment and engage in a dialogue with me and other readers!